Championship - Type B Filling The Generation Gap (Round 1)

I think I'm going to have to call activity unless you're willing to give an extension. I contacted my opponent on Monday and never heard back from him until today (the deadline), saying he can play next Monday.
I think my opponent's having connection issues.

Anyway I hung around a while and he didn't return so... requesting an extension please.
Activity Wins:
King vs Raseri
Ascel vs FLCL
Toxzn vs Reymedy
vs byee
Vertex vs Bronto Burt 2
VS Ya guy gfly
blarghlfarghl VS HC
Asuya vs Santu

Melle2402 vs MetaNite
Hassin627 VS Eternal Spirit
Floppy vs Simiatic
Quote vs Quint_
Reviloja753 VS Yoss
vs Chloe.
Plas vs Marshall.Law

blazenix VS Googly

Extension gets 24 hours. r2 coming up shortly.

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