Fusion Evolution Art Thread (Contests, Fanarts n stuff)

We're getting much more new fusions than we're getting sprites, which is really counterproductive. I suggest we accept all submitted sprites that have good quality and vote just in case two people make a sprite for the same fusion.
I agree, considering how much time and effort it takes to make a single fusion, just to see it lose in the voting phase, it's just D:
I haven't seen a single unusable-quality sprite on this thread, and there are so many fusions that it is very easy for people to not sprite for the same fusion.


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I agree, the only one I've seen more than one persin sprite was Swampamar, and both subs still looked simillar

Something I also suggested earlier on is that we should allow sprites made by the same person who submited the fusion just get in since it's how the creator sees the fusion.

Reviloja753 Stitch98 you're the other two running this, what should we do?
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Happislash (Jucherz)
Tyrazma (Jucherz)

Bunny (AquaticPanic)
Mismagivor (AquaticPanic)
Tall Steel Egg (AquaticPanic)
Pangleye (AquaticPanic)
Dragon (AquaticPanic)
Kyraurem (AquaticPanic)

Dhelchamp (KirbyRider1337)
King Kek (KirbyRider1337)
Peli Koko (KirbyRider1337)
Hydraulic (KirbyRider1337) (I like yours a lot more than mine)

Magnetta (Origin0)
Cargolure (Origin0)
Gallete (Origin0)
Raikeon (Origin0)
Enteon (Origin0)
Suiceon (Origin0)
Tyrazma (Jucherz)
Sandslash-Prime (AquaticPanic)
Pangleye (AquaticPanic)
Tall Steel Egg (AquaticPanic)
Bouffanine (KirbyRider1337)
Harem (KirbyRider1337)
Dank (Origin0)
Raikeon (Origin0)
Enteon (Origin0)
Suiceon (Origin0)


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Why not accept all of them and vote only on Hydraulic (since there are two submissions of it)? :(
I'd love to do so, but as Revi said she and Stitch already have a plan for solving the submission speed problem when V4 starts, I'll wait to see if her plan works. If it fails, I'll try to talk with them to do as you suggested.

Magnetta (Origin0)
Cargolure (Origin0)
Raikeon (Origin0)
Enteon (Origin0)
Suiceon (Origin0)
Vani Lele (Origin0)
Dank (Origin0)
Dark Electrode (Origin0)
Cazantor (Origin0)

Tyrazma (Jucherz)
Happislash (Jucherz)
Poize (Jucherz)
Watafak (Jucherz)(Fantastic, only thing I'd add is a female one with lipstick)

Bunny (AquaticPanic)
Audala (AquaticPanic)
Pangleye (AquaticPanic)
Dragon (AquaticPanic)
Tall Steel Egg (AquaticPanic)
Sandslash-Prime (AquaticPanic)
Mismagivoir (AquaticPanic)
Shaymizard (AquaticPanic/Stitch (Don't know how to treat this one))

Stakeye (KirbyRider)
Dhelchamp (KirbyRider)
Bouffaine (KirbyRider)
Torko Bulu (KirbyRider)
Peli Koko (KirbyRider)
Hydraulic (KirbyRider)
Happislash (Jucherz)
Altarbat (Jucherz)
Tyrazma (Jucherz)
Poize (Jucherz)
Watafak (Jucherz)

Garzone (AquaticPanic)
Mismagivoir (AquaticPanic)
Tall Steel Egg (AquaticPanic)
Elektra (AquaticPanic)
Kyraurem (AquaticPanic)

King Kek (KirbyRider1337)
Harem (KirbyRider1337)

Magnetta (Origin0)
Cargolure (Origin0)
Dark Electrode (Origin0)
Vani Lele (Origin0)
Hydraulic (Origin0)


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Ok since tge four of us are really the only ones who are active in this thread, I'll give just around 6 more hours before the vote ends


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Alright, here are the winners. I counted the ones with 3 votes to be in too, otherwise we'd have only 2 winners:

Tall Steel Egg by AquaticPanic

Tyrazma and Mega Tyrazma by Jucherz

Happislash-Friendly and Happislash-Unfriendly by Jucherz

Bunny (And it's forms) by AquaticPanic

Mismagivoir and Mega Mismagivoir by AquaticPanic


Pangleye and Mega Pangleye by AquaticPanic

Magnetta-North and Magnetta-South by Origin0

Cargolure by Origin0

Raikeon, Enteon and Suiceon by Origin0

Let's get things going and already start the new slate!


