Gen 4 Level 50 Battle Factory Guide

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This guide has to be split into several different posts, due to running into the 65,000 character limit multiple times. I don't know how many posts this will require, so I reserved 6 just to be safe.

This guide was originally posted here. It will be improved from its initial draft and, depending on what the QC team wants, may be expanded to cover the level 100 mode as well (although I'm nowhere near as experienced with the mode as I am with level 50, so I'll need help.)

This post will cover:
-hidden mechanics
-AI quirks and oddities
-general strategy and long-term strategy
-round-specific strategies
-my thoughts on sets you'd find in round 1

The Battle Factory is fundamentally different from other facilities because you aren't allowed to use your own Pokemon, instead being given a random selection of rentals to choose from. Additionally, after every battle, you are given the option to trade for any one of the previous trainer's Pokemon. This is the core gimmick of the factory, being forced to use a potentially unsynergetic team, and swapping around to improve it. However, the fact that you are forced to win against a trainer before being able to take any of their sets means that strong sets like Starmie4 are just as likely to end your run as they are to improve your round, and thus your team will mostly be dictated by the Pokemon you get in your initial choice of 6 at the start of every round (called a draft).

Hidden Mechanics​
The most detailed information about the Factory isn't widely publicized, and this is probably why the Factory is so daunting to face casually.
The most important mechanic to be aware of is that swapping more often will permanently increase the quality of sets in your draft. Specifically, for every seven swaps you make (picking your initial team from your draft counts as a swap), one Pokemon in your draft will be chosen from the pool of sets you'd normally get in next round's draft (this is called an elevation).

The list of Pokemon you'd normally receive in each round's draft is as follows, using index numbers from this list:
Round 1: 0 IV Pokemon of very weak species with only 1 possible set (Index 1 to 150)
Round 2: 4 IV NFE or weak fully evolved Pokemon using the first set of their species (Index 151 to 250)
Round 3: 8 IV NFE or weak fully evolved Pokemon using the second set of their species (Index 251 to 350)
Round 4: 12 IV fully evolved (plus Porygon2 and Rhydon) non-legendary Pokemon using the first set of their species (Index 351 to 486)
Round 5: 16 IV fully evolved non-legendary Pokemon using the second set of their species (Index 487 to 622)
Round 6: 20 IV fully evolved non-legendary Pokemon using the third set of their species (Index 623 to 758)
Round 7: 24 IV fully evolved non-legendary Pokemon using the fourth set of their species (Index 759 to 894)
Round 8+: 31 IV fully evolved and legendary Pokemon using all possible sets for their species (Index 351 to 950)

For example, if you just began round 6 and you've swapped 23 times prior, you will receive three 20 IV Pokemon that use set 3, and three 24 IV Pokemon that use set 4.

In the first six battles of every round, you will face either a trainer that uses Pokemon you'd normally find in the current round's draft, or a trainer that uses Pokemon you'd normally find in the previous round's draft. That is to say, any trainers will not mix and match Pokemon from multiple rounds, until round 8.
In the seventh and final battle of every round, you will face a trainer that uses Pokemon you'd normally find in the next round's draft. The only exception to this is fighting Thorton on battle 49, who will use either set 4 non-legendary Pokemon, or legendary Pokemon from all sets, at 31 IVs, letting him use sets with index numbers between 759 and 950.

I should also talk about the attendant that tells you about your opponent and what exactly she means. In the first two rounds, her advice is self-explanatory. She'll just state the species of the Pokemon on your opponent's team. However, in round 3 and 4, she will always list the first move (in the top-left slot) of the opponent's lead. For example, if she says the opponent's using a Golbat that knows Aerial Ace, even though set1 and set2 Golbat both know Aerial Ace, she's referring to set1 Golbat, but not set2 Golbat, since that has Poison Fang as its first move.
In round 5 and onward, her advice refers to the most common type on your opponent's team. If she says that the opponent doesn't care about the types of Pokemon, it means that none of the Pokemon your opponent uses will have any types in common. If there is a type that several Pokemon on your opponent's team share, she'll pick the most common type. (For instance, a trainer using Skarmory, Dragonite, and Salamence would cause the attendant to say Flying type.) If two or more types are equally common (For instance, Tauros, Rhydon, and Rhyperior, or Feraligatr, Quagsire, and Hippowdon), the attendant will pick one of the most common types seemingly at random. It's possible she uses the index number to prioritize announcing certain types over others, but I haven't bothered to test this.

The last mechanic I should talk about is how Item and Species Clauses are implemented. Due to the fact that you can bring your opponent's Pokemon onto your team, the opponent's team may not have any species or items present in the previous battle. While this may seem obvious, it is still worth mentioning, as it is very important to keep in mind against trainers capable of using multiple sets of one species.

Trainer AI behavior​
The battle factory's AI is weird. I have a theory that, every round, it adds a new "layer" that differently affects the AI's decision-making process. Whether this is the case or not, the simplest thing to remember is that during the first four rounds (with the notable exception of Thorton's silver print battle at 21), the AI will use moves semi-randomly (called 'Bad AI'), but starting in round 5, the AI will use moves intelligently, including going for KOes if one is possible, using boosting moves if they can't KO, trying to status your Pokemon if possible (called 'Smart AI'). Smart AI has a few quirks that can be exploited:
-They are equally likely to select all moves that can KO on their highest roll and don't have major drawbacks (like recoil, moving last, requiring a recharge, or lowering user's attacking stats). This can lead to scenarios where the AI has a guaranteed KO with STAB Psychic but using non-STAB Focus Blast instead and either missing the KO due to a low roll or missing outright.
-If they don't have a KO on you and only have damaging moves, they'll go for the move that does the most damage. I've exploited this several times to safely switch mons in.
-The AI will not switch out if they are locked into a move you are immune to, or only have status moves that don't affect your Pokemon. The only time I've ever seen the AI switch out due to being unable to hurt my mons is when using Shedinja.

General strategies and long-term strategy​
Remember that the odds are stacked against you. On any specific run, you are overwhelmingly likely to lose before battle 49. Don't get discouraged if you lose several times at low numbers. It will happen. I've lost on battle 1 several times, and I'm pretty sure that just about everyone who's gone after the Gold print has as well. Hax happens. Sooner or later you'll have the perfect run and get your gold print, even if it takes hundreds of hours.
With that out of the way, let's talk general strategies. While the specifics differ every round, you'll usually want to not lead with your best Pokemon, and favor fast but frail Pokemon over slow, bulky ones. At the start of every round, keep in mind what you want your team to eventually look like, not necessarily in terms of species or sets, but in favor of archetypes you're fairly certain that you're likely to have the opportunity to trade for. For instance, if you receive a Magneton in your round 2 draft, you might think "Mag + Water + anti-grass". This'll help with choosing better sets to trade for. Additionally, in rounds where you've decided to trade every battle for the sake of receiving elevations, you usually want to designate a teamslot to repeatedly trade away (nicknamed the 'churn slot' by average fella). This can be either your lead slot or one of your backup slots.

Now, long-term strategy. There are a few spots in level 50 that feature large difficulty spikes, so the aim is to trade as much as possible to increase the chances of surviving this. The hardest points of any level 50 run are: Battle 7, Battle 14, Battle 21, and the entirety of Round 5. The difficulty spike on the last battles of the first 3 rounds is simple enough to explain: You're fighting Pokemon that far outclass what you naturally have access to in terms of stats and moves. Fortunately, Battles 7 and 14 take place with bad AI, so it's likely that the AI will just make stupid moves, letting you win. However, if the AI randomly selects effective moves, you're in for a VERY rough time.
Round 5's difficulty spike, on the other hand, comes from a multitude of factors. First off, elevations are no longer so much more powerful than what the enemies will be using (for example, Surf Lumineon when the average enemy is using STABs between 50 and 60 BP). Secondly, the sets that you naturally receive in round 5 (set 2 of fully evolved Pokemon) are usually gimmicky, unreliable, or too specialized. Thirdly, round 5 is when Smart AI kicks in full-force, so you can't just hope the AI picks bad moves. All this combines to form a massive roadblock that relies on you getting a good draft or getting trade options with reliable moves that you're lucky enough to beat.

Because of this, the commonly accepted 'best' long-term strategy for level 50 is:
-Trade every battle during rounds 1 and 2 to get two elevations, which gives you better odds at round 3 Thorton. Since the first two rounds can be lost with little consequence, there is no downside to trading every battle during these rounds.
-Trade after every battle during round 3, keeping your two best mons from the draft in your party. I like to have my churn slot be in the lead position by default so that I can counter-team Thorton's lead.
-Trade after every battle during round 4, since it's your last chance and round 5 is way likelier to go favorably with four elevations to choose from.
-Trade only to improve your team during round 5. Trading after every battle here is likely to get you to lose to something stupid and completely preventable.
-Before going into round 6, look at the number of trades you have in the record-keeping PC. Keep this in mind that 35 trades will give you an elevation in round 7. Since elevations in round 7 are of dubious worth (Set4's are consistently great, but only having one guaranteed to choose from may cause your draft to vary wildly in quality), keep track of how many trades you'll need to do to get to 35, and trade accordingly to either stay under or hit the 35-trades benchmark. Aside from this, trade mainly to improve your team, although with four set4 mons to choose from, round 6 drafts are usually high-quality.
-Since elevations do not matter in round 8 and onwards, trade only to improve team quality in round 7 and later.

If you're having trouble and find yourself losing in the early rounds of the factory, you could try this strategy instead:
-Trade after every battle in rounds 1 and 2, since losing in these rounds is of little consequence.
-In round 3, trade mainly to improve your team to give yourself a better shot against Thorton.
-In round 4, look at your current trades, and try to hit 21 trades by the end of the round or, if you're confident enough, trade every battle.
-In round 5 and onwards, trade only to improve your team.
This strategy is better to help learn decision-making in Level 50 factory, although missing out on an elevation in rounds 5 and 6 hurts a lot.

Round-specific teambuilding strategies​
Round 1 is unique due to the fact that everything's stats are so low that EV investment will make up a significant portion of something's offensive power or bulk. Losing here is of so little consequence and the round so monotonous if you're familiar enough with the pool of sets that you can play it inebriated, while multitasking, and without access to a set database.
Generally you'll want to lead with your best attacker here (Such as Minun, Magby, or a Bug/Flying) in interest of faster battles. The main pokemon archetypes you'll want to watch out for here are Rock/Ground, Bug/Flying, and strong Electric special attackers. You have full team preview during this round so you'll know if a threat to your team is coming up.
Also there's nothing wrong with resetting at the round 1 draft if you want to try again for better sets, since you aren't losing any progress.

The round 2 trading strategy in the battle factory differs completely from round 1 strategy. This is due to the fact that you will, 90% of the time, have exactly one mon that is so much better than the rest of your team that your "team" should be built around supporting that one mon.
While round 1 focuses mainly on getting the best pokemon available and keeping them throughout the round regardless of how badly they synergize and round 3 focuses on elevations mainly, round 2 highly rewards two-mon cores. These two-mon cores usually feature one mon as the main (usually your elevation) and one as the backup (a non-elevation that you either found in the draft or traded for and kept). These two-mon cores favor defensive synergy over offensive synergy. Two-mon cores should have a mon capable of beating pokemon of every type or common type combinations (like rock/ground or normal/flying), but it is fine if one mon doesn't resist a type the other is weak to. The mons themselves should also be capable of holding their own, unless the main mon is so vastly strong by round 2 standards (like Electabuzz2) that the backup is only needed to patch specific holes. Examples of strong two-mon cores include:
Note that while two-mon cores mainly apply if you have a useful elevation, it's possible that your elevation will have bad moves (as in Raticate) or stats unsuited to speedy battles (as in Dusclops). In these cases, there is nothing wrong with simply using a team that focuses on a two-mon core that does not include your elevation.
Since it's possible to face (and thus trade for) round 2 sets as enemies in round 3, it's not unlikely that you will be using a round 2 set against battle 21 Thorton, and thus some sets will acknowledge that fact.

Round 3, strategy, as mentioned above, focuses on elevations. Battle 21 is incredibly difficult to do without any elevations, and sometimes Thorton will pick a team that you just cannot win against. At the round 3 draft, you want to look at your elevations and think long and hard "Is this mon likely to pitch in majorly against Thorton?" If the answer is no for one of them, you have to look at your other mons and ask that question again. Once you find two mons that you can say yes to, you have to pick the two best mons in your draft, and keep them throughout the whole set. It is very likely that these mons will not have good synergy with each other, and you will have to deal with it. Any time you want to replace one of the two mons you found on your draft, you ask yourself "Is this more likely to help me against Thorton than the mon I'm throwing away?" If the answer is no, you don't replace that mon. Round 3 is tough, and a lot of the time you will find yourself with a choice of set1s you are forced to choose one of against Thorton. In that case, you either pick something you know can counter his lead, or you pick the mon that's most likely to get off an attack.

Never get discouraged if you keep losing on round 3, especially against Silver print Thorton. This round is by far the most luck-dependent thing you'll face in the early parts of factory, and I'd estimate somewhere between a 40%-60% success rate for each individual run here (as opposed to success rates in the 80-90% range for rounds 1, 2, and 4).

Round 4 trading strategy is similar to round 1 trading strategy. At this point, elevations stop being special, so don't feel obligated to keep them throughout the whole round.
Round 5 and onwards trading strategy is self-explanatory: You trade for fast, strong mons as your first choice, bulky, strong mons as your second choice, and avoid gimmicks wherever possible.

