Fusion Evolution V5 (Submission Phase)

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Honestly just move the Speed investment (111 -> 91) to Attack (86 -> 106). Mega X gets to enjoy a newfound 152 Attack and still be able to use DDance well while Mega Y no longer has the speed to instantly destroy Base 100 Speed mons. It'd still remain a tad busted, but not as much as before.
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Dad: Nerf
Ability now transforms the foe into this Pokemon without changing their movepool or ability.
Its ability is still amazing, but it can't totally neuter foes any more and switch in freely. Now it can only mostly neuter them.


Guzzpex: Buff
New Ability: Immortal Beast (Regenerator + Beast Boost): Component effects.

Glakiss: Buff
New Ability: Mood Swing (Moody + Hustle): Hustle effects + Every turn either raises Attack by 2 and lowers Accuracy by 1 or vice versa.
Reason: Glakiss just sucks right now, even the mega does. It's still gimmicky, but hey, it's better than nothing.

This last one might be a little insane.


Klazor: Buff
Turns into Klyther (Klang + Scyther): 85 / 105 / 87 / 62 / 87 / 82 stats, can use Eviolite and retains its current ability.
Turns into Klinklazor (Klinklang + Scizor): 85 / 125 / 107 / 62 / 87 / 82 stats (85 / 145 / 147 / 72 / 107 / 92 in Mega), retains its current ability.
Reason: The Math Surge buff isn't enough. This thing is a figment of a different time where using Klang rather than Klinklang really could've been the difference between a balanced or an overcentralized metagame. We are far, far past that point, and more radical changes need to be made to amend this antiquated fusion.

On an unrelated note, can I ask for two of my fusions' ability names to be changed? I want Pachkia's Beast's Pride to be changed to Scare Away, and Mushdale's Prepare for Battle to be changed to Stalwart.

Sunflorrim: Buff
Old- When in Sun, all stats barring HP are doubled, but when in any other weather, all stats barring HP are quartered.
New- When in Sun, all stats barring HP are doubled, but when in any other weather, all stats barring HP are halved.

Reason: As one of my own submissions, I realized that I went too overboard with the downsides of it's ability. With its current abilty, Sunflorrim's raw stats (with 252 SpA/4 SpD/252 Spe Modest) become 305/42/45/85/54/58, which is obviously very bad. My proposed buff would increase the nerfed stats to 305/85/90/171/109/116, which while still not ideal, make up for the boosts given by sun. Even then, this nerf would only come against opposing weather teams, so it is very situational.


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Not the end of the slate or anything, but the council has stepped in with some decissions

The following buffs were approved:

Updated to Klinklazor. 85 / 125 / 107 / 62 / 87 / 82 base and 85 / 145 / 147 / 72 / 107 / 92 mega
When the user switches in, it immediately transforms into the opponent, but with the moves being at double PP.
When in Sun, all stats barring HP are doubled, but when in any other weather, all stats barring HP are halved.

The council has also come up with the following changes:
2x Speed under either Sun or Electric Terrain, 4x if both are active
Heals 1/8 when Burned, Frozen or Poisoned, ignoring the effects of these status. Takes half damage from Poison, Ice and Fire.
Immune to OHKO moves. Can live a hit from full HP at 33% HP, and a hit from 33% HP at 1 HP. When 1/3 HP or less, Fire moves are boosted by 1.5x
Combined effects of Sand Stream and Rough Skin
Boosts Sp. Attack by 50% under Hail
At the end of each turn, gains one boost to its Crit ratio
Name changed to Gyarapedo, lowers foe's attack and boosts speed by one stage at the end of every turn
When hit by a water move, heals 1/4 HP, immune to water. When switchin in, or when the foe gets hit by a water move, foe's attack is lowered by 1 stage
Ability changed to Big Pecks + Big Pecks, changing the stats to 94 / 87 / 75 / 96 / 74 / 111 base and 94 / 87 / 80 / 161 / 84 / 131 mega
Combines effects of No Guard and Natural Cure
Immune to status moves. Status moves used by this fusion have +1 priority but do not affect Dark-types.
"Slashing" boost removed, Punch boost is permanent, defense form takes half from Punching moves. Stats fixed to 74 / 97 / 135 / 52 / 125 / 57 <---> 74 / 135 / 97 / 125 / 52 / 57