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Altarbat and Altarbat-Mega:






I'll try to make back and shiny sprites for Tyrazma, Happislash, Tyranwak and Pheralie soon.
Actually, I had noticed Tyranwak didn't have a shiny and tried making one myself. Of course, if you dislike it, it won't get in, but if you do I can already add it to the folder in my PC with the winning fusions:

Hope you like it!
Maroram-Alola and Kromork:

Gallete: (Left to right: Base, Mega G, Mega B)

Combarde, Marshern, and Grovyltal:


Minislash (blade sprites here):



Swampamar: (I was the one who subbed these sprites Aquatic)

Gyarotic (Anyone else up to the task?): (Left to right: Male, Female, Mega)




Suirizion, Enterrak, and Koulion:

Aggrosaur: (Left to Right: Male, Female, Mega A, Mega V)


Metsir: (Left to Right: Base, Mega M, Mega P)

Sharpedos: (Left to Right: Male, Female, Mega S, Mega G)



Charatos: (Left to Right: Base, Mega X, Mega Y, Mega G)







Avaizard (Wings need adjustment): (Left to Right: Base, Mega X, Mega Y)

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Ok, this is a pretty important thing the concil has decided: From here on in, the sprites no longer need votes to get in!
It means bascially that if a sprite is submited, it will be accepted. In case two people submit for the same fusion, only then a vote will occour. Now, have fun!


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That being said, here are my subs

For Aquapod, I nitially didn't know what to design. Using Golisopod's body as a base seemed like a good idea, since it's easier to be played around than Araquanid's. Making the arms be connected to bubles as the mon's shoulder was the next step, and it looked good. But Golisopod's back shell just didn't fit, so I ended up removing it. This left me with Legs and Head to work next, so for legs I used Golisopod's thicker part leading to Araquanid's thin long legs. For a head, I decided to connect Araquanid's head to the body by making it's fangs connecting to the body. Then all I had to do was put Golisopod's antennas and give he eye a little touch in making Golisopod's eye connect to the stripes on Araquanid's big powerpuff-girl-like eyes. For colors, I like how the green undertone turned out, and specially the shiny's Purple and White color.

Working with Archeops is really hard. Instead of making it's wings the fusion's wings, I let it be just body feathers. Not much to say for the rest as this one didn't have tat much of a mix - Just put Aerodactyl's tail and legs, used Archeop's feathers to connect them to Aerodactyl's wings, and finally I made Aerodactyl's fangs to be connected into Archeop's head and neck. Then I just recolored it with the fusees' colors

Audala and Mega:
This one took a while. I was really sad I couldn't do anything nice with the wings. But then I decided to make a vampiric Audino, and it worked fairly well! For the Mega's pallete, I used Full Moon Lunala's colors as undertones.

Idea here was to each orb represent a vanilla weather. Other than that, it's a castform with a glassy mask.

Elektra and Mega:
I love how goofy this one looks. For an extra detail in the Mega's shiny, I made it have Master Ball's colors, and each spoon be based on Pokéball, Great Ball and Ultra Ball.

Thought process was: Flygon has sripes on tail, Escavalier has stripes on Spear. Boom, put both together and you have a nice effect. The rest was just doing things as I gone along.


Garzone and Mega:
Fusing a land shark and an ovini-shaped magnet robot wasn't easy. I used Magnezone's atenna and Garchomp's star thingy to combine both, and it looked rather nice and natural as a transition. Making the tail a magnet was the second thing (The magnet borrowed from Magneton for Blue and Red colors). Looking at the colors on the magnet, and at how Garcomp's spikes are on opposite parts of it's body, I recolored the spikes of eack side as the magnet's charges. Magnezone's eye was the final touch.

Since I love the small mons, making this one just pretty small was pratically an instinct. I love how Azelf's eye color matches the whole rest of the fusion colors well. Making it a snake-like genie turned out better than I tought.