Guide to individual sets in the first round:​
Inspired by Glen's list for fully evolved pokemon that can be found here.
105 | Aipom | Adamant | Silk Scarf | Double Hit | U-turn | Thunder Wave | Fake Out | Atk/Spe
Solid. Best used as a lead. Not too shabby in round 2, either.

104 | Anorith | Adamant | Metronome | Fury Cutter | Rock Blast | Metal Claw | Protect | Atk/Spe
Incredibly unreliable. Don't use this, but be wary of its occasional 4+ hit rock blasts.

130 | Ariados | Adamant | SilverPowder | Bug Bite | Toxic | Shadow Sneak | Spider Web | HP/Atk
I've never used this - it seems too slow and vulnerable to all the Rock Tomb/AncientPowers and Aerial Ace/Air Cutters. Bad moves, as well.

74 | Aron | Impish | Metal Coat | Metal Claw | Rock Tomb | Iron Defense | Protect | Atk/Def
The defensive typing makes it usable, but definitely one of the worst steels in round 1.

150 | Azumarill | Quiet | Pecha Berry | BubbleBeam | Rollout | Defense Curl | Tail Whip | SpA/SpD
Only use it if every other swap option is completely unusable.

38 | Bagon | Naughty | Dragon Fang | DragonBreath | Headbutt | Brick Break | Scary Face | Atk/Def
Slow and specially frail, doesn't hit too hard either. Pass it up if better options are available.

36 | Baltoy | Modest | Twisted Spoon | Psybeam | Mud-Slap | AncientPower | Light Screen | SpA/SpD
On paper this seems legit. I haven't used this, but I wouldn't say it's garbage tier.

125 | Beautifly | Modest | SilverPowder | Silver Wind | Air Cutter | Mega Drain | Attract | SpA/Spe
Amazing lead. This is the best of the 3 Bug/Flyings thanks to its ability to OHKO the fearsome Rock/Grounds with Mega Drain and speed and power right off the bat. It's on the slower end of the speed-invested mons however, so be wary.

121 | Beedrill | Jolly | Scope Lens | Twineedle | Toxic | Assurance | Agility | Atk/SpD

19 | Bidoof | Adamant | Silk Scarf | Headbutt | Pluck | Growl | Yawn | HP/Atk
go back to being an HM slave

25 | Bonsly | Adamant | Rock Incense | Rock Slide | Low Kick | Copycat | Sandstorm | Atk/Def
A decidedly average set. The strong Rock Slides and solid typing/physical bulk keeps it far away from being the worst, but the lack of coverage and speed means you can do much better.

39 | Bronzor | Brave | Odd Incense | Confusion | Gyro Ball | AncientPower | Imprison | Atk/SpA
Don't use Gyro Ball. Competes with Aron for the title of worst round 1 Steel.

22 | Budew | Calm | Big Root | Mega Drain | Toxic | Growth | Worry Seed | SpA/SpD
Now we get into the garbage round 1 sets. Never use these except as death fodder.

77 | Buizel | Jolly | Wave Incense | Aqua Jet | Quick Attack | Pursuit | Growl | Atk/Spe
Too frail and too weak. The speed EVs mean nothing when you only have priority moves.

1 | Bulbasaur | Modest | Brightpowder | Magical Leaf | Toxic | Leech Seed | Sweet Scent | SpA/SpD
A bad round 1 Grass. In the same boat as Azumarill.

99 | Buneary | Adamant | Black Belt | Dizzy Punch | Drain Punch | Quick Attack | Foresight | Atk/Spe
This set is done better by other round 1 mons.

15 | Burmy | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Bug Bite | Tackle | Snore | Protect | HP/Atk

120 | Butterfree | Modest | Pecha Berry | Silver Wind | Air Cutter | Psybeam | Tailwind | SpA/SpD
All of the Bug/Flyings are amazing leads in round 1. Butterfree boasts impressive team support and Special bulk as its draws, but lacks in the Speed department.

83 | Cacnea | Adamant | Aspear Berry | Needle Arm | Faint Attack | Cotton Spore | GrassWhistle | HP/Atk
you could do worse, i guess

45 | Carvanha | Adamant | Cheri Berry | Aqua Jet | Bite | Scary Face | Swagger | HP/Atk
see: buizel

135 | Castform | Timid | Persim Berry | Weather Ball | Sunny Day | Rain Dance | Hail | SpA/Spe
If you ever get a free turn, you WILL sweep their team. Solid stats too, for round 1.

2 | Charmander | Adamant | Scope Lens | Fire Fang | Metal Claw | SmokeScreen | Scary Face | Atk/Spe
Worth using if the foe has a really scary mon that's weak to fire, but otherwise best used as death fodder

141 | Chatot | Calm | Persim Berry | Chatter | Swift | Sing | Mirror Move | SpD/Spe
TIL this thing doesn't have spa EVs. Shows you how high Chatot's attack is that it can do that much damage uninvested. Definitely worth using.

21 | Cherubi | Modest | Rose Incense | Magical Leaf | Toxic | Leech Seed | Helping Hand | SpA/SpD
A worse Bulbasaur. And factory bulbasaur isn't even good in the first place

4 | Chikorita | Adamant | Lax Incense | Bullet Seed | Secret Power | Growl | Light Screen | HP/Atk
bullet seed is 10 BP in gen 4. Keep that in mind whenever you use this

11 | Chimchar | Adamant | Passho Berry | Flame Wheel | Facade | Leer | Fake Out | Atk/Spe
Probably the second best Fire mon in round 1. Pity that Fire is a terrible type in round 1 Factory.

69 | Chinchou | Modest | Magnet | Shock Wave | BubbleBeam | Icy Wind | Thunder Wave | HP/SpA
The unquestionably best bulky Water in round 1, even with Illuminate. Solid stats paired with a moveset that leaves nothing wasted. Always pick this guy if it shows up.

23 | Chingling | Modest | Twisted Spoon | Confusion | Swift | Disable | Growl | SpA/SpD
i used this thing once (as a trade slot) and was surprised at how much damage it was doing

92 | Clamperl | Bold | DeepSeaScale | Whirlpool | Toxic | Iron Defense | Protect | HP/Def

58 | Clefairy | Adamant | Brightpowder | Wake-Up Slap | Follow Me | Encore | Sing | HP/Atk
annoying to play against, never ever use this

18 | Combee | Serious | SilverPowder | Bug Bite | Gust | Ominous Wind | Sweet Scent | Atk/SpA/Spe
i forgot there was a bug/flying in round 1 factory that not only isn't god tier, but is absolute trash

47 | Corphish | Brave | Pecha Berry | BubbleBeam | ViceGrip | Knock Off | Swagger | HP/SpA
a lot of the time you can tell whether something is good in round 1 factory by its moveset. this is one of those mons. don't use corphish

115 | Corsola | Modest | Focus Band | BubbleBeam | AncientPower | Mirror Coat | Barrier | SpA/SpD
Competes with Chinchou for a team slot, but falls behind due to the latter's amazing moves

97 | Cranidos | Careful | Rock Incense | Rock Tomb | Pursuit | Scary Face | Leer | Def/SpD
what were they thinking

41 | Croagunk | Adamant | Black Sludge | Poison Jab | Wake-Up Slap | Taunt | Swagger | HP/Atk
even with the hp EVs, you aren't surviving anything. those high BP moves mean nothing if you never get to use them, and you probably aren't

55 | Cubone | Adamant | Soft Sand | Bone Club | Headbutt | Brick Break | Leer | Atk/Def
shouldn't be too bad, has high BP moves and solid physical bulk.

5 | Cyndaquil | Adamant | Quick Claw | Flame Wheel | Double Kick | Swift | SmokeScreen | Atk/SpD
fire is a terrible type in round 1, and cyndaquil is a terrible fire

116 | Delcatty | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Secret Power | Faint Attack | Fake Out | Foresight | HP/Atk
This. This thing. If it's Cute Charm, lead with it and never look back. If it's Normalize, lead with it anyway and just remember that your teammates have to hit ghosts. Seriously, this is god tier if it's not normalize, and still solid if it is. Hell, it's even viable in round 2.

71 | Delibird | Adamant | NeverMeltIce | Present | Ice Ball | Aerial Ace | Hail | Atk/Spe
Only bother with this if it's Hustle. Even then, there are better fliers.

48 | Doduo | Jolly | Liechi Berry | Aerial Ace | Quick Attack | Faint Attack | Acupressure | Atk/Spe
Solid flier, second only to Murkrow and Staravia.

32 | Dratini | Modest | Cheri Berry | Twister | Water Pulse | Thunder Wave | Supersonic | SpA/SpD
don't even bother

94 | Drifloon | Modest | Petaya Berry | Ominous Wind | Air Cutter | Icy Wind | Will-O-Wisp | HP/SpA
it's like a weird combination of a bug/flying, murkrow, and chinchou. all of these combine to make a solid round 1 mon.

66 | Drowzee | Modest | Rawst Berry | Psybeam | Assist | Disable | Barrier | SpA/SpD
slow and has bad coverage

109 | Dunsparce | Adamant | Razor Claw | Headbutt | Bite | Spite | Glare | HP/Atk
A solid substitute for Delcatty. It's still slow, but that bulk though

27 | Duskull | Adamant | Spell Tag | Shadow Sneak | Pain Split | Will-O-Wisp | Confuse Ray | Def/SpD
annoying to play against, even more annoying to use

126 | Dustox | Modest | SilverPowder | Silver Wind | Toxic | Psybeam | Whirlwind | SpA/SpD
i mean, it's not terrible. i forget if i've ever used this, but it can't be that bad

64 | Eevee | Jolly | Salac Berry | Take Down | Bite | Flail | Endure | Atk/Spe
This is the only viable non-weather setup sweeper in round 1. Always take it, because even if you aren't getting set up and even if it's run away, STAB take down will do a lot of damage.

106 | Elekid | Jolly | Cheri Berry | ThunderPunch | Karate Chop | Quick Attack | Light Screen | Atk/Spe
Solid, but one of the weaker round 1 electrics thanks to its lack of bulk.

63 | Exeggcute | Modest | Odd Incense | Confusion | Grass Knot | Leech Seed | Light Screen | Def/SpA
terrible stats, bad moves

100 | Farfetch'd | Adamant | Stick | Slash | Air Cutter | Knock Off | Swords Dance | Atk/SpD
it's okay i guess. there's better fliers though

80 | Finneon | Modest | Wave Incense | Water Pulse | Silver Wind | Attract | Aqua Ring | SpA/SpD

112 | Flaaffy | Modest | Light Clay | Shock Wave | Swift | Thunder Wave | Light Screen | HP/SpA
amazing round 1 glue, thanks to light screen and thunder wave it can play the support role while its stats and typing allows it to be a great attacker. most rock/grounds aren't surviving 2 swifts either.

31 | Geodude | Adamant | Focus Band | Magnitude | Rock Blast | Strength | Protect | Atk/Def
I'd pass on this. It's extremely unreliable and folds to any special attack instantly.

40 | Gible | Adamant | Soft Sand | Dragon Rage | Sand Tomb | Metal Claw | Sandstorm | HP/Atk
bad stats, and its moves don't even match its EVs

50 | Glameow | Jolly | Razor Claw | Fury Swipes | Fake Out | Faint Attack | Attract | Atk/Spe
unreliable is the word of the day in round 1 factory

133 | Gloom | Modest | Miracle Seed | Mega Drain | Acid | Stun Spore | Moonlight | HP/SpA
previous comment retracted. this thing is so solid. it will never die to any resisted hits as you can recover the damage off. its moveset lets it play support. the lack of power isn't an issue given, you know, reliable recovery and solid bulk.

56 | Goldeen | Modest | Petaya Berry | Water Pulse | Psybeam | Supersonic | Rain Dance | Def/SpA
you aren't gorebyss

128 | Graveler | Adamant | Focus Band | Magnitude | Rock Tomb | Stealth Rock | Defense Curl | Atk/Def
now this is a mon. ignore the last 2 moves. who gives a fuck if its attacks can't do consistent damage, it's not dying to any flying or normal attack ever.

61 | Grimer | Adamant | Black Sludge | Toxic | Shadow Sneak | Acid Armor | Minimize | HP/Atk
spare yourself the torture and pass this up

96 | Growlithe | Adamant | Charcoal | Fire Fang | Bite | Roar | Agility | HP/Atk
this fire can actually play a decent role thanks to intimidate dialing back the power of the foe's threats. shines a lot in battle 7 if the foe is bringing physical mons.

14 | Happiny | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Present | Sweet Kiss | Copycat | Charm | HP/Def
happiny will never be good in any format ever

142 | Haunter | Timid | Persim Berry | Night Shade | Toxic | Confuse Ray | Grudge | SpA/Spe
this is actually really sad. you've got a mon with amazing stats, an amazing EV spread, an amazing round1 typing/ability, a solid round1 item, and..... its moves are useless. it can't even use its SpA EVs. it can't do anything other than annoy you. poor factory haunter

78 | Hippopotas | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Dig | Rock Tomb | Sand Tomb | Yawn | HP/Atk
hippopotas will remind you how hard dig hits for. pretend sand tomb doesn't exist. yawn is amazing in battle 7.

72 | Houndour | Adamant | Charcoal | Fire Fang | Bite | Roar | Will-O-Wisp | Atk/Spe
not the worst combination of stats and moves, but it's a round 1 fire type

137 | Illumise | Timid | Petaya Berry | Silver Wind | Swift | Wish | Helping Hand | SpA/Spe
And now you've got, what I believe to be a solid contender for top 3 round1 mons. Even with a wasted moveslot, Illumise will never let you down. And that's not even taking into consideration that this can have Tinted Lens, so that you can ohko Doduo. Petaya is a treat as well. Stick with Illumise if you ever get it.

