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Favorite Room?

Eren Swaeger

Banned deucer.
My favourite room is the smash bros room and the wifi trio (wifi, battling, and breeding rooms). Mostly because I prefer wifi battles other than showdown however I make my teams on showdown, play with it on ps a bit, then try and get it on oras. And people always have a pokemon you want or they're up for a battle. Smashbros because I love smashbros and as much as I do with pokemon. The smashbros room is home to many diverse players. All of these room contain nice people so don't be scared to drop by they're always welcoming!
The Happy Place is a fun place to relax with friends and help people out.
OverUsed and Ubers and VGC are also nice because those are the main games I play
My favorite room is probably Lobby. Every time I go in there within seconds I receive some of the most outlandishly hilarious PMs. From "Drink bleach and die mod scum." to "I have been physically assaulted by a drunken lazer-eyed octopus help me!" I pretty much get them all. Plus the room is always chaotic so I can usually pick out some killer comedy.
Overused and Lobby are the same imo

My favorite room is the Cafe Le Wow bc i get to discuss my favorite thing in the world with the nicest and most supportive people


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I love tha

Probably Art but I'm kinda distancing from Main altogether due to the huge shitstorm. eh.


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I sort of have a love-hate relationship with the Art Room but it's basically the only one I ever go on so I guess that's my answer
Definitely the Monotype room. Everyone is pretty awesome there, and I personally love specializing in a certain type. It's like I'm a Gym Leader.
Monotype is pretty awesome, both the tier and the room. I haven't been to the room in a while though, ever since they nerfed weather :(
I used to hang out in the Lobby, but I've since discovered the Writing Room, and I don't want to join anyone else's room. It's usually chilled, unless I'm posting riddles, then the salt piles up.
I've made more than a few friends in there. Plus, any trolls are swiftly dealt with. A good time all around. Now, if we could get the Smogon server back up and running...
The Survivor room is definitely my favourite room on PS. Really fun to play & host survgames, great community, often-times a rather relaxed environment (when Spieky and PyoroLoli aren't online *flees*) and so forth.

I've also been in the Game Corner room for the past few days or so, and I'm really enjoying it there too!

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