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Attack or Defence?

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I'd like to create a Fakemon along with a small team. Currently, this project is open to new members, but I plan to have a team of three working on it.
As soon as we hit three members, we will probably not add any more, though everyone is open to express their opinion. FMP stands for Fan Made Pokemon. It's currently unnamed, which is why I've posted the 0. All interested members of Smogon can post their username and time zone.

I'm no moderator, but this thread has a be nice policy.
So try to limit the cursing.
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How 'bout this?

Unnamed Pokemon(we'll get to the name later)

When it has more than 50% of it's HP it enters Attack Form, dealing high damage with no regard for defence or healing.
When it falls below 50%, it seals itself into Defence Form, sacrificing its once-high attack to shore up its defence and nurse(heal) itself back into Attack Form.


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This forum is meant for artists to showcase their creations, not ask for free laborwork.
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