102 | Kabuto | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Aqua Jet | Rock Tomb | Knock Off | Metal Sound | Atk/Def
weak, slow, and frail. pretty much like half the pool in round 1.

84 | Koffing | Modest | Poison Barb | Sludge | Psybeam | SmokeScreen | Spite | Def/SpA
it'll annoy you, but won't do much else

62 | Krabby | Quiet | Pecha Berry | BubbleBeam | ViceGrip | Leer | Protect | Def/SpA
corphish but even sadder, since they didn't even bother patching up its pathetic special defense

13 | Kricketot | Relaxed | Liechi Berry | Bug Bite | Bide | Mud-Slap | Growl | HP/Def/SpD
i don't understand. why is this in the round 1 pool when kricketune also is

119 | Kricketune | Adamant | Metronome | Fury Cutter | Rock Smash | Knock Off | Focus Energy | HP/Atk
still garbage

35 | Larvitar | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Rock Slide | Dig | Bite | Scary Face | HP/Atk
bad stats salvaged by top-tier moves and typing

129 | Ledian | Timid | Razor Claw | Silver Wind | Air Cutter | Agility | Baton Pass | SpA/SpD
the worst round 1 bug/flying(combee doesn't exist). lacks the speed of beautifly and yanma, and lacks the raw power of butterfree. i mean you can try BPing speed or a silver wind boost, that's always a laugh. still top tier though

124 | Lickitung | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Secret Power | Rock Tomb | Lick | Screech | HP/Atk
with full attack investment, an adamant nature, and a 70 BP stab, you'd think this would do 75% at worst to everything. nope. lickitung is actually kinda weak, failing to 2hko some stuff. but that doesn't matter, lickitung is retardedly bulky(even by round 3 standards it would have good bulk) and will remind you that secret power has body slam's paralysis chance. high tier mon, but makes your battles take way longer than they should

103 | Lileep | Calm | Lax Incense | AncientPower | Grass Knot | Ingrain | Confuse Ray | HP/Def/SpD
interesting typing for round 1. unfortunately makes it weak to bug and neutral to flying, and its stats are nothing to write home about either. as for moves, forget all of them but ancientpower.

87 | Lombre | Quiet | Damp Rock | Water Pulse | Mega Drain | Fake Out | Rain Dance | SpA/SpD
you see, this is how you do an offensive grass in round 1. plays more like a water type that isn't weak to electric, which works more in its favor. still super slow even with swift swim though, so you'll have to rely on its natural special bulk and raw power under the rain

107 | Loudred | Adamant | Persim Berry | Stomp | Bite | Howl | Supersonic | HP/Atk
i don't understand

76 | Luvdisc | Timid | Damp Rock | Water Pulse | Attract | Sweet Kiss | Rain Dance | SpA/Spe
as far as offensive waters go, you could do worse. just be super wary of this thing if your opponents have it, because it will hax you a lot and survive longer than it should thanks to its deceptive bulk

43 | Machop | Adamant | Scope Lens | Karate Chop | Rock Tomb | Foresight | Scary Face | HP/Atk
forget this thing exists

113 | Magby | Adamant | Pecha Berry | Fire Punch | Mach Punch | Leer | SmokeScreen | Atk/Spe
the best fire in round 1. this thing will make you forget that round 1 fire is a terrible typing. still needs to be wary of rock/grounds though, mach punch fails to 3hko graveler and onix

59 | Magnemite | Bold | Rawst Berry | Shock Wave | Mirror Shot | Metal Sound | Reflect | Def/SpA
terrifying stats, the best defensive typing in round 1, and solid moves combine to make this beast. its only flaw is its low speed, which is killer in round 1. still worth using if minun isn't available

93 | Mantyke | Hardy | Mystic Water | BubbleBeam | Aerial Ace | Icy Wind | Agility | SpA/SpD
another solid offensive water. aerial ace isn't even half bad since the likes of roselia and bulbasaur have crap physdef. even gets agility to patch up its speed. pity about the lack of HP though

118 | Mawile | Impish | Brightpowder | Iron Head | Bite | Tickle | Iron Defense | HP/Def
Every steel in round 1 except Aron will remind you why steels are never available early game in the story mode - they just never die. the AI has nothing to dent this beast, especially if it's intimidate. Iron Head's 80 BP more than makes up for the lack of investment. And its plethora of resistances can carry you through battle 7.

51 | Mime Jr. | Bold | Lax Incense | Copycat | Confusion | Barrier | Light Screen | SpA/SpD
skip this

147 | Minun | Timid | Salac Berry | Shock Wave | Swift | Encore | Helping Hand | SpA/Spe
Ah, Minun. My favorite mon in round 1, and I think it's the best, for one simple reason. Encore. You see, in early game factory, the AI selects moves completely at random. This means that Minun can lock a hugely damaging threat into a useless move, and everything you face in round 1 will have at least one useless move. Minun is also the fastest thing in round 1 (aside from a speed boost yanma), so it WILL go first. Its bulk is solid by round 1 standards, and it deals respectable damage as well. This is, bar none, the best electric in round 1, and round 1 has a LOT of good electrics.

9 | Mudkip | Modest | Mystic Water | Water Pulse | Icy Wind | Mud-Slap | Growl | HP/SpA
shouldn't have pressed b

132 | Munchlax | Relaxed | Sitrus Berry | Metronome | Recycle | Stockpile | Swallow | Def/SpD
whenever i see munchlax i always groan, because i know it's going to take a super long time to whittle it down and there's nothing i can do about it. metronome is terrifying in the AI's hands as well.

144 | Murkrow | Jolly | BlackGlasses | Faint Attack | Wing Attack | Torment | Taunt | Atk/Spe
outspeeds nearly everything, has a boosting item combined with 60 BP attack, and solid attack to back it up? sign me up

57 | Natu | Timid | Twisted Spoon | Night Shade | Air Cutter | Ominous Wind | Future Sight | SpA/Spe
borderline usable

110 | Nidorina | Adamant | Poison Barb | Poison Fang | Double Kick | Bite | Flatter | HP/Atk
i mean, at least it has STAB

111 | Nidorino | Adamant | Focus Band | Toxic | Double Kick | Facade | Flatter | HP/Atk
poor thing

114 | Nosepass | Modest | Hard Stone | AncientPower | Shock Wave | Thunder Wave | Sandstorm | Def/SpA
decidedly average set and mon. differs from other rocks in that it hits on the special side (and has a nice support move in thunder wave)

46 | Numel | Serious | Lax Incense | Magnitude | Ember | Rock Tomb | Sandstorm | Atk/SpA
despite the nature, this set definitely isn't

88 | Nuzleaf | Adamant | Aspear Berry | Razor Leaf | Faint Attack | Swagger | Harden | HP/Atk
better grasses, and better darks.

53 | Oddish | Bold | Rose Incense | Mega Drain | Acid | Sweet Scent | Moonlight | SpA/SpD
a mediocre version of Gloom. a worse stat spread, a weaker support move (sweet scent instead of stun spore), and worse base stats. still usable though

101 | Omanyte | Bold | Pecha Berry | AncientPower | Water Gun | Mud Shot | Protect | Def/SpA
you could do worse, i guess

123 | Onix | Adamant | Hard Stone | Rock Slide | Dig | Screech | Sandstorm | Atk/Def
Onix sets the gold standard for Rocks in round 1. High BP moves, a boosting item, and super-high Defense. Also it's pretty fast even uninvested, so watch out

148 | Pachirisu | Jolly | Magnet | Spark | Quick Attack | Bite | Sweet Kiss | Atk/Spe
Weak, but fast and bulky. I'd rather have Elekid though

140 | Parasect | Jolly | Aspear Berry | Bug Bite | Grass Knot | Scratch | Stun Spore | SpD/Spe
why would you ever use this

73 | Phanpy | Adamant | Metronome | Rollout | Rock Tomb | Defense Curl | Sandstorm | HP/Atk
no stab and no speed. i don't get what they were going for here.

95 | Pidgeotto | Adamant | Rawst Berry | Wing Attack | Quick Attack | FeatherDance | Mirror Move | Atk/Spe
strictly worse than doduo, but good.

29 | Pikachu | Modest | Sitrus Berry | ThunderShock | Swift | Thunder Wave | Double Team | SpA/Spe
stick to minun

12 | Piplup | Bashful | Rindo Berry | BubbleBeam | Aerial Ace | Growl | Supersonic | Atk/SpA

146 | Plusle | Timid | Petaya Berry | Shock Wave | Swift | Fake Tears | Helping Hand | SpA/Spe
holy shit this is amazing, but it's still not minun. hits harder than minun, but lacks that extra bit of bulk, and of course no encore

122 | Poliwhirl | Quirky | Liechi Berry | BubbleBeam | DoubleSlap | Mist | Rain Dance | Atk/SpA
quirky indeed

149 | Ponyta | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Flame Wheel | Stomp | Will-O-Wisp | Tail Whip | Atk/Spe
you know the drill with round 1 fires at this point.

134 | Porygon | Modest | Persim Berry | Swift | Psybeam | Icy Wind | Recycle | HP/SpA
it's like delcatty in a way. an already amazing pokemon with an ability that makes it even more amazing, but getting the bad ability doesn't stop it from being good.

54 | Psyduck | Modest | Chesto Berry | Water Gun | Confusion | Water Sport | Disable | HP/SpA

34 | Remoraid | Modest | Petaya Berry | BubbleBeam | Aurora Beam | Mud-Slap | Supersonic | SpA/Spe
never used this, but i wouldn't put it in garbage tier. sure it's frail, isn't too fast, and has meh moves but it still hits fairly hard

91 | Rhyhorn | Adamant | Persim Berry | Dig | Rock Blast | Scary Face | Tail Whip | HP/Atk/Def
like onix, but loses its consistent rock damage for even more bulk and attack power

24 | Riolu | Adamant | Expert Belt | Brick Break | Bullet Punch | Foresight | Counter | Atk/Spe
see: croagunk. this will rarely survive long enough to use a move.

138 | Roselia | Modest | Black Sludge | Mega Drain | Toxic | GrassWhistle | Cotton Spore | SpA/SpD
stay away from this

117 | Sableye | Impish | BlackGlasses | Faint Attack | Shadow Sneak | Fake Out | Detect | Atk/Def
Actually, this is a more accurate comparison to Delcatty than Porygon. The difference here is, Stall vs Keen Eye actually doesn't make too much of a difference because half the time Sableye will be using a priority move, and the other half it would be moving last anyway because you have base 50 speed uninvested. Sableye's typing is the key to its success here, as most mons in round 1 have Normal attacks. The Rock/Grounds will also be using Dig, so Protect comes into play for that instead.

30 | Sandshrew | Adamant | Soft Sand | Dig | Rock Tomb | Sandstorm | Sand-Attack | Atk/Def
bad stats

60 | Seel | Adamant | Aspear Berry | Aqua Jet | Ice Shard | Fake Out | Encore | Atk/SpD
pathetically weak

16 | Shedinja | Adamant | Lax Incense | Shadow Sneak | Fury Cutter | Confuse Ray | Sand-Attack | Atk/Spe
half the time you're facing down a Rock with this thing, and the other half you'd be better off using something else to beat their normals

65 | Shellos | Bold | Lax Incense | Water Pulse | Mud-Slap | Icy Wind | Harden | HP/SpA
literally mudkip but with slightly better stats

98 | Shieldon | Sassy | Focus Band | Iron Head | Rock Tomb | Swagger | Iron Defense | Atk/Def
It's a steel type. You know it's good.

20 | Shinx | Adamant | King's Rock | Thunder Fang | Bite | Howl | Leer | HP/Atk
similar to growlithe. useful for intimidate instead of the mon itself.

26 | Shuppet | Adamant | Spell Tag | Shadow Sneak | Knock Off | Will-O-Wisp | Grudge | HP/Atk
don't torture yourself by using this

86 | Skiploom | Hardy | Big Root | Mega Drain | Aerial Ace | Confusion | Cotton Spore | Atk/SpA
stay away from this

79 | Skorupi | Impish | Poison Barb | Poison Fang | Bug Bite | Bite | Toxic Spikes | Atk/Def
this is kinda bad as well

52 | Slowpoke | Modest | Cheri Berry | Water Pulse | Confusion | Disable | Yawn | HP/SpA
okay at support, but you really wanna make the battles take less time, not more

44 | Smoochum | Mild | Brightpowder | Confusion | Icy Wind | Fake Out | Sweet Kiss | SpA/Spe
don't be fooled by its low power moves, this thing pulls its weight. except against physical attackers, then it just dies instantly

37 | Snorunt | Adamant | King's Rock | Ice Fang | Headbutt | Bite | Protect | HP/Atk
would be okay if everything didn't hit it SE

81 | Snover | Adamant | NeverMeltIce | Ice Punch | Razor Leaf | GrassWhistle | Ingrain | HP/Atk
too slow to utilize its amazing moveset

33 | Snubbull | Adamant | Razor Claw | Headbutt | Bite | Swagger | Scary Face | HP/Atk
one of the better intimidators, because of Headbutt giving it some punch

108 | Spinda | Adamant | Silk Scarf | Dizzy Punch | Drain Punch | Faint Attack | Teeter Dance | HP/Atk
Never be fooled by whatever misconceptions you had about a poke before using it. Spinda is a solid alternative to Delcatty, boasting a stronger STAB and better coverage. Its bulk is solid, and it can even break Steels with Drain Punch. Also Own Tempo comes into play a lot blocking random Supersonics.

