First-ever Cross Evolution Tournament [Round 2]

Lightninging, I didn't save the replays when I went 2-0 on TopLel TopKeK because you was there. I even asked yu in the chat room if should, didn't think I had to due to you witnessing both the matches.
Friendly reminder that Gen 7 LC-eligible mons are now legal. For the sake of this tournament's competitivity, Type:Null will not be allowed. While dsm77773 hasn't explicitly banned it as far as i know, its most likely bonked and were gonna deal with it later. Other than that, have fun and make sure to post replays! sorry for the triple post too lol. Deadline is the 30th.
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Activity post. I found Atael a few days ago but I was testing some stuff and decided to play another day. A couple of days ago I found him online but he didn't reply. Tomorrow and wednesday I will only be able to play at night, i'm GMT -3. Stocke please reply, I don't want the match to be decided because of activity xd

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