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I don't know about you guys, but I personally LOVED the Soundtrack from X and Y. A lot of the songs sound amazing in my opinion, and the Soundtrack having over 200 tracks is INSANE! Sure, some themes were not as expected *cough*gymleadermusic*cough* but I still loved a lot of them. Both battle themes and overworld themes alike. I wanted to make this thread to hear about you guys' opinions and what are your favorite soundtracks from the Gen VI Games.

My personal favorites are the XYZ Trio battle, Korrina's Theme and Snowbelle City. Can't decide which one out of the three I like the most. :P
An NPC in Coumarine City (if I remember it correctly) who plays a song he calls "Gotta get it to Get It" or something like that. I told him that I was interested in hearing it, and guess what song played.

Unwavering Emotions. The best song I have ever heard.
Snowbelle, Laverre and the legendary Pokémon theme. Oh, and Lumiose City's theme. I also love the theme that plays in the routes at both sides of Snowbelle. So epic, yet have a Mario Galaxy-like vibe to them.
I think the Pokemon series in general has one of the best soundtracks in video games, but for the life of me I can't remember most of the themes from X and Y. I'm sure they're not bad but for some reason they're just not too memorable to me. Maybe I'll go listen to the full soundtrack and get back to you on this one.

I do really like the bike theme though. I probably only remember it because I ride my bike everywhere, lol.

EDIT: I listened to some of the soundtrack, I really like the Vaniville theme and the Clothing store themes...I also really like the rival theme and the remixes of it
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Champions theme, E4 Theme, Bike Theme (Because Eggs) Friend Safari, I kinda like the Rival Theme, and the Kanto Legendary Theme (cheating :P)


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I'm kinda surprised nobody have mentioned the Battle Chateau music here. The rendition of Pokémon Crystal's "Battle Tower - Outside" is simply beautiful.
Gotta say that my favorite track in X and Y is the Legendary battle theme. They've always been really good and this one is no exception.

And do I even have to mention Lysandre's theme? Like shit. It's a remix of the Team Flare battle theme, sure, but they made it more threatening with Lysandre. Imo, it gives off a feeling of "this is it. If I don't beat you now the world is going to end". That's just me, though.


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Another strong contender in my eyes: The GTS theme. It sounds like the most determined marching band ever, going forward no matter what is in their way. It just sounds so... unstoppable. It also has a pretty cool flute solo.
I've grown really fond of Lysandre's battle theme, actually. It takes the already good Team Flare theme and adds an awesome new twist to it, with various twists and turns in the song that keep you guessing. Aside from that, the Champion theme is pretty cool, along with Sycamore's theme. There's just so many gems hidden in this game, and most people never even get to hear a lot of them because they're hidden away.

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Seconding Lysandre battle theme and GTS theme. I also like the Kalos region theme (aka the music that plays when you start a new game when the professor says welcome to the world of Pokemon)


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The Gym Leader theme of this generation is one of the best I've really ever heard. o.o; It really does quite a good job at getting you pretty hyped for the match. Same goes for E4, as well!
I love the Pokeball Factory/Kalos Power Plant music. It's so mysterious and it's great music to chase down Team Flare to.

The Gym Leader, Elite Four and Champion themes were also pretty cool.
The encounter theme when you run into Shauna and the bunch might be my favourite track in the game. I also really like the team flare battle theme.

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