75 | Spoink | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Psywave | Swift | Magic Coat | Confuse Ray | SpA/SpD
psywave? that's cute

3 | Squirtle | Adamant | Sea Incense | Aqua Jet | Bite | Withdraw | Protect | HP/Atk
weak and slow.

90 | Staravia | Adamant | Sharp Beak | Endeavor | Wing Attack | Quick Attack | Whirlwind | Atk/Spe
has intimidate and is kinda speedy, also really strong moves. give it a whirl if you get it

17 | Starly | Adamant | Sharp Beak | Wing Attack | Quick Attack | Endeavor | Growl | Atk/Spe
slow, frail, no intimidate. not the worst

85 | Staryu | Timid | Cheri Berry | BubbleBeam | Twister | Swift | Light Screen | SpA/Spe
competes with Mantyke for an offensive water. Staryu is naturally fast and can hit opposing waters, but is somewhat frail.

67 | Stunky | Adamant | BlackGlasses | Pursuit | Toxic | Slash | SmokeScreen | Atk/Spe
that's the smell of a bad set

49 | Swablu | Modest | Mental Herb | Air Cutter | Swift | Mirror Move | Attract | SpA/SpD

70 | Teddiursa | Impish | Chesto Berry | Secret Power | Faint Attack | Attract | Rest | HP/Atk
i've rarely used this, but on paper it seems like a cool normal. problem is its bulk is a bit low so it can't make use of chesto rest very well

82 | Tentacool | Modest | Cheri Berry | BubbleBeam | Acid | Supersonic | Barrier | SpA/SpD
stop giving me flashbacks to RSE

143 | Togetic | Calm | Chesto Berry | Air Cutter | Swift | Magical Leaf | Wish | SpA/SpD
amazing as a team support. differs from illumise in that it's slow and bulky with good coverage.

8 | Torchic | Hardy | Charcoal | Ember | Mirror Move | Mud-Slap | Double Team | Atk/SpA
You can tell by the moves alone that this is useless.

6 | Totodile | Adamant | Razor Claw | Dive | Slash | Screech | Scary Face | Atk/Def
I've never used this. I mean, it should do pretty well, since Dive is like 80 BP or something and that's absolutely bonkers for round 1. Problem is, it's slow and specially frail.

7 | Treecko | Timid | Miracle Seed | Mega Drain | Swift | Flash | Double Team | SpA/Spe
you know the drill

10 | Turtwig | Adamant | Occa Berry | Razor Leaf | Bite | Tickle | Withdraw | HP/Atk
decent enough if it's in the trade slot or if you want to counterteam, but don't stick with it

42 | Venonat | Relaxed | SilverPowder | Bug Bite | PoisonPowder | Psybeam | Supersonic | HP/SpA
conflicting moves and EVs tells you that they didn't even know what they were going for when they made this

89 | Vibrava | Modest | Aspear Berry | DragonBreath | Mud-Slap | Ominous Wind | Supersonic | SpA/Spe
the sole viable user of dragon stab in round 1, which isn't as good as it sounds. also it's incredibly frail and lacks real use outside of its typing and dragonbreath

136 | Volbeat | Jolly | Liechi Berry | U-turn | Quick Attack | Confuse Ray | Helping Hand | Atk/Spe
while it hits harder than illumise, it's strictly inferior thanks to u-turn slowing down battles in round 1 and a worse normal move. also no wish. also it can't even abuse liechi at all

68 | Voltorb | Modest | Petaya Berry | Shock Wave | Swift | Thunder Wave | Light Screen | SpA/Spe
surprisingly bulky. it doesn't hit very hard however so watch out for that.

28 | Vulpix | Calm | Brightpowder | Ember | Swift | Will-O-Wisp | Confuse Ray | SpA/SpD
a terrible fire, even by round 1 fire standards

139 | Wailmer | Modest | Sea Incense | Water Pulse | Icy Wind | Roar | Mist | SpA/Spe
absolutely incredible. only issue is that when it takes a hit, you will have to sit there watching its HP bar take 10 seconds to drain

127 | Weepinbell | Quiet | Scope Lens | Razor Leaf | Acid | Wrap | Sweet Scent | Atk/SpA
never used this, don't think i ever will

145 | Wobbuffet | Jolly | Focus Band | Counter | Mirror Coat | Charm | Splash | Def/SpD/Spe
okay, i guess. becomes exponentially better if paired with a wish user. unfortunately, the nature of wobbuffet means that you will take forever to win battles, assuming that the AI even wants to attack into you.

131 | Yanma | Timid | Lax Incense | Silver Wind | Air Cutter | Double Team | Detect | SpA/Spe
The fastest of the Bug/Flyings. Trades bulk and coverage for speed and a cheeky evasion rate. I consider this to be worse than Butterfree and Beautifly, but which one you will end up using is up to the RNG's whims.

(continued in next post)
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(continued from previous post)
This post covers the sets you'd find in rounds 2 and 3 of the level 50 mode.

194 | Arbok | Adamant | Persim Berry | Poison Fang | Bite | Gastro Acid | Glare | HP/Atk
Generally not useful aside from intimidate or Glare.
294 | Arbok | Docile | Payapa Berry | Sludge Bomb | Mud Bomb | Crunch | Glare | Atk/SpA
An okay elevation to build around, but against Thorton it's probably worse than set 1 due to its frailty.

218 | Banette | Adamant | Rawst Berry | Shadow Sneak | Knock Off | Will-O-Wisp | Spite | HP/Atk
Bad moves, bad stats.
318 | Banette | Adamant | Colbur Berry | Shadow Claw | Faint Attack | Will-O-Wisp | Trick Room | HP/Atk
Not bad as an elevation. If you have a specific team in round 3, it can even pull off support decently well.

154 | Bayleef | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Magical Leaf | AncientPower | Safeguard | Light Screen | HP/SpA
60 BP STAB is the benchmark for being useful in round 2. Bayleef1 is strong in its own right, and can even provide support against Thorton.
254 | Bayleef | Hardy | Chesto Berry | Giga Drain | Body Slam | GrassWhistle | Rest | Def/SpA/SpD
Around equal utility to set 1 when used in round 3, but is probably worse than set 1 as an elevation due to lower Special Attack.

240 | Bellossom | Modest | Petaya Berry | Magical Leaf | Acid | Tickle | Stun Spore | HP/SpA
Generally only useful to plug certain holes.
340 | Bellossom | Modest | Brightpowder | SolarBeam | Sludge Bomb | Sunny Day | Synthesis | HP/SpA
Having to set sun means that battles will take slightly longer (and bellossom isn't the fastest thing in the world even under sun) but holy shit is it strong and bulky.

167 | Bibarel | Docile | Chople Berry | Headbutt | Water Pulse | Quick Attack | Growl | Atk/SpA
Useful due to its water-typing defensively, normal-typing offensively, and decent bulk, even uninvested.
267 | Bibarel | Adamant | Shell Bell | Hyper Fang | Super Fang | Pluck | Attract | HP/Atk
The worse coverage means that this isn't exactly comparable to set 1. One of the worse elevations due to bad moves and horrible coverage, but it has utility against Thorton.

239 | Cacturne | Adamant | Chople Berry | Bullet Seed | Faint Attack | Spikes | Ingrain | HP/Atk
Nearly every round 2 mon can be useful if it beats a mon that threatens your main core. Cacturne is less likely to be useful due to the fact that it basically only has one move.
339 | Cacturne | Modest | Shell Bell | Giga Drain | Dark Pulse | Acid | Cotton Spore | HP/SpA
Really slow and somewhat frail but very strong and Grass coverage is good in round 2 due to all the waters.

225 | Camerupt | Brave | Focus Band | Magnitude | Will-O-Wisp | Rock Tomb | Amnesia | HP/Atk
Lacks Fire STAB, so it's only really good for countering electrics.
325 | Camerupt | Modest | Quick Claw | Earth Power | Eruption | AncientPower | Sandstorm | HP/SpA
Solid bulk and Quick Claw is hilarious but you shouldn't be using Eruption unless it's like Tangela.

211 | Carnivine | Adamant | Miracle Seed | Razor Leaf | Bite | Sweet Scent | Ingrain | HP/Atk
Strong but slow.
311 | Carnivine | Adamant | Occa Berry | Seed Bomb | Wring Out | Crunch | Ingrain | HP/Atk
Stronger but still slow. I feel like I should mention here that generally in round 3, slow mons that aren't particularly bulky is usually bad because most stuff is just frail enough to get OHKO'd by neutral STABs, and as such, assume any slow mon on this list is bad during round 3 unless specified otherwise.

206 | Chansey | Sassy | Sitrus Berry | Metronome | Refresh | Defense Curl | Minimize | HP/SpD
306 | Chansey | Impish | Lucky Punch | Egg Bomb | Focus Punch | Sing | Softboiled | HP/SpD
Chansey2 is generally useful in one situation only: Against Thorton. This set will basically never lose to special attackers, but it'll take a while to win. So use it against Thorton's Alakazam and laugh. Don't bother with it in round 2 since losing and playing through round 1 again will probably take less time than going through all of round 2 with this set.

152 | Charmeleon | Naughty | Razor Claw | Fire Fang | Slash | SmokeScreen | Scary Face | Atk/Spe
Not exceptionally strong and not the best coverage, but is decently fast.
252 | Charmeleon | Bashful | Razor Claw | Flamethrower | Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | SmokeScreen | Atk/Spe
Faster than i gave it credit for. Why does this have attack EVs but a special STAB? Misses the OHKO on a lot of bulky fire-weak stuff (like scyther and carnivine)

174 | Cherrim | Bold | Persim Berry | Magical Leaf | Leech Seed | GrassWhistle | Synthesis | SpD/Spe
Mono-attack, without any special attack EVs to back it up? ew. bulky af tho
274 | Cherrim | Modest | Power Herb | SolarBeam | Leech Seed | Sunny Day | Synthesis | HP/SpA
Manages to get away with mono-attacking grass thanks to having a spammable 120 BP STAB and solid bulk.

185 | Chimecho | Calm | Pecha Berry | Psywave | Icy Wind | Heal Bell | Safeguard | SpA/SpD
Universally terrible, even to plug a psychic weakness.
285 | Chimecho | Quiet | Twisted Spoon | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Hypnosis | Dream Eater | HP/SpA
Even in round 3, it's pretty good thanks to okay bulk and very strong attacks. Don't bother with hypnosis against the bad AI.

237 | Clefable | Bashful | Chesto Berry | Metronome | Double Team | Reflect | Follow Me | Def/SpD
There's a few of these sets in round 1 and 2. Don't use them.
337 | Clefable | Adamant | Focus Band | Return | Meteor Mash | Zen Headbutt | Sing | HP/Atk
Every now and then you'll forget Clefable is a normal type with decent attack and then this set will show up and you have to remember "oh yeah, Clefable was a physical mon for the first 3 gens"

250 | Cloyster | Bold | NeverMeltIce | Aurora Beam | Water Pulse | Spikes | Supersonic | Def/SpA
Water/Ice is actually a fantastic type combo, it's just modern gens make you forget that thanks to fighting, rock, and electric being absolutely everywhere. Two of those types are basically nonexistent in rounds 2/3. Usable even against Thorton thanks to that physical bulk.
350 | Cloyster | Impish | Leftovers | Avalanche | Dive | Toxic | Protect | Atk/Def
Cloyster1 but better in basically every way. Lefties is fantastic. Avalanche is fantastic. Can get away with moving last thanks to the fact that you will survive basically every physical move ever, including Machamp's cross chop holy shit

158 | Combusken | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Fire Punch | Double Kick | Quick Attack | Sand-Attack | HP/Atk
Pretty strong by round 2 standards, but water and flying are basically everywhere so treat this as being really frail
258 | Combusken | Hardy | Scope Lens | Flamethrower | Sky Uppercut | Slash | Sand-Attack | Atk/SpA
Deceptively terrible, even as an elevation. Water and Flying types are everywhere, it's frail, it's slow, and it relies on an inaccurate move to hit everything that resists fire (which is a lot)

232 | Crawdaunt | Modest | Persim Berry | BubbleBeam | Dark Pulse | Harden | Taunt | Def/SpA
It's easy to forget that crawdaunt actually has 95 base SpA when it's famous for its Choice Band and Swords Dance sets. It's strong and physically bulky.
332 | Crawdaunt | Adamant | Quick Claw | Crabhammer | Crunch | X-Scissor | Swords Dance | Atk/Def
A better version of set 1. Swords Dance gives you something to do against weak mons with only resisted attacks. Usable in round 3 and against Thorton for its neat typing.

156 | Croconaw | Serious | Scope Lens | Water Pulse | Slash | Bite | Scary Face | Atk/SpA
Somewhat bulky, and not that frail. Decently strong on both sides of the spectrum.
256 | Croconaw | Adamant | Focus Band | Aqua Tail | Crunch | Rock Slide | Scary Face | Atk/Def
Strong and bulky. Similar to Crawdaunt but lacks Swords Dance and the extra Dark typing.

