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Pet Mod [Gen 8] Double Trouble [hiatus]

Since I can't vote for myself, Pokemon Guy wins this slate.

Slate 12: Flying-types :togekiss:

As you all know, Flying-type is fantastic in one way or another. They have good defensive qualities, most of them can learn Tailwind for speed control, and if they are given the chance to, Flying-type can be one of the best offensive types in the game. Gen 6 and Gen 8 is where they truly shine as an offensive type (at least before Dynamax was banned which made Togekiss in its peak). There aren't that many Flying-types in the rooster now, so good luck!

This slate will last until Tuesday 5th, May.

Stuff forbade for this slate:
:corviknight: Corviknight
:Gyarados: Gyarados
:swoobat: Swoobat (no)

bet someone's going to do mantine
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Pokemon: Noivern
85/70/80/107 (+10)/ 80/ 123 Overall: 545 (+30)
New Moves: Revelation Dance, Fire Blast, Mystical Fire, Icy Wind
New Ability: Aerilate
Overview: With Aerilate, Noivern can either utilize Choice Specs or Throat Spray for extra firepower with its boosted Hyper Voice (don't use Boomburst, it targets an ally and therefore wonky). Additionally, Noivern gets Revelation Dance (not boosted by Aerilate by the way) as its single target Flying-type attack, and Fire Blast for threatening Steel-types such as Corviknight and Melmetal. With its fantastic speed, Noivern will be a fearsome offensive threat.
:swoobat: Swoobat (no)

bet someone's going to do mantine
OK man I'm gonna annoy you even more

Pokemon: Woobat (XD lol)
Stats: 69/50/68/135/90/138
New Moves: Psystrike, Quiver Dance, Roost, Air Slash, Helping Hand
New Ability: Friend Guard
Overview: I want to see the world burn to a blind bat thingy, also it can use eviolite as it isnt fully evolved, also Im pranking HeatEdgeSword so…

Pokemon: Mantine
Stats: 85/40/75/95/150/125
New Moves: U-Turn, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Energy Ball, Weather Ball, Heal Pulse, Helping Hand, Life Dew
New Ability: Mega Launcher
Overview: Here, happy?

Also don't ban me
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I actually wanted to do Noivern.

Pokemon: Woobat (XD lol)
Stats: 65/60/55/125/85/135
New Moves: Psystrike, Quiver Dance, Roost, Air Slash
Overview: I want to see the world burn to a blind bat thingy, also it can use eviolite as it isnt fully evolved, also Im pranking HeatEdgeSword so…
No u

Pokemon: Drifblim
Stats: 150 / 40 (-40) / 85 (+41) / 110 (+20) / 85 (+31) / 60 (-20) (BST: 530)
New Moves: Seismic Toss, Taunt, Trick Room, Follow Me
New Ability: Unaware
Overview: Say no u to Woobat with this special support Drifblim, also comes with free Special Attack increase. Note it’s access to Shadow Ball, and it’s natural leaning toward Trick Room tactics. Potential sample sets make use of Unaware wall, Flame Orb Special killer, and more!

And to make sure...
Pokemon: Butterfree
Stats: 70 (+10) / 45 / 40 (-10) / 130 (+40) / 90 (+10) / 140 (+70) (BST: 515)
New Ability: Simple Ice Scales
New moves: Thunderbolt, Heat Wave
Overview: Ultra Special Attacker with sleep causing moves, allowing your Drifblim to rest peacefully while you Quiver Dance to fame. Let this beauty win your games as your opponents watch in terror. Just, don’t send it in to Stealth Rock. Or Rock types, those are this butterfly’s nightmares. Let the tied and tested Butterfly Effect set run havoc among your enemies, or use the Ice Scales set to wall you’re opponents to the moon and back!
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Oops, I forgot it's supposed to end on Thursday. Anyway, with 2 votes, I win this slate.

:ribombee: Slate 13: Fairy-types :alcremie:
Fairy-types are all-around strong with their good defensive capabilities and nice offensive coverage. Of course, not all Fairy-types are winners, some Pokemon like Mawile is very underwhelming (without Mega Evolution), and none of Gen 8 Fairy-types get Moonblast with the sole exception of Zacian.

Stuff forbade for this slate:
Nothing, just don't buff Zacian.

