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So I decided to try a Gen 5 one:
#10: Joltik
#9: Koffing
#8: Arcanine
#7: Grimer
#6: Marowak
#5: Honchkrow
#4: Galvantula
#3: Sandshrew
#2: Quagsire
#1: Shaymin

Here's the link on my indecisions:
*This should also show how indecisive I am as a person...


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Some of my finest work

ADV is the most accurate by far but the lack of Heracross is saddening. There should definitely be an option where like you pick against a pokemon but you want to keep them in the pool, because too many times I would get Alakazam vs Snorlax vs Heracross, etc.

Real top 10:
1. Suicune
2. Snorlax
3. Alakazam
4. Heracross
5. Entei
6. Raikou
7. Latias
8. Gyarados
9. Articuno
10. Hypno


I got

1. Swadloon
2. Chandelure
3. Archeops
4. Bisharp
5. Lanturn
6. Scizor
7. Exeggcute
8. Hippowdon
9. Amoonguss
10. Milotic

no clue what exeggcute, milotic, and lanturn are doing there; I had to vote off metagross (vs. scizor), golurk, and cacturne (I dunno when but I did so at some time).

Also, yes, there really should be a tie (or, conversely, trash both) option.
1. Quagsire (top 3 but no clear favourite)
2. Breloom (yep, about right)
3. Azumarill (this should not be top ten)
4. Arcanine (Gen 1 to strong)
5. Charizard (see above)
6. Jolteon (should be top 3)
7. Butterfree (definitely not top 10)
8. Marowak (maybe)
9. Crobat (very cool)
10. Espeon (maybe)

Quite disappointed to see no Dragonite, the only time I said no was against Jolteon. Also Togekiss is missing despite also being only said no to by Quagsire.

This is pretty accurate. Although, somehow Espeon and Mienshao didn't get in there.

Real top ten:
1. Umbreon
2. Mienshao
3. Espeon
4. Cinccino
5. Ninetales
6. Zapdos
7. Leafeon
8. Raikou
9. Crobat
10. Latias

Edit: Xav, the same thing happened to me. I only ever voted against Mienshao once at the end when Umbreon came up and only voted against Espeon once when Mienshao came up. Also, I voted against things like Raikou and Ninetales when they came up and those ended up getting in.


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not sure why this has been so spot-on for everybody, it said my favorite was donphan which isnt even KINDA accurate....
tip for all the idiots that keep saying "oh shit my favorite pokemon didn't win": if you pick your favorite pokemon everytime it comes up, it cant lose

pretty accurate imo. dunno how afro bull got in there, but everything else is a top pokemon in my book!
I don't have the commitment!

Halfway through I decided to spam click to the end.

Because of this it punished me by making delibird my number 2.
10. Doduo
9. Cloyster
8. Kingler
7. Chikorita
6. Gorebyss
5. Jumpluff
4. Toxicroak
3. Volcarona
2. Scolipede
1. Honchkrow

Bolded are actually somewhat accurate. For some inexplicable reason, Ampharos, Vileplume, Kingdra and Victreebell didn't make the list despite being only voted against by one of my top 3 in the last few rounds... :(

this was heartbreaking

{ 13:51:09 PM } <Jirachi> PHDIFHOPDFGH
{ 13:51:15 PM } <Jirachi> PHANPY VS CUBONE
{ 13:51:17 PM } <Jirachi> ALL THE POLITICAL LEADERS
{ 13:51:18 PM } <Jirachi> IN THE WORLD
{ 13:51:30 PM } <Jirachi> THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS??
{ 13:51:31 PM } <Jirachi> NOTHING
{ 13:51:32 PM } <Jirachi> COMPARED TO
{ 13:51:33 PM } <Jirachi> PHANPY VS CUBONE

garchomp and marill and drifloon should be high in there but over what idk!! marowak shouldn't be there i like cubone more anyway

i like 100-stat pixies as you can see

jumpluff/ampharos/shaymin are my holy trinity of pokémon and i like them all equally but i had to pick one to get my results...


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1. Lugia
2. Chatot
3. Ekans
4. Aggron
5. Tropius
6. Metang
7. Magneton
8. Krookodile
9. Sceptile
10. Torkoal

Right on the money pretty much.


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so with all my previous ones being gen 1 mons i decided to do a little experiment

i did gen 1-5 again but this time whenever i came up against a gen 1 mon i would pick whatever opposed it no matter what in an attempt to cut gen 1 out of the running and determine my 2-5 favourites

ihni what i was expecting, but it certainly wasn't this:

while i guess i like 9/10 of the mons there, i am pretty pissed off about tirtouga. it basically made me compare it twice in the first 100 or so and then it popped up right at the end in the last ten when they begin to line up below, so that is obv erroneous but w/e!!


[03:50:08] <az> where is aron??
[03:50:11] <az> i funcking love that guy
[03:50:15] <az> where is jirachi??
[03:50:16] <az> mesprit??
[03:50:17] <az> azelf??
[03:50:32] <az> do quenstion marks ever come in singles anymore??


Alas poor Yorick!
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It would be interesting if the program took into account the pokemon evolutions as an indicator for which ones might be popular. Then things like type and such but it is interesting enough. Although if you can't figure out your favourite pokemon by yourself you have a problem.
10. Weezing
9. Muk
8. Lucario
7. Shaymin
6. Maractus (aka Random Cactus Girl Who Needs To GTFO)
5. Dragonite
4. Mew
3. Snorlax
2. Scrafty
1. Wailord

I mean really, it's a fucking huge ass awesome float-whale pokemon. It's gotta be the best!


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1. Simisear
2. Shellos
3. Reuniclus
4. Snorlax
5. Primeape >.<
6. Gastrodon
7. Ludicolo
8. Ditto >.<
9. Wooper
10. Quagsire

<Oglemi> hrng that fave pokemon thing pissed me off
<Oglemi> fucking primeape is on my top ten somehow
<Oglemi> like
<Oglemi> i don't even remember clicking it
<Nexus> lol and not gardevoir?
<Oglemi> yeah
<Oglemi> and fucking gardevoir isn't even there
<Nexus> thing's defective
<Oglemi> and so isn't ledian
<Oglemi> this is bs
<Oglemi> fucking ditto got in there somehow too
<Oglemi> at least the others were right
<Nexus> lol, surprisingly some people like Ditto Ogles
<Oglemi> well he is a sexy bitch now
Delibird is now and forevermy favorite Pokemon
Got lazy and decided to only do the RSE

9 mew
10 dragonite

Fuck you dragonite you're nothing to delibirds fearsome ice punch


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:D jumpluff why don't you love me

:D is it because im dying

:D its ok, really

:D i understand


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No idea how Golem and Shieldon got on here... Kabutops is okay I guess, but I wouldn't consider it a top 10 of mine. I think some of the sprites were loading weird at some point. Also, it made me choose between Pidgey and Pidgeot pretty early; they're my real top 2.
The favorite should always be your actual favorite, but beyond that there's no guarantee.
I have a bad connection now (stupid wi-fi) so maybe I'll try it tomorrow.
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