223 | Dodrio | Jolly | Aspear Berry | Pluck | Fury Attack | Growl | Acupressure | Atk/Spe
Pretty strong, very fast, and extremely frail. Usable in round 3 because it will get a semi-strong attack against something.
323 | Dodrio | Jolly | King's Rock | Drill Peck | Frustration | Faint Attack | Acupressure | Atk/Spe
Absolutely incredible. Dodrio2 is basically a minmaxxed normal/flying. Excels against physically frail and/or flying-weak mons, but crumples to a single non-resisted hit. Comparable to certain round 4 mons.

175 | Dragonair | Modest | Cheri Berry | DragonBreath | Water Pulse | Thunder Wave | Safeguard | SpA/SpD
Basically the only good user of Dragon STAB in round 2, which doesn't say much when your only competition is Shelgon
275 | Dragonair | Docile | Haban Berry | Dragon Pulse | Aqua Tail | Slam | Dragon Dance | Atk/SpA
I don't like this. It's not that bulky or fast, and it requires too many DD's to outspeed fast stuff, and then you can't even use your STAB and have to rely on aqua tail hitting.

219 | Dusclops | Impish | Rawst Berry | Shadow Sneak | Pain Split | Will-O-Wisp | Confuse Ray | Def/SpD
No. Hope it never shows up, ever.
319 | Dusclops | Impish | Colbur Berry | Shadow Punch | Payback | Brick Break | Confuse Ray | HP/Def/SpD
Worse than some non-elevations due to its lack of any power behind its attacks. Battles will take way longer than they should if you use this (not to the extent of Chansey2 though)

245 | Electabuzz | Timid | Lansat Berry | Shock Wave | Swift | Thunder Wave | Light Screen | SpA/Spe
One of the best sets in round 2, thanks to a rarely-resisted STAB, high stats all-around, and four useful moves.
345 | Electabuzz | Modest | Brightpowder | Thunderbolt | Psychic | Focus Blast | Thunder Wave | SpA/Spe
This is probably the best set in round 3, and is more useful than even some round 4 mons. Electabuzz2 has everything, and if you're lucky enough to get one in round 2, just plop a water or grass next to it and you're basically set for the rest of the round.

202 | Fearow | Adamant | Sharp Beak | Pluck | Facade | Growl | Leer | Atk/Spe
Slower but bulkier and stronger than Dodrio. Can pitch in against Thorton on occasion.
302 | Fearow | Adamant | Cheri Berry | Drill Peck | Frustration | Faint Attack | U-turn | Atk/Spe
Also has better coverage, although missing out on the +speed base 100 tier matters in certain cases.

172 | Furret | Jolly | Liechi Berry | Slash | Sucker Punch | Helping Hand | Assist | Atk/Spe
Strong moves but somewhat low stats. Still a solid mon by virtue of STAB Slash.
272 | Furret | Adamant | Choice Band | Frustration | Shadow Claw | Trick | Assist | Atk/Spe
Adamant means that this is getting outsped by a decent amount of stuff but choice band makes it hurt like a mf.

168 | Gabite | Adamant | Yache Berry | Dragon Rage | Sand Tomb | Slash | Sand-Attack | Atk/Spe
Basically gible but in round 2. Hard pass on this one.
268 | Gabite | Adamant | Muscle Band | Dragon Claw | Earthquake | Slash | Sandstorm | Atk/Spe
Babby garchomp. Slow enough to get outsped often but pretty strong, and has fantastic moves and typing.

216 | Girafarig | Modest | Petaya Berry | Psybeam | Swift | Baton Pass | Agility | SpA/Spe
Pretty good thanks to its weird typing giving it a neutral hit on basically anything that isn't Steel typed. Modest gives it a nice kick behind its attacks.
316 | Girafarig | Adamant | Razor Claw | Zen Headbutt | Double Hit | Crunch | Thunder Wave | Atk/Spe
Worse than set 1 due to worse moves as well as running off its lower base 80 attack.

186 | Gligar | Adamant | Razor Claw | Aerial Ace | Sand Tomb | Metal Claw | Swords Dance | Atk/Def
Very good thanks to Swords Dance. A bit weak though, so try to get at least one up if possible.
286 | Gligar | Adamant | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Aerial Ace | Aqua Tail | Sandstorm | Atk/Spe
Also good in rounds 2 and 3 thanks to being a fast quaker and being a fantastic partner to electrics.

212 | Golbat | Jolly | Payapa Berry | Aerial Ace | Toxic | Steel Wing | Confuse Ray | Atk/Spe
Fast but weak.
312 | Golbat | Adamant | Black Sludge | Poison Fang | Aerial Ace | Zen Headbutt | Confuse Ray | Atk/Spe
Around as useful as set 1 thanks to having very weak STABs. Don't think you have to keep it if this is your elevation.

243 | Gorebyss | Bold | Wave Incense | Water Pulse | Confusion | Rain Dance | Aqua Ring | HP/Def
Phenomenal thanks to rain making its STAB hit like a truck even uninvested and letting it outspeed basically everything that doesn't have investment.
343 | Gorebyss | Modest | Shell Bell | Surf | Psychic | Ice Beam | Rain Dance | Def/SpA
Almost a straight upgrade from set 1. Strong even in round 3 thanks to being a bulky water.

160 | Grotle | Relaxed | Big Root | Razor Leaf | Bite | Leech Seed | Synthesis | Atk/Def
Decently strong and very bulky. Good against Thorton depending on the mon he's using.
260 | Grotle | Brave | Occa Berry | Seed Bomb | Crunch | Curse | Synthesis | Atk/Def
I've solo'd Thorton with this once or twice. Good even in round 3 thanks to being a bulky mf.

157 | Grovyle | Timid | Coba Berry | Magical Leaf | Swift | Mud-Slap | Detect | SpA/Spe
Not the worst, but really frail and grass isn't the best typing offensively.
257 | Grovyle | Adamant | Coba Berry | Leaf Blade | Rock Slide | Crunch | Screech | Atk/Spe
Worse than grovyle1 relative to the time you'll usually be using it. It's decent in round 2 but generally to frail to bother with in round 3.

236 | Grumpig | Calm | Petaya Berry | Psybeam | Grass Knot | Future Sight | Confuse Ray | SpA/SpD
Strong and bulky. Remember that Future Sight is typeless in gen 4.
336 | Grumpig | Calm | Colbur Berry | Psychic | Power Gem | Charge Beam | Mirror Coat | SpA/SpD
Straight upgrade from set 1. Stronger and better coverage. Usable in round 3 thanks to having some useful resistances (especially if thick fat) and being very fat specially. Not that slow in spite of lacking speed investment.

215 | Hitmonchan | Adamant | King's Rock | Mach Punch | Bullet Punch | Mind Reader | Counter | Atk/SpD
315 | Hitmonchan | Adamant | King's Rock | Sky Uppercut | Mega Punch | Bullet Punch | Counter | Atk/SpD/Spe
Okay elevation, very team-dependent in round 3. Hitmonchan2 should never be your main mon in round 2 - it's something you use if you're weak to special mons in general.

214 | Hitmonlee | Careful | Black Belt | Rolling Kick | Facade | Foresight | Focus Energy | Atk/SpD
Stronger than Hitmonchan but not that much better thanks to inaccurate STAB.
314 | Hitmonlee | Adamant | Salac Berry | Hi Jump Kick | Blaze Kick | Mega Kick | Endure | Atk/SpD/Spe
All-or-nothing set. HJK is only 100 BP in gen 4. Why does this not have reversal?

217 | Hitmontop | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Triple Kick | Mach Punch | Detect | Focus Energy | HP/Atk
Two abilities that complement the set incredibly well make this generally the most useful of the hitmons if you have a good ghost counter.
317 | Hitmontop | Adamant | Muscle Band | Triple Kick | Bullet Punch | Aerial Ace | Counter | HP/Atk
Whether this is more useful than set 1 is dependent on your team and its ability. Tech is generally more useful here thanks to Counter being on the set.

242 | Huntail | Docile | Mystic Water | Water Pulse | Bite | Screech | Rain Dance | Atk/Def
Slightly less useful than Gorebyss1 due to weaker STAB and being frailer overall. It's rare that you'll need the drastically stronger coverage.
342 | Huntail | Adamant | Shell Bell | Aqua Tail | Crunch | Ice Fang | Rain Dance | Atk/Def
Around as useful as Gorebyss2 thanks to its coverage move being more useful against opposing waters, which are usually specially biased. Useful in round 3.

151 | Ivysaur | Careful | Salac Berry | Razor Leaf | PoisonPowder | Take Down | Leech Seed | Atk/SpD
Bad but still usable.
251 | Ivysaur | Modest | Big Root | Giga Drain | Sludge Bomb | Sleep Powder | Leech Seed | SpA/SpD
I like this set. Really high staying power thanks to Giga drain, and Sleep Powder keeps it relevant in round 3.

208 | Jumpluff | Jolly | Pecha Berry | Aerial Ace | Bullet Seed | Cotton Spore | Tail Whip | Atk/Spe
Too weak to be useful most of the time.
308 | Jumpluff | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Seed Bomb | Bounce | Sleep Powder | Synthesis | Atk/Spe
Jumpluff will remind you how bullshit a fast Sleep Powder can be. Horrible to play against because it introduces a ton of variance. More useful against Thorton than in round 3 proper. Extends your battles if used as an elevation and doesn't make the round that much more reliable. Don't treat it as anything special if you get it in round 2.

248 | Kabutops | Impish | Sea Incense | Aqua Jet | Rock Tomb | Harden | Metal Sound | Atk/Def
Pretty strong priority and good typing.
348 | Kabutops | Adamant | Razor Claw | Waterfall | Rock Slide | Slash | Swords Dance | Atk/Def
Powerful STABs. Just make sure you have a reliable anti-Grass if you get this in round 2.

178 | Kadabra | Timid | Twisted Spoon | Confusion | Role Play | Disable | Future Sight | SpD/Spe
I used this a lot back when i thought it had SpA investment and now that i realize it it's suddenly become worse
278 | Kadabra | Modest | Cheri Berry | Psychic | Shadow Ball | Shock Wave | Reflect | SpA/Spe
Phenomenal. Lacks the bulk and good coverage that catapult Electabuzz2 to being nigh-unbeatable, but is still a very good mon in general.

200 | Kecleon | Careful | Lansat Berry | Slash | Shadow Sneak | Tail Whip | Magic Coat | Atk/SpD
One of the worse normals thanks to being slow and suffering from a lack of normal typing.
300 | Kecleon | Careful | Choice Scarf | Frustration | Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | Trick | Atk/SpD
I don't even know what to say about this mon. Form your own opinions because mine seem to change every time i look at this set

238 | Kingler | Quiet | Wacan Berry | BubbleBeam | ViceGrip | Harden | Mud Sport | Def/SpA
Crawdaunt can get away with attacking from its off-stat because it still has a high special attack. Kingler does not.
338 | Kingler | Jolly | Salac Berry | Crabhammer | Guillotine | Flail | Endure | Atk/Spe
Endure-Flail makes this incredible against Thorton, and strong STAB will let it carry you through round 2 and 3.

191 | Lairon | Impish | Metal Coat | Metal Claw | Rock Tomb | Iron Defense | Protect | Atk/Def
Steel-types hold a weird position in round 2, namely that there are only 3 of them. They also kinda hard-counter everything they don't instantly lose to, by design, Lairon especially.
291 | Lairon | Impish | Sitrus Berry | Iron Head | Rock Slide | Earthquake | Roar | Atk/Def
Can work decently well thanks to pseudo-team preview, meaning that most of the time in round 2 you will know that they have a mon that can't scratch this. Useful against certain Thorton mons, and can actually switch in to a lot of those same Thorton mons thanks to round 4 mons usually only having 2 attacks.

177 | Linoone | Jolly | Lansat Berry | Slash | Shadow Claw | Covet | Tickle | Atk/Spe
277 | Linoone | Jolly | Choice Scarf | Frustration | Shadow Claw | Dig | Switcheroo | Atk/Spe
Scarf generally hurts more than it helps, but you can guarantee that nothing will outspeed you. Still better than Linoone1 due to having stronger STAB.

227 | Lumineon | Bashful | Wacan Berry | Water Gun | U-turn | Captivate | Attract | Atk/SpA
Probably the worst water, but not even that bad if you're only using it to beat like rock/grounds
327 | Lumineon | Modest | Shell Bell | Surf | Silver Wind | Attract | Aqua Ring | SpA/Spe
A very solid water due to high speed and weird coverage. Not the strongest, but can consistently 2HKO stuff that isn't a special tank like grumpig

198 | Lunatone | Modest | Sitrus Berry | AncientPower | Confusion | Cosmic Power | Reflect | SpA/SpD
Weird typing gives it use. Reflect gives it a niche against Thorton.
298 | Lunatone | Modest | Passho Berry | Psychic | AncientPower | Shadow Ball | Cosmic Power | SpA/SpD
STAB Psychic and Passho berry make it a good elevation. Is faster than you think.

173 | Luxio | Adamant | Magnet | Thunder Fang | Bite | Flash | Swagger | HP/Atk
Useful for Intimidate. Thunder Fang hits decently hard.
273 | Luxio | Modest | Petaya Berry | Thunderbolt | Signal Beam | Swift | Thunder Wave | HP/SpA
Luxio falls victim to the curse of physical electrics, having terrible STAB options or being forced to go special. Thunderbolt is strong, but the coverage is weak by round 3 standards and it's somewhat slow. Again, useful more for Intimidate than for the mon itself.

