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I'm currently busy with my other guide / uni work, but would it be possible for someone to do an OU Baton Pass guide? It was decided a while ago not to have analyses for baton passers (a few have slipped through, but still), and not to have such a strong strategy represented on site at all seems kind of wrong.

I suppose I could do it after the current one, but I'm sure there's someone better for the job.
can I make an article about PU? probably not but just want to know if it is possible since i would be more than willing to write it up.
If anyone wants to take over the Ubers Sand guide, it would probably be for the best. I've had a sudden influx of quite a lot of work and it won't get done for a while under my command.


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Going to put Team Rocket Elite's Battle Subway Pokémon and Trainers charts in article format, like Jump's Battle Tower Pokémon articles. Already got his permission, and Nexus's. <3

{ 16:20:38 PM } <Nexus> oh, sure go for it
Can I revamp the UU threatlist? It looks awfully outdated, including Pokemon that are so irrelevant (like Altaria and Emboar), while discluding extremely relevant Pokemon (such as Froslass and Umbreon).
I volunteer to do the UU Speed Tiers as I have metagame knowledge

EDIT: Oh dear, the above guy beat me to it. Ah well.

I'll ask him if I can have the spot

Also suggesting to be an author for a UU article: Guide to UU Stall
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