Championship - Type B Filling The Generation Gap (Round 1)

Filling the Generation Gap (SM Edition)

So, now that Sun & Moon has been out for a while, its time to share the focus across the board! Tired of seeing multiple Tapus on a team? Chansey + Clefable making you want to pull your hair out? Being constantly destroyed by Char-Y + Dugtrio?

Well, in this tournament, you will be required to create teams which contain members from different generations, no overlaps at all. Each round, one generation will be banned, meaning that a different team should be used each time.

Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Best of 1 single elimination
  • Standard SM OU rules apply
  • Please post replays so that I have something to watch on my commute to work
Tour Specific Rules
  • All teams must contain 6 different Pokémon from 6 different generations
  • A different generation will be chosen and omitted every round
  • I may cry if stall is used
Championship Points

King VS Raseri
tjdaas VS Ming549
Melle2402 VS MetaNite
Wamr VS Waszap
blazenix VS Googly
Romanticist VS Pohjis
Justice_Avenger VS Watermelon5Gum
ludicrousman VS Scotti
Level 56 VS Aurora
Neo VS Chill Shadow
Leooo_33 VS Malekith
Empo VS boo118
ridk021 VS chop
Jrdn VS XnadrojX
byronthewellwell VS Nigel97
FreezeWaffle VS Ary
SANJAY VS Lord Esche
Roseybear VS MiyoKa
The Idiot Ninja VS KoldKappuccino
Hassin627 VS Eternal Spirit
Squawkerz VS FMG
lula_preso VS roystopror
Floppy VS Simiatic
Quote VS Quint_
Toxzn VS Reymedy
JeromeSeiko VS byee
Lycans VS SaDiSTiCNarwhal
Mindnight VS Wheezer
Vertex VS Bronto Burt 2
Jascha VS Ya guy gfly
KingKdot VS Sharp Ladder UU
Vai Lusa VS Bengsu
blarghlfarghl VS HC
shoxwon VS Hamhamhamham
RedEmptionMc VS Azx
PrescientProphet VS Ransei
Jinover VS DaSpaceman
ItsYaBoi1337 VS CriticalMeme
Reviloja753 VS Yoss
Snowy VS Chloe.
FlamingVictini VS Twixtry
Marshall.Law VS Plas
Asuya VS Santu
silver97 VS EternalSnowman
omastar VS naruto(sage)
HSOWA VS double switches

Generation 3 Will not be allowed in Round One.

Pokemon will count for the generation of their base form. AKA Charizard-Y is a Gen 1 Pokemon. Ash-Greninja is a Gen 6 Pokemon

Thank you QQ for doing pairings

Round One ends one week from today. August 4th at 11:59 PM EST
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Could someone talk to me about this in future. Literally just did the pairings and was about to post lol. I'm not playing tho. Apologies for having to take a week out too

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