Pet Mod [Gen 8] Double Trouble

Alright, with Doubles OU's suspect test concluded with a ban on Dynamax, we're back in business! This also means that we need to have a different mindset when buffing a Pokemon by not taking Dynamax into account.

Furthermore, I would like to standardize some of the rules:
- The submission slate would usually last for 5 days
- The voting slate will last for 2 days
- During the voting slate, you cannot make any changes to your submissions unless you make obvious errors.
- I also would encourage you to vote for which one seems like the most fun and/or balanced. You don't necessarily have to follow it, anything goes.

:torkoal: Slate 9: Sun :Charizard:

Sun was at its peak when Dynamax is allowed and Venusaur getting buff. G-Max Charizard was a particular menace with G-Max Wildfire able to do chip damage on foes that aren't Fire-type and boosting its speed with Max Airstream. While Venusaur doesn't seem to be greatly affected by the Dynamax ban besides Sleep Powder so far, Charizard isn't as good as it was before. In this slate, we will continue the Sun hype train. Check out some abilities that interacted with sun such as Solar Power and Chlorophyll. The submission slate will end on Monday, 13th April!

Pokemon forbade for this submission:
- Venusaur
- Vileplume (already buffed)
- Having a Drought user with over 100 Sp.Attack or Attack
Setters are the players

Pokémon: Torkoal
New Stats: 70/90/145/90/75/25 (+5 all stats)
New Moves: Shell Trap

Pokémon: Ninetales
New Ability: Flash Fire / Magic Bounce / (Drought)
New Stats: 73/76/80/100/100/130 (+5 Def, +30 Speed, +MAX Sp. Attack)
New Moves: Solar Beam, Glare, Cosmic Power
New Stats:90/115(+15)/60/90/110(+50)/100(+20)/565(+85)
New Moves:Fire Punch,Ice Punch,Close Combat,U-Turn
Overview:Will add later
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Pokemon: Ninetales
Stats: 73/76/85 (+10)/ 91 (+10)/ 120 (+20)/ 110 (+10) Overall: 555 (+50)
New Moves: Volt Switch, Aura Sphere, Moonblast, Shock Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Focus Blast, Healing Wish
Overview: Generation 8 was crazy when it comes to buffing older Pokemon's movepool, yet strangely enough, Ninetales is one of the exceptions. So I decided to reflect that by giving Ninetales wacky moves. Volt Switch enables Ninetales to easily switch another sun attacker out, Moonblast can threaten Dragapult while Aura Sphere does so to Tyranitar. As for Ninetales's buffed stats, it can now outspeed Keldeo and Terrakion (though it's only useful against the former since Sun lowers the power of Water-type) and can take special hits better.

Pokemon: Celebi
New Ability: Solar Power
Overview: Celebi isn't a noteworthy Pokemon in Doubles despite its impressive movepool. So I decided to give it Solar Power to take advantage of its good coverage and call it a day. Anyway, with Solar Power active, Celebi is able to heavily dent Melmetal and Tyranitar. Since I can't buff its stats at all, Celebi is forced to speed tie with Charizard.
Maybe I’ll come back. Who knows?

HeatEdgeSword (because Special Attacks are awesome, nice formatting is cool and overviews are a must.) (actually the real reason is because I think Shiftry would be Toon overpowered and I prefer the other Ninetales)
Congratulation myself for winning! Moving on to the next slate.

:melmetal: Slate 10: Steel-type :corviknight:
Steel-types are renowned for their amazing defensive capability. Some of them can even pack a punch such as Melmetal and Durant. However, the lineup we have so far is quite limited. Find some Steel-types that deserve a boost.

Pokemon forbade for submission:
Jirachi (banned in doubles)


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Pokemon: Lucario
Stats: 70 / 115 (+5) / 70 / 120 (+5) / 70 / 110 (+20) Overall: 555 (+30)
New Ability: Inner Focus / Competitive | Justified
Overview: Lucario has the potential to do great in Doubles, but is held back by mediocre stats. Now with a bump in both attacking stats and a big speed bump, lucario has the tools it needs to strike out in Doubles. Inner Focus giving Luke both an Intimidate and flinch immunity gives lucario a great niche as an attacker not thwarted by traditional means of crippling mons in the meta. Competitive also puts special variants on the map. It does still hate bulky Ghost types, but that is solved with..

Pokemon: Perrserker
Stats: 85 (+15) / 125 (+15) / 100 / 50 / 80 (+20) / 60 (+10) Overall: 500 (+60)
New Moves: Follow Me, Helping Hand, Knock Off, Bullet Punch
Overview: Perrserker helps out Lucario immensely by being able to power up its Steel type moves, while being able to defeat Ghost and Flying types very handily, while Lucario deals with Terrakion for it.
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Pokémon: Meltan
Stats: 66/80/95/165/85/105
New Moves: Recover, Refresh, Calm Mind, Wide Guard, Heal Pulse, Rapid Spin, Ice Beam, Tri Attack, Life Dew, Autotomize, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Power Gem, Rage, Dragon Dance, Follow Me (Meltan's Original moveset sucked)
New Abilities: Adaptability / Magnet Pull / (Huge Power)
Overview: Changed from garbage to monster.

