Tournament Gen 8 Camomons Tour I (Won by DugZa)

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in the hills

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Round 1

Karl Dude Guy
vs In The Hills
Mark K vs DugZa
Quantum Tesseract
vs GL Volkner
MultiAmmiratore vs The Number Man
MetaRiolu7 vs rozes
MorganORNot vs Shadowmonstr4
vs NovaFish21
Ho3nConfirm3d vs a loser
ice-master-523 vs Whitephoenixace
drampa's grandpa
vs pazza
K3ppr vs Euphonos
vs Andyboy
cscl vs Dragonillis
Sylveon. vs GΔCT
LaBalladeDesCieux vs Axgwd
kuyukihime vs Chazm

Highlight matches:
Funbot28 vs Andyboy... the ship continues
Quantum Tesseract vs GL Volkner

The deadline is 12/15 at 11:59PM EST.
GL Volkner

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My thoughts (because I can actually recognize all the names this time). Im just listing winners aint nobody got time to put the whole thing.

KarlDudeGuy- imagine losing to a metas tl. History as shown that tl's are worse than the actual players. Just look at flint.

Mark K- dug who ?

Tectonicdestroyer- I just hate physics ‍♀

Multiammiratore- putting respect on him cause I know he just came back from the dead

Metaiolu7- lucario is my favoruite pokemon so naturally someone rocking its per evos name has to win.

Shadowmonstr4- never heard of morgan tbh

Havens- i would say boyn out of spite of haven being chosen over me for blisseys, but plew plew hell turned that spite into pity.

A loser- surprisngly , this guy actually wins

Icemaster 523 - my pessimism dictated that if I vote for myself I lose and against I win.

Pazza- :jolt: :jolt: :jolt:

Euphonos- i like ur name

Funbot28- funbot more like GOATbot. Also i dont know what this ships about but. I ship it

Dragonillis- i like the blue in ur ps alt

Sylveon- i like sylveon aka TI's alt

Axgwd- ur name was easier to type

Chazm- do well my boy and may the :chazmtilt: ever be in your favor
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