This was surprisingly easier to do than I initially thought. Giving Goodra's anttenas and tail looked very natural. The thing that couldn't be missing on this fusion was Goo, since it's pratically Goodra's signature thing in it's design. So, Heliodra gained a goo beard and had the tips of it's collar to become goo as well.

Kyonun and Prime:
Same thing from Hazygon here: I love small mons. Making Kyonun was a struggle, but once I settled on rat mermaid, it wasn't that bad

Kyraurem and Mega:

Kyzor and Mega:

Nintwo and Megas X and Y:
This was another tricky one. I initially gave it the eyes with Mewtwo's frown, and it looks very aggressive, which I like. Then, I gave it Ninjask's claws, and with one claw for each finger, it looks very aggressive. Something about it having legs lookes unnatural, and since Ninjask's are really small, I decided to just remove the legs alltogether, making a serpent-like thing. Mega X followed the same formula, tho I attempted to add wings to the side of the fists. Mega Y, however, made the tail go to the head, so I added wings where the legs would be

Prime Persian:
For this one, U used K. Persian's front paws and eye color with A. Persian's back paws, tail and eyelid. Mixed the colors on both to get a dark brown-ish shape.

This one was really hard to do. The designs simply didn't fit well together. Then it turned out to be really goofy at the end and I love it.

Making this wasn't as hard as I thought. Mixing two simillar mons makes it really difficult to highlight the two different parts of each in the fusion's final sprite. However, I decided to make the back look loke snowy mountains, and it worked fantastically. For the last touch, I made the belly colors to be more light blue, such as the alolan's skin color.

Shaymizard (Adaptation of Stitch's design) and Mega X:
Looking at the already-done sprites, Shaymizard caught my eye. Doing the leaf winggs was difficult but other than that I just had to follow Stitch's sketch. The colors on the shiny of Mega X were hard to pick but looking at it now, looks pretty good.




Smelly (Normal).pngSmelly-Shiny (Normal).png

Smelly (Bug).pngSmelly (Dark).pngSmelly (Dragon).png
Smelly-Shiny (Bug).pngSmelly-Shiny (Dark).pngSmelly-Shiny (Dragon).png
Bug, Dark, Dragon

Smelly (Electric).pngSmelly (Fairy).pngSmelly (Fighting).png
Smelly-Shiny (Electric).pngSmelly-Shiny (Fairy).pngSmelly-Shiny (Fighting).png
Electric, Fairy, Fighting

Smelly (Fire).pngSmelly (Flying).pngSmelly (Ghost).png
Smelly-Shiny (Fire).pngSmelly-Shiny (Flying).pngSmelly-Shiny (Ghost).png
Fire, Flying, Ghost

Smelly (Grass).pngSmelly (Ground).pngSmelly (Ice).png
Smelly-Shiny (Grass).pngSmelly-Shiny (Ground).pngSmelly-Shiny (Ice).png
Grass, Ground, Ice

Smelly (Normal).pngSmelly (Poison).pngSmelly (Psychic).png
Smelly-Shiny (Poison).pngSmelly-Shiny (Normal).pngSmelly-Shiny (Psychic).png
Normal, Poison, Psychic

Smelly (Rock).pngSmelly (Steel).pngSmelly (Water).png
Smelly-Shiny (Rock).pngSmelly-Shiny (Steel).pngSmelly-Shiny (Water).png
Rock, Steel, Water