169 | Machoke | Adamant | Focus Band | Karate Chop | Rock Tomb | Foresight | Scary Face | HP/Atk
Slow and bad moves. Niche but usable.
269 | Machoke | Adamant | Scope Lens | Cross Chop | Facade | Rock Slide | Counter | HP/Atk
This thing's worth goes up dramatically in round 3 if it has No Guard. Useful in round 2 even with Guts if only for its bulk and strong attacks.

164 | Magcargo | Modest | Lax Incense | Lava Plume | AncientPower | Acid Armor | Sandstorm | HP/SpA
Niche. Waters are everywhere meaning that its typing works against it.
264 | Magcargo | Quiet | Quick Claw | Overheat | Rock Slide | Earthquake | Body Slam | Atk/SpA
Literally every bad quality of a round 3 mon, rolled into one massive "don't use this" package. Don't bother with it even in round 2.

246 | Magmar | Jolly | Lansat Berry | Fire Punch | Mach Punch | SmokeScreen | Will-O-Wisp | Atk/Spe
Strong, fast, and bulky. Pity about waters being everywhere. Usable in round 3.
346 | Magmar | Modest | Lax Incense | Flamethrower | Psychic | Focus Blast | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe
Worse than Electabuzz2 due to worse typing, lower speed, and a worse support move. Still better than certain round 4 mons.

228 | Magneton | Docile | Petaya Berry | Shock Wave | Magnet Bomb | Thunder Wave | Supersonic | Atk/SpA
The lack of bulk investment doesn't matter when you resist absolutely everything. Magnet bomb is only useful against specially defensive grasses (like gloom) and rock/grounds (which you should have something to switch in to if you're using magneton). Even in round 3, keeps up thanks to 120 base SpA and having like 12 resistances.
328 | Magneton | Modest | Shuca Berry | Thunderbolt | Mirror Shot | Thunder Wave | Magnet Rise | Def/SpA
Electabuzz's slower but bulkier distant relative. The extra power behind Thunderbolt doesn't mean much if you're OHKOing everything anyway, but the extra resistances are nice. Fantastic mon in rounds 2 and 3.

229 | Mantine | Quirky | Mystic Water | BubbleBeam | Wing Attack | Agility | Supersonic | Atk/SpA
Solid special bulk and decently strong water STAB. Can even set up.
329 | Mantine | Modest | Shell Bell | Surf | Air Cutter | Ice Beam | Confuse Ray | SpA/SpD
Stronger moves and even higher special bulk. I wouldn't consider this to be slow by round 3 standards.

159 | Marshtomp | Modest | Focus Band | Mud Shot | Water Pulse | AncientPower | Growl | SpA/SpD
Good filler mon. You could even use this with Mantine to double down on the water spam.
259 | Marshtomp | Quiet | Persim Berry | Muddy Water | Earthquake | AncientPower | Protect | Atk/SpA
This is worse than you'd expect. The lack of bulk investment really hurts when you're as slow as Marshtomp and it really struggles to keep up with the round 3 powerhouses.

171 | Masquerain | Bold | SilverPowder | Silver Wind | Air Cutter | Sweet Scent | Scary Face | Def/SpA
271 | Masquerain | Quiet | Petaya Berry | Bug Buzz | Air Slash | Shadow Ball | Stun Spore | SpA/SpD
Slow and not particularly strong. Good moves though.

180 | Metang | Quirky | Chesto Berry | Metal Claw | Confusion | Magnet Rise | Scary Face | Atk/SpA
Doesn't have that much natural bulk but makes up for it thanks to being a steel type. Pretty weak moves but maybe you'll use it against thorton in some situation.
280 | Metang | Adamant | Shuca Berry | Meteor Mash | Zen Headbutt | Bullet Punch | Scary Face | HP/Atk
Better moves than round 4 Metagross, but way worse stats overall. Gets by thanks to its typing, bulk, and strong STAB moves.

176 | Mightyena | Jolly | Razor Fang | Bite | Poison Fang | Howl | Roar | Atk/Spe
Actually pretty fast. Can boost, has intimidate, pity it's overshadowed by stuff like magneton and scyther
276 | Mightyena | Adamant | Chople Berry | Crunch | Take Down | Sucker Punch | Howl | Atk/Def
Legit, even if it doesn't have Intimidate. Okay natural bulk, it boosts, and has Sucker Punch to make up for its low speed. Can put in solid work in rounds 2 and 3.

193 | Misdreavus | Calm | Cheri Berry | Ominous Wind | Pain Split | Confuse Ray | Thunder Wave | SpA/SpD
The only user of Ghost STAB in round 2. Useful defensively, although having only 5 PP of attacks hurts.
293 | Misdreavus | Modest | Kasib Berry | Shadow Ball | Psychic | Thunder Wave | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe
Better than set 1 in every way. Legit even against Thorton thanks to its typing and support moves.

161 | Monferno | Adamant | Coba Berry | Mach Punch | Flame Wheel | Fury Swipes | Taunt | Atk/Spe
Fast, strong, and frail. I honestly thought Flame Wheel was 65 BP.
261 | Monferno | Adamant | Scope Lens | Blaze Kick | Brick Break | Rock Slide | Torment | Atk/Spe
While most round 3 mons are drastic improvements over their round 2 counterparts, Monferno breaks the mold by only having slightly stronger moves and slightly better coverage.

182 | Mothim | Modest | Petaya Berry | Silver Wind | Air Cutter | PoisonPowder | Captivate | HP/SpA
Too frail to get away with bulk investment.
282 | Mothim | Modest | Coba Berry | Bug Buzz | Air Slash | Psychic | PoisonPowder | HP/SpA
Pretty strong but pretty frail. Too slow to work in round 3.

220 | Ninjask | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Bug Bite | Aerial Ace | Sand-Attack | Baton Pass | HP/Atk
The bulk investment actually helps Ninjask out a lot since it's not like it needs the speed investment. Like this actually outspeeds timid electabuzz. Useful in round 3 thanks to being faster than everything bar linoone2
320 | Ninjask | Adamant | Razor Fang | X-Scissor | Aerial Ace | Night Slash | Baton Pass | HP/Atk
Gets to use a stronger bug STAB before dying to whatever survives a hit from it.

203 | Noctowl | Adamant | Persim Berry | Secret Power | Aerial Ace | Supersonic | Reflect | HP/Atk
Weaker than Lickitung.
303 | Noctowl | Quiet | Persim Berry | Air Slash | Swift | Psychic | Reflect | HP/SpA
Better than set 1 due to better coverage that runs off its higher stat.

241 | Octillery | Modest | Wacan Berry | Octazooka | Icy Wind | Thunder Wave | Focus Energy | HP/SpA
Bulkier than you'd think, and not that weak either. The main problem with this is that its STAB is inaccurate.
341 | Octillery | Modest | Life Orb | Octazooka | Flamethrower | Psychic | Thunder Wave | HP/SpA
Not that much better than set 1 thanks to still using the same inaccurate STAB. At least it has way stronger coverage. Bulky enough to tank a hit in round 3 and its coverage means it'll probably kill back.

247 | Omastar | Brave | Metronome | Water Gun | Rollout | Withdraw | Spikes | Atk/Def
347 | Omastar | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Surf | Stone Edge | Ice Beam | Toxic Spikes | Def/SpA
Useful in certain niche scenarios. A good elevation thanks to being strong and the low speed not mattering that much in round 2.

190 | Pelipper | Modest | Chesto Berry | Water Pulse | Air Cutter | Stockpile | Swallow | Def/SpA
Mantine1 but physically defensive and with a better flying move.
290 | Pelipper | Modest | Shell Bell | Surf | Air Cutter | Ice Beam | Tailwind | Def/SpA
Mantine2 but physically defensive and with a better support move.

195 | Persian | Jolly | Silk Scarf | Slash | U-turn | Captivate | Swagger | Atk/Spe
Good in both round 2 and 3 thanks to being fast, strong, and not that frail.
295 | Persian | Adamant | Razor Claw | Slash | Shadow Claw | Bite | Fake Out | Atk/Spe
Basically Persian1 but with a different nature and better moves. Probably shares Girafarig's spot for being the most underwhelming elevation, but in Persian's case this is due to having a very good set1.

233 | Pidgeot | Adamant | Cheri Berry | Wing Attack | Facade | Tailwind | Sand-Attack | Atk/Spe
The worst Normal/Flying thanks to having the lowest attack.
333 | Pidgeot | Adamant | Razor Claw | Return | Aerial Ace | Steel Wing | U-turn | Atk/Spe
Same as above. Worse stats than both Fearow and Dodrio and this time it doesn't even have Drill Peck.

209 | Piloswine | Modest | NeverMeltIce | Icy Wind | Mud Bomb | Mist | Hail | HP/SpA
Not that bad if you need a ground.
309 | Piloswine | Adamant | Muscle Band | Ice Fang | Earthquake | Stone Edge | Curse | HP/Atk
Slow but strong as hell and incredibly bulky. It's unlikely that you'll ever bother with Curse, just Earthquake everything to death instead.

213 | Primeape | Jolly | Scope Lens | Karate Chop | Fury Swipes | Foresight | Focus Energy | Atk/Spe
Worse than Machoke.
313 | Primeape | Adamant | Expert Belt | Cross Chop | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Swagger | Atk/Spe
Unreliable STAB but is very strong and pretty fast. Having Earthquake for coverage is also very rare in round 3, so it gets bonus points for that as well.

162 | Prinplup | Quiet | Wacan Berry | BubbleBeam | Metal Claw | Peck | Double Team | SpA/SpD
Sufficiently strong and bulky to be basically every bulky water in round 2. This one also has a Wacan berry so it can actually chip Electabuzz and Magneton.
262 | Prinplup | Bashful | Focus Band | Surf | Drill Peck | Metal Claw | Rain Dance | Atk/SpA
Lacks bulk investment or Ice coverage. Is slow. A bad water in round 3 but not a bad elevation.

165 | Pupitar | Adamant | Hard Stone | Rock Tomb | Dig | Scary Face | Sandstorm | HP/Atk
Like the round 1 rock/grounds but it has higher stats and appears in round 2 instead.
265 | Pupitar | Adamant | Soft Sand | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Crunch | Scary Face | HP/Atk
Slow but has STAB earthquake. Mainly useful either as an elevation or against Thorton.

210 | Purugly | Adamant | Silk Scarf | Slash | Faint Attack | Attract | Growl | Atk/Spe
Persian but bulkier and with different coverage. Useful in round 3 because of its speed and resistances.
310 | Purugly | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Body Slam | Shadow Claw | Attract | Fake Out | Atk/Spe
Unlike Persian, this is actually a significant improvement over the round 2 version.

155 | Quilava | Adamant | Chesto Berry | Flame Wheel | Double Kick | Quick Attack | SmokeScreen | Atk/Spe
255 | Quilava | Serious | Focus Band | Flamethrower | Crush Claw | Quick Attack | SmokeScreen | Atk/SpA
Magcargo but without the rock typing and with different coverage and a completely different stat spread and this sounded much better in my head and near the start of the sentence

187 | Qwilfish | Bashful | Cheri Berry | BubbleBeam | Toxic | Pin Missile | Harden | Atk/SpA
Fast in comparison to other round 2 waters but lacks coverage and is relatively frail.
287 | Qwilfish | Adamant | Focus Band | Aqua Tail | Poison Jab | Revenge | Destiny Bond | Atk/Def
Different from other bulky waters in that it hits on the physical side and has a solid secondary STAB. All of its moves are useful.

170 | Raticate | Jolly | Silk Scarf | Endeavor | Pursuit | Quick Attack | Scary Face | Atk/Spe
Very weak moves.
270 | Raticate | Bashful | Chople Berry | Super Fang | Hyper Fang | Shadow Ball | Scary Face | Atk/SpA/Spe
Bad elevation. Bad stats, questionable moves, and it lacks any sort of reliability.

244 | Relicanth | Relaxed | Wave Incense | Water Pulse | Rock Tomb | Mud Sport | Harden | Def/SpA
Decent water. One time i swept Thorton with this and it was hilarious
344 | Relicanth | Impish | Chesto Berry | Aqua Tail | Rock Slide | Rest | Yawn | Atk/Def
Slow but its support moves give it strong utility against Thorton.

201 | Rotom | Modest | Cheri Berry | ThunderShock | Astonish | Thunder Wave | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe
Only use this if you desperately need an electric for whatever reason.
301 | Rotom | Modest | Magnet | Discharge | Ominous Wind | Thunder Wave | Double Team | SpA/Spe
Its typing gives it life in spite of having the worse versions of its STAB moves. A solid set 3.

204 | Sandslash | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Dig | Rock Tomb | Defense Curl | Sandstorm | Atk/Def
Pretty good thanks to its strong STAB.
304 | Sandslash | Adamant | Quick Claw | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Crush Claw | Sandstorm | Atk/Def
STAB Earthquake. I actually thought this was like base 80 speed or something, but no, it's base 65.

249 | Scyther | Jolly | Metronome | Fury Cutter | Wing Attack | Light Screen | Leer | HP/Spe
You'll barely realize that this doesn't have attack investment with how strong its wing attacks are. Fury Cutter is a nice meme. Usable in round 3 even if it's Swarm. Actually surprisingly bulky
349 | Scyther | Adamant | Brightpowder | X-Scissor | Aerial Ace | Night Slash | Swords Dance | Atk/Spe
Incredible mon. Doesn't have universal coverage like Electabuzz2, but has strong dual STABs and the ability to boost. Useful regardless of its ability. Better than some round 4 mons. Bulky enough to take a Surf. This has everything.

