NOC Fire and Ice (9-2-2 Multiball) [won by town]


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In this particular case idt the sub-out was scummy, since Amp seemed to have some medical issues making playing this game... painful.

I unfortunately think there is something about the sub-in that's a bit scummy? I'm not entirely certain about it and idk if I'd really be allowed to say it.
How could the sub in be scummy he was sitting on the sub list and got pmed to sub in ???
I was paraphrasing Napoleon but k

I dislike UTO's inconsistency, at least Dusk makes sense when he's incorrect. Especially when he said I'm less scummy than where his vote originally was.
U-Turn Out

I think these 3 people have all scum team in it, I also still have a suspicion that shubaka could be Ice but they seemed townie we will see
You guys are both scumreading me/placing me in the PoE and that's fine because there's a chance that both of you are scum and need to lynch a townie. I personally believe that if you look back at interactions I'm gigatownie and will make a post explaining why in the near future so maybe you should go back to pushing BGB as your counterwagon
As for UTO, he raises a good point. Idt PS and OM would be super antagonistic towards their partner. I only think this really rules UTO out for fire scum though since OM didn't seem to be actively involving me in a plan?

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