Kecleus (Normal).pngKecleus (S).png
(I'll post the forms by external means, because there are over 300)
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Ok so, according to DragonHeaven's news tab thingy, the first 95 fusions are already coded and implemented. So, I believe we should give priority to spriting them first. they are the following:
Swampamar (Swampert | Malamar)
Gyarotic (Gyarados | Milotic)
Azuninja (Azumarill | Greninja)
Chandeform (Chandelure | Castform)
Mismatross (Mismagius | Eelektross)
Haxardos (Haxorus | Ramparados)
Pangleye (Pangoro | Sableye)
Garchados (Garchomp | Gyarados)
Wailcatty (Wailord | Delcatty)
Gargatr (Feraligatr | Garchomp)
Dragon (Hydreigon | Dragalge)
Hawlusharp (Hawlucha | Bisharp)
Cofagreelix (Cofagrigus | Steelix)
Joltord (Jolteon | Wailord)
Vespicor (Vespiquen | Gliscor)
Zorcanine (Zoroark | Arcanine)
Archedactyl (Archeops | Aerodactyl)
Chedon (Chesnaught | Hippowdon)
Mamodrill (Mamoswine | Excadrill)
Heliodra (Heliolisk | Goodra)
Scyscor (Scyzor | Gliscor)
Joltry (Jolteon | Shiftry)
Azumaloom (Azumarill | Breloom)
Sawkape (Sawk | Infernape)
Weasol (Weavile | Absol)
Tyranichomp (Tyranitar | Garchomp)
Railie (Raichu | Glalie)
Charatos (Charizard | Gyarados)
Aggrosaur (Aggron | Venusaur)
Blastinja (Blastoise | Greninja)
Skaria (Skarmory | Altaria)
Magmozam (Alakazam | Magmortar)
Glakiss (Glalie | Togekiss)
Sharpedos (Sharpedo | Gyarados)
Vapornine (Vaporeon | Arcanine)
Pidgetot (Pidgeot | Chatot)
Gorecanion (Gorebyss | Volcanion)
Klazor (Klang | Scizor)
Pidgemie (Pidgeot | Starmie)
Porylure-Z (Porygon-Z | Chandelure)
Starchamp (Starmie | Machamp)
Eek (Eelektross | Muk)
Hitachi (Heatran | Jirachi)
Shaymizard (Shaymin | Charizard)
Ferroslash (Ferrothorn | Aegislash)
Hazard (Charizard | Haxorus)
Hitmonklang (Hitmontop | Klinklang)
Maladuck (Malamar | Golduck)
Yangarde (Yanmega | Zygarde)
Suirizion (Suicune | Virizion)
Jellivoir (Jellicent | Gardevoir)
Metabat (Metagross | Crobat)
Dartios (Darmanitan | Latios)
Grenheatja (Greninja | Heatran)
Moltie (Moltres | Diancie)
Banegross (Metagross | Banette)
Herasir (Heracross | Pinsir)
Mismagivoir (Mismagius | Gardevoir)
Harem (Haxorus | Kyurem)
Mana (Hoopa | Manectric)
Lucharma (Hawlucha | Hariyama)
Swank (Swampert | Kinklang)
Casting (Castform | Weezing)
Sablemimez (Sableye | Mr. Mime)
Aegilene (Aegislash | Genesect)
Houndilon (Houdoom | Cobalion)
Loppeye (Lopunni | Sableye)
Bastioking (Bastiodon | Slowking)
Peatran (Pidgeot | Heatran)
Manatar (Manaphy | Tyranitar)
Aurotoise (Aurorus | Blastoise)
Metsir (Metagross | Pinsir)
Fablesteel (Registeel | Clefable)
Houdini (Audino | Hoopa)
Shot (Shaymin-Sky | Pidgeot)
Leafadon (Leafeon | Hippowdon)
Mampharos (Manectric | Ampharos)
Krook-Z (Krookodile | Porygon-Z)
Entaria (Entei | Altaria)
Blasterrain (Blastoise | Masquerain)
Dianbro (Diancie | Slowbro)
Chatotorus (Chatot | Landorus-I)
Blisskiss (Blissey | Togekiss)
Toxisharp (Toxicroak | Bisharp)
Darmega (Yanmega | Darkrai)
Lag-I (Landorus-I | Glalie)
Heatloom (Heatran | Breloom)
Golislash (Golurk | Aegislash)
Hooporus (Hoopa | Haxorus)
Lopunnini (Lopunni | Victini)
Volcagon (Volcarona | Flygon)
Enterrak (Entei | Terrakion)
Aeroraptor (Aerodactyl | Staraptor)
Sans (Slaking | Sandslash)
Lucasol (Lucario | Absol)

Itallic ones are fusions with sprites already posted. Bold are the ones without a sprite. Tell me if I missed any already-made one.
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