Please do note that the slate is not over yet. You can still submit your own buff suggestions
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Name changed to Gyarapedo, lowers foe's attack and boosts speed by one stage at the end of every turn

change to sharkados pls

Change: remove negative effects
(idk where this comes from between the two abilities)

Change: Lazy Bones (Truant + Sand Rush): Speed is 2x in sand, but 0.5x without it.
free sans pls

Change: Greek Fire -> Hot Tentacles
(where did greek fire come from)

Change: Grassy Heal: effects of Grassy Surge and Poison Heal
(old grassy heal is a straight downgrade of basic combination)

Changes: 67 / 151 / 109 / 53 / 71 / 127 stats
Beast Bootleg: boosts highest non-HP stat by 1 upon KOing opponent or removing its item, contact removes item
(minmaxing is real and he tried to eat my rear end)

Changes: 100 / 140 / 100 / 95 / 100 / 100 stats
Overwhelming Presence: suppresses abilities on switchin
(lower attack, lower speed, doesn't wreck items)

Changes: Rock/Dark
(make it so it can actually pursuit trap)

Changes: Distracted (Oblivious + Unaware): This Pokemon ignores other Pokemon's stat stages when taking or doing damage. If hit by a boosted attack, taunts and attracts the attacker regardless of gender.
(hard to justify originally over another fat water-type)

Changes: Star Burst (Natural Cure + Super Luck): This Pokemon's attacks crit if the target has a status condition.
(gives it the merciless-esque niche)

Changes: Grass/Poison
(look half its body is a flower)

Changes: Ground/Normal
(without tarrows stab, its a wonder what it does)

Changes: 71 / 103 / 157 / 59 / 103 / 31
(free stakeye-mega)

Changes: Flip Out - no more healing
(stop cteaming stall)

Changes: G-Tolerance - Levitate effects + this Pokemon does 2x more damage with Ground-type attacks
(ability was dumb before)

Changes: 100 / 110 / 80 / 80 / 80 / 120 stats, Normal/Ghost
(offensive presence severely nerfed)

Changes: Pressurizer - The opponent's attacks have 60 BP but this Pokemon's PP usage is doubled
(defensive presence severely nerfed)

Changes: Mirage (Big Pecks + Overgrow) - When hit by a Grass-type attack, this Pokemon's Defense is raised 2 stages
(no more contact immunity, but does gain a pseudo-resistance)

Changes: Miracle Morph - now transform into opponent with same type as held plate
(no more species clause breaking)

will add more probably later

Cookie Butter

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Change: Grassy Heal: effects of Grassy Surge and Poison Heal
(old grassy heal is a straight downgrade of basic combination)
It really isn't. Tapu Loom doesn't need to hold Toxic Orb. It can get 25% recovery per turn with Lefties + Grassy Heal + Grassy Terrain, or run a more bulky offense set that keeps the heal and hits harder. The difference is that, besides Poison immunity, it can be statused with the other conditions and it needs to switch out every 5 turns because Grassy Terrain runs out. The current ability is higher risk higher reward with more versatility, not a downgrade.

Yung Dramps

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Lampara-De-Noche: Nerf
Dark Light is now made from Volt Absorb and Prism Armor and simply combines component effects.
Reason: If mons with abilities that grant immunity to moves with secondary effects or moves that make contact are deemed uncompetitive and banned, then I fail to see how unignorable immunity that heals a quarter of the user's health to all super-effective moves on a decently bulky mon with 5 of them along with a good amount of resistances is any different. I get FE is starved of defensive presence as is, but a mon that invalidates ~50% of the type chart is not the way to go.
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