Big First Official Smogon Mafia Game: Metagame Mafia - Game Over - Anything Goes Wins!


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Cycle 10:

You all surround Djanxo Unchained, who explains very carefully that he is Camerupt, and that internet Steeledges Definitely Not Djanxo Unchained is Heatran.

Before you can ignore him however, a Pokemon kills Imanalt with the speed of a God.
UncleSam said:
Dear imanalt,
You are Mega Scizor.

This Pokémon's pincers, which contain steel, can crush any hard object it gets a hold of into bits.

You can use Bullet Punch each Cycle. This is so fast that, if empowered to perform your team’s kill, you will kill your target before even the lynch, thus disabling any abilities performed or votes made by your victim that Cycle. If not empowered to kill, this simply disable abilities or votes made by him or her that Cycle.

You are allied with the OverUsed Tier. You win if the OverUsed Tier eliminates all others.
The Bullet Punch wasn't fast enough, it seems.

So you all fuck up Djanxo Unchained next.
UncleSam said:
Dear djanxo unchained,
You are Heatran.

Boiling blood, like magma, circulates through its body. It makes its dwelling place in volcanic caves.

You can use Taunt each Cycle. This will cause your target’s votes and attacking abilities to target you, and any non-attacking abilities to fail.

You are holding a Power Herb. This allows limited-use abilities to be used nightly.

You are allied with the OverUsed Tier. You win if the OverUsed Tier eliminates all others.
This surprised precisely no one.

Next, GoodMorningEspeon was found hit by a massive Superpower. Farewell, little mascot~
UncleSam said:
Dear GoodMorningEspeon,
You are Pikachu.

It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you.

You’re quite weak, so you can’t use any attacks. You are, however, the mascot of this entire franchise, and so your opinion is worth quite a bit in the daily lynch. Double a normal Pokemon’s, in fact. If you ever come into possession of a Light Ball, you may grow in strength.

You are allied with The Rest. You win if The Rest eliminate all others.
It would appear he never found his Light Ball :(

Finally, you find Steeledges killed by....Seismic Toss. This is not a joke. Poor guy must've only had like 1 HP left or something...
UncleSam said:
Dear Steeledges,
You are Infernape.

Its crown of fire is indicative of its fiery nature. It is beaten by none in terms of quickness.

You can use either Taunt or Stealth Rock each Cycle. If you use Taunt, then whoever you target will be forced to target you with any votes or attacking abilities made that Cycle. Non-attacking abilities used by your target will fail. If you use Stealth Rock, then you will set up the entry hazard around your target, and you will see the effectiveness of Rock-type moves on anyone who targets him or her.

You are holding a Focus Sash. This will ensure that the first attack made against you will not kill you. Note that attacking abilities which would not normally kill you will still pop this.

You are allied with The Rest. You win if The Rest eliminate all others.
Somewhere, a tear slowly crawls down Da Letter El's cheek. You also hear someone go 'pretty sure he's Heatran guys, and btw did I mention that Basilisk was a death miller Fascist?'

And so it became Cycle 10. The final stretch is upon us.

Cycle 10 ends at 6 PM CST on Sunday, June 12th. At this point I ask that you make a concerted effort to get actions in so that I can hopefully up deadlines to once every 24 hours and this game can end soon.

Results going out now.
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UncleSam's a good host, a bit overated in my opinion. But defenitely okay to be a regular host! To say that he is one of the best hosts etc is really exageration, he hosted like 10 games in a high level setting, you need way more to compare him to Acklow, Da Letter El or LonelyNess
I honestly had absolutely no info when i made that post.

I then had 3 people tell me that some watcher actually had claimed to see internet killing the inspector. I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't believe i made it up.


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The above vote does not count for today's lynch, it is a vote Mage Vulpes had to make yesterday that I wasn't 100% clear on so I am not about to godkill him for not making it originally.

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