Favorite Room?

Tournaments Room because the stuff that goes down there is just funny,chaotic,and entertaining,and that's good if you're bored.
I hang out in Lobby, the Happy Place, Academics and, of course, Hellfire Club (which I own). I just wish all the chatters I care about didn't insist on spreading themselves out!
Comp Tutoring cause I've been there since I started anything Smogon related and watched the community grow and made tons of friends. Challenges for the same reason although it's a more laid back environment and easy to make friends cause generally everyone is pretty open to individuals. I have another favorite but it's a private room. I hang out in OU as well but it's really hectic sometimes and makes my brain hurt from reading the logic that people use on matters. Regardless though some players I respect and are friendly with reside there so they make life a bit easier and keeps me going.
my favorite is uu, personally because ou got boring and i made a lot of friends coming down to uu. also my favorite tier is uu from reasons that i just explained
Monotype is my haunt in showdown, everyone there is friendly and funny and are willing to help out with movesets, nature's and general team building and mostly it's a laugh unless boTTT is on duty lol :)
Breeding room is probably my favorite room because the regs and higher-ups are fantastic users. It's a chill place to hang out and talk about what you're breeding and/or how much you're sick of seeing [insert pokemon here]'s face. Also, it's (probably) the only room in which a Luvdisc could actually make an attempt to win something (so close, but yet so far!).
"[12/18/2014@17:32:24] Hero_of_Ocs: this room is 20% o/ 50% messing with aspire 10% complaining about wifi 10% sring 5% redirecting people to wifi and 5 % actual breading" (credits go to hero and ih8ih8sn0w for the quote :D)


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My favourite rooms are Tournaments, The Studio, Freetime and Health & Fitness. I really like the discussions that take place in these rooms and are generally just a great place to hangout.

Other rooms that I find fun include Game Corner and Monotype.
Lobby iirc tbh imo. Something about ebola, smash codes, shrek, pre-pubescent swearing, ban after ban after ban, random porn links, religious fanatics against ~insert blasphemy here~, marc, and the people who try to talk about Pokemon amongst the chaos really gets me going.


In all honestly, I have a general love towards the Showdown! rooms as a whole.

I'll just mention the one's I spend a lot of time in lately: Old Gens, for Gen 3 battles, Monotype, because I feel strong with Fighting (heck, one of my 4th gen OU teams is monotype!) In-game, because I play Fire Red and Sapphire.

Eheh, I don't want this post to be too long, but there are a couple others. You get the idea ~.==.O !


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i Basically just chill around Overused. sometimes i venture ofF into monotype and doubles, but i tend to stick to the one.

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