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Favorite Room?

My favorite room is Lobby because everyone there is very friendly. I also like the fact that many users there share replays of their battles which really interest me. I also study those replays and use them to improve my battling strategies.

The Happy Place is a close second. If you just wanna chill and relax, that room is the way to go. Everyone in that room is very friendly and it always feels like home when I'm there.

My last favorite room is Roleplaying. If I just wanna have fun and adventures, I go to this room. Very creative people are abound in this room and although there are occasional trolls, the room's high quality is still maintained.
Lately, the tournaments, doubles, mafia , and happy place have been my most usual hangouts. hasnt changed much from last post, but all these rooms are special, tournaments with its user variety and the fact thats its full of different people, doubles is very casual as well, and its easy to enjoy yourself in the dou community due to great people once you get to know them. a mafia game is great when your bored, and its always fun to see people's skills in lying and who knows what. the happy place actually has some of the most caring, kind, and considerate people, plus it feels so amazing when you help a person through something they are going through


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Survivor would definitely have to be my favorite room. Hosting is so much fun, and helping new users to get to know the room and what we do in there fills me with a sense of pride. I have never been in a room like Survivor, and I don't plan to leave it anytime soon.


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My Top 5 Favourite Rooms:

1. The Happy Place - now THP is a room prone to trolls, but trolls aside, it's a really nice room! Most of the time, you will see such nice people who will help you and you are able to have a nice conversation. The mods there are helpful and supportive. Users there are friendly and it's a fun place to be.
2. Competitive Tutoring - want some ideas on a team? CT is the best place to go. You can go there and discuss competitive topics such as Pokemon ideas for your team, or good items for certain Pokemon. Although it isn't the best place to go and have a casual discussion, it is still a great place to go!
3. Trivia - I thought the Trivia room was full of boring nerds, but boy was I wrong! It's a really fun chatroom. You can ask questions about anything [providing it is appropriate] you want. If you get an answer right, you get a point on the leader board! Also, there are officials, and if you win them each time, you can get voice!
4. Cosmopolitan - this is one of the lower rooms and doesn't get past 60 users [unless it is a special day] but it is a nice room to be in. You can talk about different countries, landmarks and cultures. The thing I love though is the selfie and pet gallery! You can post a picture of yourself. I love that feature because I can get to see what other users look like, which is nice. There are also competitions that you can take part in.
5. Lobby - I know. Lobby? Wow. The Lobby is one of the most chaotic rooms on the server. It can get up to 500 users, and that means lots of trouble. But during the quiet times, you can actually have a nice time! Polls happen regularly [most of the time] and you can have a discussion about anything you want [as long as it is appropriate].
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THP, because it gave me one of the best memories I've ever had on the sim (despite very rarely vising, sadly), and Cosmopolitan because I can nerd out on photography stuff and there would be ppl who actually appreciate photography and it makes me feel good inside.

...I really need to visit more rooms.
Cafe Le Wow: Because I like food and food likes me.
Help: Helping people is something I enjoy because of the positive comments you get afterwards.
Deutsche: The German community is so disgustingly friendly and so funny. I love you guys.
UU: Because it's the least cancerous tier so far. And they actually never talk about UU.
Lobby: Always a good laugh when you join it.
THP: A room I probably should join more. Pretty cool community and nice people in general.
Game Corner: A room I liked a lot when I was a part of it. Minigames are always nice to keep you busy.
5 favorites.
Battle Dome: Level 22 soldier wielding a Porygon turned into a bot.
Survivor: Wrecking people in either TTP or HGA. (ok I am bad at that but w/e)
GC: the place where I joined PS <3
Help: Not very active in it, hoping to be a very nice/helpful user.
And last but CERTIANLY not least...
Scavengers because WYNAUT!
3 favorites
Battle Dome: Fun to play with friends and destroy amazing monsters (and be a tank)
Cafe Le Wow: Best place to share your pains of school lunch and to be mad at the RO's posting yummy foods <3
Moba: Able to talk about one of my favorite games with other players that enjoy it also!
At times I like some rooms more than others, just depends on mood and how much I've been in the room really. The original "interactive" room that I started going to was Battle Dome, everyone there is really awesome! Then I got bored one day so I started GC, Survivor, etc. So now I basically just hop around the circle of interactive rooms, but I spend the most time in BD.
Lobby goes without saying. Roomstaff (especially our latest promoted room owner :^)) and regs are chill, always fun to mess around and stuff, but I must admit that we get our share of baiters/trolls/flamers/spammers too and our share is much bigger than the rest of the rooms.

Other than that, I have to say Pro Wrestling and Wi-Fi. While PW keeps attracting memers, it's been a cool place since it went public. People there are as good as the ones in lobby. Awesome to watch wrestling shows together as a group.

Wi-Fi is good too but since it revolves around trading and giveaways, it's usually not possible to casual chat but that room has awesome people in it as well.

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