The submission slate will end on Wednesday, 13th May. After that, we will move on to the voting slate.
Pokemon: Aromatisse
Stats: 101/82 (+10)//72/99/99 (+10)/59 (+30)
New Moves: Rain Dance (removed), Foul Play, Role Play, Baby-Doll Eyes
New Ability: N/A
Overview: I decided to remove Rain Dance because it doesn't and will not have any Water type moves in its movepool. I did decide to buff up Aromatisse's attack stat a bit, so I could add more physical moves I could have added in the first place in its movepool. But I only decided to add Foul Play because you could beat a ton of mons with it. This means Aromatisse could be more of a Physical attacker. I also decided to add 30 speed because I thought it was a bit too slow. Oh yeah, it can also resist Special Attacks better. Cool.
Hopefully less busted this time

Pokemon: Alcremie
Stats: 70 (+10) / 60 / 90 (+15) / 125 (+15) / 120 (-1) / 40 (-24) (BST: 515)
New Moves: Reflect (Light Screen but no Reflect? Blasphemy!), Moonblast, Wish, Will-O-Wisp
New Ability: Natural Cure
Overview: Stat redistributions, allowing it to function either as a nice wall, or a Special Attacker with Punch. As a supporter, it can also give Wish support or set up dual screens. It is versatile, but unfortunately rather slow. It’s mediocre stats means that while it still packs a punch specially, they aren’t really making her go anywhere, besides Trick Room teams... again.

Pokemon: Alolan Ninetales
Stats: 75 (+2) / 45 (-22) / 80 (+5) / 120 (+39) / 80 (-20) / 120 (+11) (BST: 520)
New moves: Hyper Voice, Energy Ball, Earth Power
New Ability: Refrigerate, Pixilate
Overview: Blistering Special Attack and Speed compensates for glassy defenders and poor Attack to allow her to function as a powerful Hail Attacker, with perfect Blizzards, incredible coverage in Energy Ball, Hex, Psyshock and Earth Power, and a blistering Speed Stat that allows her to outspeed the crowded 100s. With high Speed, good Attacks and brilliant stats, what could go wrong? Just don’t send her in to a Steel-type, they can and will massacre you.

Pokemon: Weezing-Galar
Stats: 75 (+10)/90/120/85/85 (+15)/60 (515 BST)
New Moves: Recover, Follow Me
New Ability: N/A
Overview: Weezing-Galar gets some additional bulk and the means to use it properly, with a recovery move much more reliable than Pain Split and the option to act as a Follow Me user to allow its teammates to do as they please.
Seems like we have a tie here that I cannot break. I guess Adou and かたわれ時 both won, congratulations! Both of them will have their submissions placed.

:gardevoir: Slate 14: Psychic-type :gallade:
Throughout history, Psychic-type has been on a bumpy road. While they were considered too powerful due to a very poor balance in Generation 1, since then, Psychic-types were considered average with the weaker types getting more buffs and their downsides becoming significantly worse as their only useful resistance is Fighting and their coverage is underwhelming. Gen 7 initially gave them high hopes with Psychic Surge giving birth to Psyspam, then everything changes when the fire nation attacks Incnieroar gets Intimidate and broke Psyspam into pieces. And as you all know, Incineroar is still roaming, try to find a way to buff Psychic-types to acceptable levels.

This slate will last until Wednesday, 20th May!

Pokemon forbade for this slate:
:indeedee-f: Female Indeedee
:mew: Mew
:celebi: Celebi (already buffed)
:gothitelle: Gothitelle line
:swoobat: Swoobat line (>:( )
Giving anything new Psychic Surge
:slowpoke: Slowpoke line (its evolutions aren't in the game nor you can transfer its regular forms yet)
Necrozma and Mewtwo.

Pokemon: Reuniclus
Stats: 120 (+10) / 40 (-25) / 90 (+15) / 145 (+20) / 90 (+10) / 30 (BST: 520)
New moves: Wish, Heat Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Volt Switch
Overview: Your favourite blob of psychic slime is back, and it’s even stronger than before! Even more bulk and even higher Special Attack gives it even more diversity, with powerful moves giving it beautiful coverage, and the bulk to take some really strong hits. Couple that with Volt Switch Regenerator shenanigans, and you have a perfect bulky support Attacker that you can scout opponents with! The only thing that is not really good about it is it’s low speed and inability to abuse Knock Off, but who cares when it’s so good?
Sigh, I really do like Trick Room, do I?

