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A Pokemon suffering from Nightmare shouldn't take damage from it on a turn on which it KOes an opposing Pokemon, similarly with Poison. See turn 27:

Bulbapedia confirms this and it has also been verified on cart by Century Express.
Good catch, thanks, will be fixed next update! The issue here was that PS checked the target of the move to determine whether it was knocked out by the user, but the target of Sleep Talk is the user. Now it checks the actual opponent no matter what move is used.
A sleeping pokemon with sleeptalk or snore should be immune to flinch unless the attacker has kings rock, according to bulbapedia. Still waiting on the test on cart
No need for testing in-game, this has been implemented for a while:
Here's the relevant bit of the Crystal disassembly if you're interested:


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Apologies if this is a duplicate.

In Gens 1 and 2, moves with 40 base PP are currently given 64 max PP on Showdown.

However, due to how the PP up item works in these games, the maximum amount of PP these moves can have is actually 61.

Gen 2 example (courtesy xJoelituh):





Bulbapedia seems to have the correct explanation in this case: The PP gain from each PP up is capped at 7, presumably as a strategy to avoid overflowing the maximum PP byte:

Indeed, here it is in the Pokemon Crystal disassembly: (lines 2779 through 2786 are important, the rest is highlighted for context)
And the Pokemon Yellow disassembly: (offending lines are 2764 through 2767)
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I have to report two problems, the first one is that Fury Cutter's Base Power in Showdown doesn't increase after hitting, it is always 10. In Cartridge and Pokémon Stadium 2, Fury Cutter's Base Power doubles each time it hits: 10, 20, 40, 80 and 160, the move's Base Power doesn't rise once it reaches 160.

The other problem I have to report is this: a friend and I were playing Gen 2 Borderline with a custom set of rules that prevented any of us from using OU or Uber pokémon. My friend selected a team for our fight and while he was waiting for me, he started to work in a OU team. When I returned, he clicked the "Ready" button to start our fight; however, the system told him that he "sent invalid team data" and that if he was not a custom client he had to "report this as a bug". My friend was unable to start the battle, despite the fact that he had a legal team. We theorize that this happened because Showdown's system tried to load the OU team that he was working on, which had illegal mons for our Borderline fight. In this post I include a screenshot of the message that appeared each time my friend tried to start the battle, there you can see that his team had pokémon that did qualify for Gen 2 Borderline:


To solve the problem I ended up canceling the tournament and started it again, after that, we finally could fight.
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This is a copy and paste from a general bug reports thread, didn't find this thread until today.

I believe there is a bug in the way PS handles Pursuit + Status Damage in Gen 2.
Normally when a pokemon faints, the opposing mon does not take status damage at the end of the turn. However, if a pokemon is knocked out by pursuit while switching the pursuiter should take status damage at the end of the turn. This does not happen on PS.

PS replay showing current interaction:

Video of virtual console interaction:

Original cartridge video:

I think this would also apply to burn and leech seed though I don't have footage of it atm.
Edit: I now have footage of burn and leech seed
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I was talking with Kris in the research Discord and found a bunch of Gen 2 move statistics. A few of these are wrong and/or inaccurate. Not many of these are of competitive relevance, but yeah. My main source is, unfortunately, Bulbapedia, and many of these are difficult to test. I encourage people with more interest in Gen 2 to test before applying any changes.
  • Mud-Slap is listed as having a 100% chance to inflict Accuracy -1. This is inaccurate exclusively in Gen 2, it's actually 99.6%.
  • Pain Split is listed as having --% accuracy. This is inaccurate at least in Gen 2, as it has 100%. As such, inflicting Accuracy drops can cause it to miss.
  • Lock-On is listed as having --% accuracy. This is inaccurate until Gen 4 iirc; it has 100% accuracy in Gen 2. It also cannot be Baton Passedon the sim despite being perfectly possible on the cartridge.
    • Mind Reader has the same issues, most likely.
  • Foresight is listed as having --% accuracy. This is inaccurate; it has 100% accuracy in Gen 2. The short description also says Evasiveness is ignored when this is also a bit misleading.
  • Nightmare is listed as having 100% accuracy. This is false in Gens 2 and 3, where it bypassed accuracy checks with --% accuracy.
  • Safeguard is meant to protect users of thrashing about moves from Confusion, but as we can see here, this isn't happening. To note, it does not prevent Berserk Gene confusion, so no funny gimmicks with that!
    • If you're interested in the Pokemon that can use this combo, here's a list from a quick once-over on the teambuilder.
      • Arcanine can use Safeguard+Thrash
      • Meganium and Venusaur can use Safeguard+Petal Dance
      • Dragonite can use Safeguard+Outrage
  • Mimic is listed as having --% accuracy. This is inaccurate; it has 100% accuracy in Gen 2.
I believe the rest I talked about with Kris is ok though.
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There is a mistake in Showdown's validator, it says that Vileplume can have Body Slam and Moonlight in the same set which, unfortunately, is not true. To learn Body Slam, Vileplume has to forget Moon Light so it can travel back to a Gen I game to learn Body Slam and since Moon LIght is not one of its level up moves, it can't remember it via Stadium 2's move relearner.

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