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What Cloyster set did you use to fit Liquidation? I've been running it with a Sash w/Ice Shard (mimikyu's trying to kill you with shadow sneak, opposing lapras ice shard vs 1hp), Shell Smash, Rock Blast, and Icicle Spear. Priority seems too good to give up - did you cut the skill link rock blast synergy for the STAB?
yes, rock blast doesn't hit anything important in this meta (except lapras and I dont bring him if they have it) and if I so choose to dynamax cloyster in the match, it sets up my choice scarf dracovish later so just a team thing. I also opted for white herb instead of focus sash since cloyster is such a beast on the physical side, sash went to my polteageist
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Is there a list of Gmax moves that have a chance of not activating their secondary effect? I knew Snorlax and Grimmsnarl had that issue, but I didn't know there were others. Because I'm certain that Drednaw always got rocks up, Sandaconda + Charizard always got their sand tomb / fire spin effect off when I used them in raids with shields down, and Meowth always triggered confusion when I farm cash.
I got No. 47499 with a final rating of 1497, which I'll take as a good place to build up from as my first foray into competitive Pokemon since the first black/white vgc stuff as a teen. This was fun, and the BSS 3v3 stuff is very different than my usual UU lurking; I'm very eager to see where we can all go from here!
Here's my team and ranking for this competition.
Galar Beginnings.jpg

Finished with a rating of 1715. Not too bad for the first competition of the generation.

I used dual screens Dragapult, with weakness policy max air stream Togekiss, belly drum max air stream Charizard, dragon dance Haxorus, curse Snorlax, and bulk up Grimsnarl. The team wasn't perfect but it was definitely a lot of fun to use.

I really wanted to use Gmax Charizard for this competition, so I decided to go with a belly drum max air stream set with dual screens support. It was kind of difficult to set up, but once it was set up, it usually just swept. Unfortunately I didn't get to use it as much as I wanted to since Excadrill and Tyranitar were on every other team, but it was really good for helping me breakthrough some otherwise tough match-ups.

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This was one of the better competitions I’ve played in. Out of my 44 games, only 1 was a silly “free” matchup against someone clearly just playing for the participation prize. This messed me up because I just wanted to spam the Vish but every team was super well prepared. This at least meant we had a heap of good battles, but didn’t win as many as I hoped. In hindsight I wish I brought a different team but I was excited to use the two shinies I had gotten so far and try out G-Max Grimmsnarl. Speaking of which, G-Max Snooze is so disappointing lol....

I’ve edited down the 4 hour day 1 stream into a 1 hour highlights reel, and plan to do the same with the other days of battles, so check that out if you’re interested!

Yeah the PGL website showed the top 10 by default, as well as usage stats for all Pokémon used. I’m wondering where that’s going to be shown this gen, if at all....
Probably have to wait for Pokemon Home, wonder if it will contain these past results as well.

"In addition, functionality from PGL to view services such as Rankings, Distribution Regulations, and the events calendar will be provided through Pokémon HOME, which is planned for release on iOS and Android devices in early 2020." -pokemon

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