Pokemon: Malamar
Stats: 80 (-6) / 125 (+33) / 60 (-28) / 50 (-18) / 60 (-15) / 115 (+42) (BST: 520)
New Moves: Hammer Arm
Overview: Remember that funny gimmick Gamefreak did with a Contrary user with Superpower but bad stats? Prepare for that same gimmick to ruin your games. Ok not exactly ruin, but it is really hard to deal with after it’s in for long enough. With far higher Attack and Speed (as well as heavily minmaxed defenses to compensate), this thing isn’t a huge buff compared to before. But stick around long enough and Superpower and Contrary in tandem will make this thing even harder to handle! And it’s fast enough to outspeed the majority of the metagame! It can even spam STAB Knock Off well! (Ouch that will make your enemies cry) Of course, it’s poor defenses are something, and it’s weakness to Fairy-types and a double weakness to Bug-types (thankfully rare) compound its offensive capabilities a bit. But as long as you keep this away from Durant you should be fine!
Pokemon: Gallade
68/125/65/65/115/110 (+30) Overall: 548 (+30)
New Moves: Parting Shot, Mach Punch, Sacred Sword, Meteor Mash
New Ability: Mirror Armor, Shield Dust
Overview: Gallade was very underwhelming, so I decided to boost its speed to be faster than Keldeo and Terrakion. Parting Shot enables Gallade to switch out as well as support its teammate by lowering its opponent's offensive stats with Mach Punch acting as a priority move to pick up weakened foe, something that Terrakion and Keldeo lack. Sacred Sword and Meteor Mash were added purely for flavor. Mirror Armor reflects Intimidate drop and something like Glaciate's speed drop to its foe, eliminating any worry of its crucial stats being reduced unless it's self-inflicted. Shield Dust prevents being flinched from Fake Out and Burn from Scald, which can otherwise be crippling for Gallade.

Pokemon: Orbeetle
Stats: 70 (+10)/ 45/ 120 (+10)/ 100 (+20)/ 130 (+10)/ 90 Overall: 555 (+50)
New Moves: Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Wide Guard, Pollen Puff
New Ability: Friend Guard
Overview: With its newly gained Friend Guard and increased bulk, Orbeetle can either function as a support mon with Recover for itself to stay longer for Friend Guard or Pollen Puff to recover its partner with the added benefit of punishing redirection or a Calm Mind attacker. However, its biggest drawback is its weaknesses all being common even with Wide Guard able to block Rock Slide, so having teammates that can take care well of them is definitely needed for it to function well.
:dragapult:Slate 15: Dragon-types :kyurem:
Once limited to the Dragonite line, more Dragon-type Pokemon were introduced as time went on. While they are renowned for their good resistances and fantastic neutral coverage, with Dragapult being amazing for its high speed and Kyurem now learning Freeze-dry to deal with Water-types. However, there's a number of them that are very lackluster, to say the least. Haxorus never saw any usage since pulling off Dragon Dance is significantly harder, Goodra has a spectacular special bulk but doesn't offer much. And Appletun and Flapple were just plain weird. Try and find a way to improve them.

Pokemon forbade for this slate:
:dracovish: Dracovish
:dracozolt: Dracozolt

Adding Clangorous Soul to those that don't have it
:Noivern: Noivern (already done)

The submission slate will conclude on Wednesday, 27th May!
Lol I didn’t notice

Pokemon: Goodra
Stats: 110 (+20) / 60 (-40) / 70 / 150 (+40) / 150 / 60 (-20) (BST: 600)
New ability: Thick Fat
New moves: Heat Wave, Wish, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot
Overview: Boosted Special Attack now makes Goodra ridiculously scary, with powerful Special spread moves in Heat Wave, Muddy Water and Sludge Wave dealing large amounts of damage to a majority of the metagame. Gooey discourages Physical attackers, while Special Attackers are forced to deal with its ridiculous Special bulk, higher HP, and Thick Fat removing one potential weakness. In addition, Sludge Wave and Dragon Pulse effectively removes any weaknesses. It’s great bulk is now also complemented by a far larger range of status moves, allowing it to WishPass, set up with Substitute, and Toxic other Pokemon. The only middling factor is its middle-range Speed, letting it outspeed nothing and making it unable to abuse Gooey.

The next one is so powerful after stat boosts that we don’t even need additional moves!
Pokemon: Drampa
Stats: 100 (+22) / 50 (-15) / 90 (+5) / 155 (+20) / 100 (+9) / 25 (-11) (BST: 515)
New ability: Inner Focus
Overview: Drampa has a ridiculously huge Special movepool, like Goodra. This time however, what differentiates it from Goodra is its low Speed, lower Special Defense and higher Defense. Inner Focus also grants it immunity to Fake Out, and providing a sense of uncertainty over whether its Inner Focus or Berserk they’ll have to deal with. All in all, this Pokemon is nearly impossible to kill, especially with proper weather support (Inner Focus replaces Cloud Nine btw), with its only weakness being its medium bulk, if that can even be a weakness at all.

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