196 | Seadra | Bold | Razor Claw | BubbleBeam | Aurora Beam | SmokeScreen | Rain Dance | Def/SpA
Strong and fast water, but frail on the special side. Can't actually have Swift Swim.
296 | Seadra | Modest | Shell Bell | Surf | Ice Beam | Twister | SmokeScreen | Def/SpA
Stronger but still frail specially.

207 | Seaking | Modest | Pecha Berry | Water Pulse | Psybeam | Supersonic | Rain Dance | HP/SpA
The good fast water. Has stronger coverage than Gorebyss, and higher natural speed lets it outrun more stuff under rain. Won't always have Swift Swim, though.
307 | Seaking | Adamant | Quick Claw | Aqua Tail | Poison Jab | Facade | Aqua Ring | HP/Atk
Inaccurate STAB (really? the thing even learns waterfall by level-up) leaves this as a discount Qwilfish.

166 | Sealeo | Relaxed | Icy Rock | Aurora Beam | Water Pulse | Encore | Hail | HP/SpA
The other water/ice in round 2. Bulky all-around, as opposed to Cloyster's lopsided defense. Can also have thick fat for even more bulk.
266 | Sealeo | Quiet | Chesto Berry | Ice Beam | Surf | Signal Beam | Hail | HP/SpA
Lacks encore in exchange for signal beam, which is usually redundant with its STABs and basically only helps against Crawdaunt. Bulky enough to be decent in round 3.

222 | Seviper | Adamant | Scope Lens | Poison Tail | Lick | Knock Off | Glare | HP/Atk
Pretty much an inferior Arbok, which isn't even that good to begin with
322 | Seviper | Adamant | Black Sludge | Sludge Bomb | Crunch | Aqua Tail | Swagger | HP/Atk
See above. At least this has HP investment.

224 | Sharpedo | Quirky | Cheri Berry | Water Pulse | Bite | Scary Face | Focus Energy | SpA/Spe
Strong, fast, and will crumple to anything you throw at it. Like this takes over half from resisted STAB moves. Fast enough to work in round 3 where its low bulk doesn't mean anything.
324 | Sharpedo | Adamant | Wacan Berry | Crunch | Waterfall | Ice Fang | Swagger | Atk/Spe
Stronger than the round 2 variant and has Ice coverage this time, which only really helps you against Dragonite1.

179 | Shelgon | Quiet | Aspear Berry | DragonBreath | Headbutt | Protect | Scary Face | Atk/SpA
Weaker than Dragonair, has worse coverage, is slower, and has more lopsided bulk.
279 | Shelgon | Adamant | Focus Band | Dragon Claw | Crunch | Dragon Dance | Scary Face | Atk/Def
Another weird set. Extremely lopsided bulk, is slow enough to make dragon dancing just not worth it most of the time, and doesn't have the strongest attacks, but its resistances carry it. That said, it's still a solid elevation.

188 | Sneasel | Jolly | Persim Berry | Faint Attack | Ice Shard | Leer | Taunt | Atk/Spe
Solid in both rounds 2 and 3 due to high speed and attack.
288 | Sneasel | Jolly | King's Rock | Ice Punch | Faint Attack | Crush Claw | Spite | Atk/Spe
Ice Punch over Ice Shard is a huge improvement here and lets it stay relevant.

199 | Solrock | Adamant | Sitrus Berry | Psywave | Rock Tomb | Cosmic Power | Light Screen | Atk/Def
Effectively a mono-rock attacker thanks to Psywave being terrible.
299 | Solrock | Adamant | Passho Berry | Zen Headbutt | Rock Slide | Will-O-Wisp | Cosmic Power | Atk/Def
Fast enough to not be bad, has weird resistances. Passho actually means something due to lacking the natural bulk to survive Surfs.

230 | Stantler | Adamant | Liechi Berry | Stomp | Bite | Imprison | Confuse Ray | Atk/Spe
Good thanks to intimidate. Not bad even if it's not intimidate.
330 | Stantler | Adamant | Chople Berry | Frustration | Zen Headbutt | Thunder Wave | Confuse Ray | Atk/Spe
Really good. Frisk is basically useless in early round factory but intimidate is so. goooood. also it's chople so it can actually survive some shit

163 | Sudowoodo | Impish | Hard Stone | Rock Slide | Faint Attack | Sandstorm | Block | Atk/Def
Strong but slow and lopsided bulk. Useful in niche scenarios.
263 | Sudowoodo | Adamant | Life Orb | Stone Edge | Earthquake | Mimic | Selfdestruct | Atk/Def
Unreliable, slow, lopsided bulk, and life orb is really redundant in round 2 factory. Don't be unwilling to trade this away. Can be useful against Thorton on occasion.

184 | Sunflora | Calm | Persim Berry | Mega Drain | Ingrain | Leech Seed | Light Screen | SpA/SpD
if you're going to be using mono-attacking grass, at least make your attack strong
284 | Sunflora | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Giga Drain | Sludge Bomb | GrassWhistle | Double Team | HP/SpA
Bad. Bad typing, bad coverage, bad support moves, bad STAB, bad stats. Useful as an elevation but bad in round 3.

231 | Swalot | Modest | Lax Incense | Sludge | Stockpile | Swallow | Spit Up | HP/Def/SpD
Slows down your battles a lot.
331 | Swalot | Modest | Black Sludge | Sludge Bomb | Shadow Ball | Giga Drain | Yawn | HP/SpA
Pretty solid mon in round 3 thanks to Leftovers, solid bulk, good coverage, and Yawn.

189 | Swellow | Jolly | King's Rock | Pluck | Quick Attack | Focus Energy | Growl | Atk/Spe
Frail but ridiculously fast. Like other speedy round 2 mons, it's useful against Thorton just because it can tap whatever mon he has for 30% before dying.
289 | Swellow | Adamant | Toxic Orb | Facade | Aerial Ace | Growl | U-turn | Atk/Spe
Gives Electabuzz2 a solid run for its money as the best round 3 mon. Trades away all of Buzz's bulk for speed and raw power. Facade will OHKO basically everything that doesn't resist it. Will usually 3-0 Thorton if you manage to activate your orb. Sadly this dies incredibly fast and usually can't OHKO stuff without its orb, meaning it's better if you keep it in the back. Its all-or-nothing nature also makes it worse as an elevation than when you'd get it in round 3, since you'll have worse mons supporting it.

192 | Tangela | Bold | Pecha Berry | Mega Drain | AncientPower | Toxic | Bind | Def/SpA
Weird coverage lets this get away with only having a 40 BP STAB.
292 | Tangela | Bold | Pecha Berry | Giga Drain | Sludge Bomb | Wring Out | Ingrain | Def/SpA
Wring Out is your strongest neutral move if they have full health. Its lopsided defenses make this more useful against Thorton than in general.

235 | Torkoal | Bold | Petaya Berry | Ember | Mud-Slap | Smog | Amnesia | Def/SpA
335 | Torkoal | Bold | Quick Claw | Heat Wave | SolarBeam | Earth Power | Sunny Day | Def/SpA
Too slow to get away with having to set up. It's also bad as an elevation due to being weak to absolutely everything ever.

226 | Tropius | Adamant | Lansat Berry | Razor Leaf | Aerial Ace | Leech Seed | Captivate | HP/Atk
Really, really fat and has a useful STAB combo. Leech seed is also nice.
326 | Tropius | Modest | Occa Berry | Giga Drain | Air Slash | Synthesis | Sunny Day | HP/SpA
Fatter than set 1 thanks to having a recovery move. Probably not worth it to set sun if you're Solar Power. Is fat enough to help against some Thorton mons.

205 | Venomoth | Timid | Black Sludge | Silver Wind | Psybeam | Sleep Powder | Attract | SpA/Spe
Sleep powder carries this. Lacks a poison move but that doesn't matter if you have tinted. Even good in round 3 and against Thorton.
305 | Venomoth | Modest | SilverPowder | Bug Buzz | Sludge Bomb | Psychic | Supersonic | SpA/Spe
Loses the utility of sleep powder but gains extra power on its unresisted STABs if you have tinted. like skarm is the only thing even capable of showing up that resists both your stabs and what are you doing using venomoth against a mon that murders it anyway

197 | Vigoroth | Adamant | Focus Band | Slash | Pursuit | Encore | Counter | HP/Atk
Strong, bulky, and has Slash.
297 | Vigoroth | Adamant | Salac Berry | Crush Claw | Shadow Claw | Reversal | Endure | Atk/Spe
Endure is only really consistent against Thorton thanks to bad AI, and Vigoroth isn't exactly the strongest reversal user. It relies more on being able to tank hits than to murder everything at 1 HP, so I'd rather just spam crush claw and keep endure in your back pocket for when you get low on health.

153 | Wartortle | Adamant | Focus Band | Aqua Jet | Bite | Rapid Spin | Yawn | HP/Atk
Weak but bulky. A bad water because it's so weak.
253 | Wartortle | Serious | Shell Bell | Surf | Ice Beam | Brick Break | Fake Out | HP/SpA
A good water due to good bulk and decently strong attacks.

183 | Wigglytuff | Adamant | Silk Scarf | Secret Power | Grass Knot | Wish | Sing | HP/Atk
Slow and slows down battles thanks to its HP bar taking forever to drain. Grass Knot does let you beat rock/grounds though so it has that at least
283 | Wigglytuff | Modest | Sitrus Berry | Hyper Voice | Shadow Ball | Sing | Dream Eater | HP/SpA
Same problems as set 1 but with stronger moves.

181 | Wormadam | Adamant | Coba Berry | Razor Leaf | Bug Bite | Protect | Captivate | Atk/SpD
Very niche.
281 | Wormadam | Modest | Coba Berry | Giga Drain | Signal Beam | Psychic | Attract | Def/SpA
Probably not worth using even in round 2.

234 | Xatu | Jolly | Sharp Beak | Zen Headbutt | Pluck | Tailwind | Future Sight | Atk/Spe
One of the more fearsome round 2 mons to face thanks to high base power STABs that thankfully run off its weaker attacking stat. It's also very fast.
334 | Xatu | Modest | Colbur Berry | Psychic | Air Cutter | Ominous Wind | Confuse Ray | SpA/Spe
Around as good as the other STAB psychic users. Good all-around stats and a useful item but has slightly worse coverage moves.

221 | Zangoose | Adamant | Persim Berry | Scratch | Pursuit | Detect | Leer | Atk/Spe
The worst round 2 normal thanks to not having Slash.
321 | Zangoose | Adamant | Razor Claw | Crush Claw | Shadow Claw | Aerial Ace | Taunt | Atk/Spe
Good coverage, and it's pretty strong and fast. Not that useful in round 3 thanks to relatively low-powered STAB.

(continued in next post)
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Where the "intelligence" of TRAINERS is put to the test!
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Had a look over this.

Most of the following are just suggestions more than demands - I assume you might be working on this more anyway, but you are more than welcome to disagree with any of the following.

The information here is factually correct overall, so I'm not at all concerned about this article containing misleading advice, etc. For now, the focus should probably be on the article's organisation of this information, general prose, and some sections probably need to be expanded while others may need to be cut.

As far as writing style, this was obviously a forum guide originally which is fine, but probably reads a bit too informal/casual right now. It may be worth checking out some of the on-site guides for hints to formalizing this a bit more, especially the Maison guide.

In regards to whether Open Level should be included or not...I honestly don't mind either way. This is ultimately your article and it is up to you to define its scope. More information certainly can't hurt, but I also think that there is more than enough content here that could justify just focusing on Level 50. If you decide to go in this direction, just be sure to emphasize in the introductory sections that the scope of the guide will NOT cover Open level completely (obviously some of the stuff here is transferable). In the same vein, maybe emphasize that this is focused on singles and not doubles!

If Open were to be included, it wouldn't be too hard to add some of the specifics on the mechanics sections. As for strategy...having only dabbled, I would say that the emphasis would be more on swapping to improve teams rather than improve drafts overall, since you aren't placed at as much of a disadvantage during the final battle of the early rounds. Swapping each time may be justifiable early on just because you have little to lose if it backfires though, so maybe a good strat would be similar to the second one you listed for level 50. The other main difference between level 50 and Open is that scouting with Item Clause tends to be a more important concept to understand since you reach the "any set" rounds sooner.

Perhaps Glen's guide, which was written about Open level specifically, may provide further hints as to what difference could be emphasized?

As a general comment re: presentation, I would recommend avoiding referring to the first person (e.g. I should talk about....; I have a theory..., etc.). I would also avoid including things that are speculative in nature (or at least rewording them), such as:

I have a theory that, every round, it adds a new "layer" that differently affects the AI's decision-making process.

It's possible she uses the index number to prioritize announcing certain types over others, but I haven't bothered to test this.
I think the best way for me to address this will be to just go over each of the sections in turn.


This section definitely needed to be expanded and changed. The most important thing to do with an introductory section for an article is to explicitly say what the purpose of the article is so that people can understand why they should read it and what they'll get out of it by doing so, but the current intro does not really do this. The Battle Maison article has a good example of the kind of thing that could be included here:

"This article is intended to introduce players to the Battle Maison and aid in team design and play. It will first discuss the overall format of the Maison and items that can be won or purchased inside. It will then address general strategies for building successful teams in all Maison battle formats and the basic tendencies of the AI. Finally, it will provide format-specific advice on strategy and recommended Pokémon as well as threats for each of the five Maison battle formats."

You probably don't want to be bringing up concepts like "Starmie4" and "draft" just yet. Leave those things for the bulk of the article where you can define them more clearly.

