First-ever Cross Evolution Tournament [Round 2]

alright lads! signups are over, as they've been going on for a while and we've hit 24 participants so that's gonna be enough Here comes the first round. It begins today, Tuesday, November 8th, and ends on the 18th, a Friday.

Have fun guys! Lemme know if you got any questions and don't forget your replays!


lucky n bad
with the s/m leaks, I just wanted to clarify: will gen 7 mons be legal once the games are released? I'd expect no, but it'd be good to get clarification.
sorry lads i'm an american and the traumatic experience that was our election kept me away from the tournament. gen 7 mons will be legal starting the round after s & m is released. i see no reason to stay in oras as the meta is going to be mostly irrelevant; not like anyone is gonna be playing past gen cross evo

edit: dsm liked this post so my reasoning must be a1
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