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Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.

Probably the most upbeat Queen song ever. I'm having such a good time! One of my favorites of all time.


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There's too many too post, music is my one love, the thing that can always get me out of a funk. I'm kind of weird in a way about it though as some depressing songs are the ones that get me out happy, I guess it makes me feel better cause I know it could be worse?

I listen to music 24/7 so I have a lot to post and tbh I don't think I could even choose my top 10 uplifting songs. Thought I could pick my favourite uplifting genre, for me it's hands down liquid drum n bass, fast beat, high synths and low bass, makes you want to dance or fly around on a cloud. Some awesome artists/songs for this are

And last but not least, my namesake that includes on of my favourite music videos ever, it's just beautiful


I'll leave it at that, I'd take up a full page if I went further and didn't use hide tags.

Some of my favourite artists overall to listen to while I'm down though are Modest Mouse, Brand New, Nine Inch Nails, deadmau5 and a lot of the artists I posted above.

Music is incredibly powerful and I'm glad there's so much selection out there, there's something there for everyone.
Snowflakes knows what's up, liquid dnb is a fantastic genre. It's so chill and uplifting at the same time. Everyone subscribe to Liquicity now!


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I don't know many japanese songs, but there are certainly a couple of feel-good / sentimental-type songs out there for sure.

I like Ken Hirai's R&B songs, but unfortunately most of his songs have been removed ;-; Luckily here's one of my favorite song of his - Paradise


Home Made Kazoku is also another band that I like - their music are pretty much the epitome of japanese feel-good music (or maybe not, since I am no jpop junky)



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Also no "feel good" song collection can be complete without Katy Perry. Get with the times, people.
Hope this hasn't been posted already.

Heck if this doesn't make you feel good... then I guess it's failed.


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