I'll leave it up to you to decide how long or how short you want the intro to be, but some other stuff you might like to address in the intro MIGHT include:
  • A vague explanation of what the Battle Factory is and where it's accessed (you could just mention that it's one of the 5 facilities of the gen 4 Battle Frontier that's accessed after beating the Elite 4 and then lead in to the first 3 sentences of your current intro that provide a very simple explanation of the challenge).
  • An brief explanation of why people play/enjoy the Factory (namely the instant pick-up-and-play design due to not needing your own Pokemon to play it). If you wanted to, you could maybe mention rewards such as the symbol, as well as BP that can be traded for various TMs/item (although you probably don't need to go into specifics regarding which items are available).
  • An brief explanation of why the Factory is so hard/luck-based, and why many people struggle for 100s of hours just to get 49 wins (namely the extra variable introduced by the selection of Pokemon in each round, as well as the need to use unreliable teams and moves that you'd typically avoid in other in-game challenges).
  • At this point, you can then close the intro by transitioning into and explaining the purpose of the article.
These are just suggestions - you may have better ideas for what the intro should look like. But again, make sure you include what the aims of your article are.

Mechanics/Hidden Mechanics

This is the section that probably needs the most revamping structurally. The information here is correct, but I feel like it should be expanded on in some places and/or reorganized. This section touches on a whole lot of topics (IVs, attendant hints, species/item clause) but I definitely think these could afford to be broken up into individual sections with sub-headings just for presentation purposes.

Before I address the structure, some minor nitpicks:

However, in round 3 and 4, she will always list the first move (in the top-left slot) of the opponent's lead. For example, if she says the opponent's using a Golbat that knows Aerial Ace, even though set1 and set2 Golbat both know Aerial Ace, she's referring to set1 Golbat, but not set2 Golbat, since that has Poison Fang as its first move.
I'll leave this up to you as to whether you think it's worth mentioning, but in regards to round 4 specifically, in which the attendant only mentions the move and not the species, the (first) move is a STAB move more often than not, and that knowledge can be useful for scouting what you might be able to face. Of course, this is a bit irrelevant if you're using a set list since you can just look this up, but I sometimes play AFK out of laziness and being able to say "the lead has Earthquake so it's probably a Ground-type" can be useful.

If you really wanted to go out of your way, you could also just list all the possible moves that could be listed by the attendant in that round and then list what sets that each move could indicate in your article. But that would mean taking your time to go through the list of mid-tier set 2s and high-tier set 1s and extracting their first moves, and then you'd have the high-tier set 2s for battle 7, so don't feel the need to actually do this if that feels excessive to you!

The only exception to this is fighting Thorton on battle 49, who will use either set 4 non-legendary Pokemon, or legendary Pokemon from all sets, at 31 IVs, letting him use sets with index numbers between 759 and 950.
The Pokemon Thorton uses changes slightly between Platinum and HGSS, has I mentioned in the 4th gen thread here. Make sure you note this.

The list of Pokemon you'd normally receive in each round's draft is as follows, using index numbers from this list:
This isn't extremely important but if possible, I think it might be preferable to refer to a list that is listed in numerical order rather than in alphabetical order, just because your list of Pokemon in each round refer to their index numbers. To me, it seems like it would be more intuitive if the list was listed in index order so it's clearer to newer players which Pokemon they can expect to see in each round instead of manually having to ctrl-f each number from an alphabetical list.

(Alternatively, you could also just create separate articles that list the sets - there is precedent for this with the Subway and DP Tower articles, and it's useful to avoid problems with links to external pages expiring or forums being locked).


Now, in terms of structure, I think that for the benefit of readers who may not have much (any?) experience with the Factory, it would be worth starting the mechanics section with a basic explanation of how the Factory works at the most superficial level before you start getting into the nitty-gritty of things like swapping and IVs and things ("hidden mechanics"). This is obviously information that IS widely publicized, but I think easing the reader into the mechanics by focusing on the basic stuff first will go a long way to making this as accessible to a general audience as possible.

So to start, you could just give an overview under its own sub-heading of what a typical round of the Factory is like:
  • You start by talking to the receptionist, who saves your game and takes your Pokemon temporarily before leading you into the Factory.
  • The game then gives you a list of 6 Pokemon (this can be where you mention the term "draft" for the first time) and you choose 3 of these Pokemon to take with you as a team. Before this happens, the attendant will provide a hint on the Pokemon that the opponent will be using against you.
  • You then enter your first battle. If you win, you are taken back to the attendant who will give you a new hint about the next trainer, and then you are given the opportunity to trade one of your own Pokemon away for one of the Pokemon on the team you defeated in the previous round.
  • This continues until you defeat 7 trainers, at which point the round is over and you are awarded BP.
Or just something similar to that maybe.

Next, I would have a section under a new sub-heading regarding the draft and the sets. This should be simple - just state that each round has a default set pool of Pokemon that can be generated as part of your draft, and that the pool changes/improves as you advance through the rounds. This would be where you'd bring in your set lists:

The list of Pokemon you'd normally receive in each round's draft is as follows, using index numbers from this list:
Round 1: 0 IV Pokemon of very weak species with only 1 possible set (Index 1 to 150)
Round 2: 4 IV NFE or weak fully evolved Pokemon using the first set of their species (Index 151 to 250)
Round 3: 8 IV NFE or weak fully evolved Pokemon using the second set of their species (Index 251 to 350)
Round 4: 12 IV fully evolved (plus Porygon2 and Rhydon) non-legendary Pokemon using the first set of their species (Index 351 to 486)
Round 5: 16 IV fully evolved non-legendary Pokemon using the second set of their species (Index 487 to 622)
Round 6: 20 IV fully evolved non-legendary Pokemon using the third set of their species (Index 623 to 758)
Round 7: 24 IV fully evolved non-legendary Pokemon using the fourth set of their species (Index 759 to 894)
Round 8+: 31 IV fully evolved and legendary Pokemon using all possible sets for their species (Index 351 to 950)
If you decide to include Open Level information, it would be good to distinguish the difference between Level 50 and Open here.

The next section would be about swapping. You can mention that the game tracks your swap count (which can be checked on the monitor near the receptionist) and that increasing your swap count changes/improves your draft, and then specifically explain how with examples, as you do here:

The most important mechanic to be aware of is that swapping more often will permanently increase the quality of sets in your draft. Specifically, for every seven swaps you make (picking your initial team from your draft counts as a swap), one Pokemon in your draft will be chosen from the pool of sets you'd normally get in next round's draft (this is called an elevation).

For example, if you just began round 6 and you've swapped 23 times prior, you will receive three 20 IV Pokemon that use set 3, and three 24 IV Pokemon that use set 4.
It may be helpful to have multiple examples in different scenarios but I'll leave that up to you.

Then there would be a new sub-heading about the opposing trainers. Provide a link to the trainers (here, or make a separate article with this information to be hosted directly on Smogon to avoid links expiring and information being inaccessible in the future) and then make a list similar to the one you made about the draft/sets (obviously making sure to note the difference between battle 7 of each round and the first 6 battles).

I would make the next sub-heading the Species/Item clause section, just because I think the information is relevant to the previous ones about the draft and opposing trainers. In this section, obviously explicitly state that there is a Species and Item Clause in place that prevents you from having multiple instances of the same species or item on your team at any time, and that therefore there are implications from this regarding what Pokemon sets can be generated in the draft and by opponents:
  • It is impossible to see multiple sets of the same species or multiple instances of the same item in the same draft.
  • Opponents can't have teams that have multiples of the same species or item, and that they can't generate Pokemon/items that will allow you to break item clause through swapping.
    • May be worth having examples of the latter here to make this clearer.
      • "If your draft contains Salamence, Starmie, Ursaring, Gengar, Alakazam and Bastiodon, neither the first opponent nor the second opponent can carry these Pokemon on their team. Likewise, if your draft contains Pokemon holding the items Sitrus Berry, Wide Lens, Choice Scarf, Lum Berry, Quick Claw and BrightPowder, neither the first nor the second opponent can use Pokemon holding these items"
      • "If your current team uses the Pokemon Lanturn, Shiftry and Charizard, neither the current nor the next opponent will carry these Pokemon. Likewise, if your current team uses Pokemon holding the items Leftovers, Choice Band and Scope Lens, neither the current nor the next opponent will carry these items on their Pokemon."
Note that there may also be a way to incorporate the Clause stuff under other headings rather than give it its own heading, probably under the draft and opposing trainers subsections, but as long as it's included somewhere either option should be fine.

Final sub-heading would be about the attendant's information. For presentation purposes, I think it would look better if you simply listed the round-by-round differences rather than just as a paragraph, similar to how you'd list the sets and trainers. E.g.:
  • Round 1: All 3 Pokemon species on opponent's team revealed
  • Round 2: The first 2 Pokemon species on opponent's team revealed
  • Round 3: The first Pokemon species on opponent's team AND its first move revealed
  • Round 4: The first move of the opponent's first Pokemon revealed
    • This is usually a STAB move.
  • Round 5: The most common type represented by the Pokemon's team revealed
    • "For instance, a trainer using Skarmory, Dragonite, and Salamence would cause the attendant to say Flying type"
    • "If two or more types are equally common (For instance, Tauros, Rhydon, and Rhyperior, or Feraligatr, Quagsire, and Hippowdon), the attendant will pick one of the most common types seemingly at random."
To sum up, the Mechanics sections could be organised as follows:

Factory Mechanics
(introduction to section - what is its purpose?, etc)
Basic Information (or some other name to this that sounds better)
Factory Sets and the Opening Draft
Swapping Mechanics
Species and Item Clauses (maybe???)
Factory Attendant Hints

Finally, what I'd say with this section is just focus mostly on the inner-workings of the Factory but don't get bogged down in how to apply this information to extend streaks just yet. That information should be reserved for the later sections where you talk about strategies and the like.


For the purposes of making this look more presentable, my current feeling right now is that everything from Trainer AI to Strategies should be combined into a larger section called "How to Succeed in the Factory" or something similar, and then have the current sections you have now as sub-sections of that.

You could start with an intro section where you reiterate just how hard and luck-based getting to 49 wins is in Factory (which you sort of have done at the start of the General strats section), mention that giving very specific information is difficult due to the fact that everyone's teams are not going to be the same round by round, and that the focus of the section will instead be on giving advice on team-building and swapping strategies, and exploiting AI behaviours and possibly Species/Item Clause scouting as well to improve your odds of getting far.

Then I would follow the order you have as of now, starting with AI Behaviours, and then talk Swapping strategies and Team-Building within the rounds. A hypothetical section regarding utilising the Clauses could fit...somewhere.

Trainer AI Behaviour

This sub-section mostly just needs expanding. There are definitely more behaviours that you could note here, namely other situations where the opponent might switch (namely predicted resist switches) as well as specific behaviours regarding priority (pos and neg) moves, Protect, Endure and numerous other moves. I'll leave it up to you to decide how much to include and how to format it (could be as a list or in paragraph form like the Mainson article does) but I think more is needed here.

Probably the only other thing is there maybe needs to be a note somewhere saying that while the "Bad AI" rounds are obviously easier, switching out can sometimes be riskier due to opponents being more unpredictable. Just emphasize that switching during these rounds should only be done if you know it's completely safe, or at least if the reward potential outweighs the risk.

General Strategies/Long-Term Strategy

I think this section is actually mostly fine for now content-wise, and I especially like that you have listed two alternate long-term strategies for level 50 to give people some options regarding how they chose to progress. I maybe wouldn't say that the first strategy is the "commonly accepted best strategy" because I don't know if that is actually commonly accepted in the literal sense (and honestly I personally haven't noticed an improvement in my results when using that strategy over the second one) but I don't mind if you want to keep that as is if preferred.

Maybe the title of this section could be changed to better reflect its content? Seems to be mostly focused on general team-building and swapping strategies, so maybe just "General Team-Building and Swapping Strategies" could work?

Round-Specific Team-building Strategies

This is also OK overall I think. It may be helpful to split this up into further sub-headings (Round 1, Round 2, etc.) for clarity also.

For round 1, given that you mention resetting to get a good draft due to there being no real consequences of doing so, perhaps there would be value in just listing some good Pokemon/sets to look out for? You do mention some good attackers like Magby and Minun, but an expanded list of stuff that can appear in the draft that would make it worth playing the round may also be helpful.

(Also remove the inebriated reference lol, dunno if that's appropriate for an on-site guide).

Hypothetical Species/Item Clause section

I think it would be useful to have a section explaining how to use the Clauses to rule out sets. This is starting to approach "advanced" knowledge though, and I feel like in level 50 specifically, opportunities to use the Clauses to rule out sets are few and far between, so maybe emphasize that and explain that most of the time it won't be absolutely necessary to take the time to do this during a standard streak.

(The main situation where it would be used in a 49 wins attempt would be for the very last battle against a potential any-sets legendary (in HGSS only), although it can be used to rule out potential back-ups in any battle during this time I guess, and of course it becomes more important once you get to round 8. IF this section is to be included, the best way to explain how to use clauses would probably be with examples.)

Individual sets guide

I'm sort of torn as to whether these mini-reviews of all the early-game sets should be included in this at all. The current writing style might be too informal to be approved for on-site publication (I vaguely remember seeing a comment echoing this concern in Glen's thread) and at the very least you're gonna have to remove the swears lol

Having individual reviews of everything seems like overkill and it's probably more productive just to point out some specific "good sets". You already talk about 2 Pokemon cores for Round 2 and if you just add a sample list of "good" things to look out for in a round 1 Draft then maybe that would be sufficient?
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