Pokémon: Mawile
Stats: 70/95/90/55/85/55
New Moves: Trick Room, Life Dew, Follow Me (Event Exclusive, Only with steelworker)
New Ability: Huge Power (Event Exclusive, incompatible with Follow Me), Steelworker (Also event exclusive but comes with follow me)
Overview: Return to its Previous fame as mega mawile, this is a good sweeper and follow me user and assists meltan and other steel types
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Pokemon: Copperajah
Stats: 122/130/74 (+5)/ 80/ 89 (+20)/ 30 Overall: 525 (+25)
New Ability: Flash Fire
Overview: While people did experiment with Copperajah in early SwSh, Copperajah turned out to be not so worthy in DOU and the existence of Melmetal means there's no reason to use it anymore. So I decided to give Copperajah Flash Fire and raising its special defense to distinguish Melmetal. Flash Fire eliminates its Fire weakness that most Steel-types suffer from and could synergize with Heat Crash. Not much to say beyond that since I didn't make any modifications to its movepool as I felt content with it.

Pokemon: Dugtrio-Alola
Stats: 55 (+20)/ 115 (+15)/ 100 (+40)/ 50/ 70/ 110 Overall: 500 (+75)
New Moves: Storm Throw, Cross Chop, Body Press (lol), Swords Dance
New Ability: Tough Claws
Overview: Steel-type combined with Ground-type would have been a fantastic offensive type combination, but Alolan Dugtrio didn't see that much usage in general due to all its abilities being useless. To remedy this, Dugtrio now gains Tough Claws to pick what Mega Metagross left off but much frailer, boosting the power of its STABs such as High Horsepower and Iron Head as well as its priority move, Sucker Punch to threaten faster Pokemon like Dragapult. Storm Throw acts as an answer to Acid Armor Melmetal and an emergency button if Dugtrio gets too many attack drops. I want to see if we can have a fast Iron Defense user just for laugh and giggles, so I gave Dugtrio Body Press to see if can take advantage of it or not. While I did boost its defense to acceptable levels, its HP stat still leaves a lot to be desired, making it a easy target for revenge killer if the moves that it needs to use can't cut it.

...Dugtrio getting Tough Claws make sense since it gets several slashing moves.
HeatEdgeSword am I allowed to have meltan able to use eviolite?
Also do you remember that I gave you the win on slate 4?
Pokemon: Bisharp
Stats: 65 / 135 (+10) / 70 (-30) / 60 / 70 / 110 (+40) (BST 510)
New moves: Bullet Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
New ability: Defiant / Steelworker (Pressure)
Overview: Bisharp is now faster and hurts a teeny bit more. A new ability in Steelworker also makes all its Steel-type Attacks hurt harder, combined with higher Attack, makes it a real pain. Combined with boosted priority ad you got a real monster. Errr... unfortunately that doesn’t handle its weakness: Fighting-types, although it’s other weaknesses are covered by the nice elemental punches it got. It’s also rather frail, so good luck facing a faster foe.
All-out attacker (aka who cares about Protect?)
Bisharp @ Choice Band / Choice Scarf
Ability: Steelworker
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant / Jolly Nature
- Iron Head
- Knock Off
- Sucker Punch / Bullet Punch
- Ice Punch

Swords Dance
Bisharp @ Focus Sash
Ability: Steelworker
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant / Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Iron Head / Knock Off
- Sucker Punch / Bullet Punch
- Protect

Pokemon: Escavalier
Stats: 100 (+30) / 125 (-10) / 125 (+20) / 40 (-20) /115 (+10) / 20 (BST: 525)
New moves: Leech Life, Wide Guard, King’s Shield
New ability: Swarm / Shell Armor (Overcoat)
Overview: Bulky and Strong is the name of the game here with Escavalier. Buffed Up stats allows it to take hits on both sides of the move category spectrum, while still being decently strong. However, it isn’t very fast, so it’s Bulk is definitely going to be tested as it will be guaranteed to take some hits, although the slow speed lends itself to Trick Room tactics. It also has that crippling weakness to Fire-type moves, giving it a high chance of meeting something that runs Fire coverage and getting KOed.
All sets can be reworked with 0 Spe IVs and a -Spe Nature to be configured for TR sets

Escavalier @ Aguav Berry
Ability: Overcoat
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Iron Head
- X-Scissor / Leech Life
- Drill Run
- Protect

Escavalier @ Leftovers
Ability: Overcoat
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Leech Life
- Toxic
- Wide Guard
- Protect

Escavalier @ Leftovers
Ability: Overcoat
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
IVs: 30 HP
- Swords Dance
- Substitute
- Iron Head / Leech Life
- Leech Life / Protect
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With only one vote, lolgod3 wins this slate.

:terrakion: Slate 11: Fighting-types :keldeo:
Over the generations, Fighting-type has been a mixed bag. On the one hand, they are fierce hard-hitters with their fabulous coverage and high powered moves such as Close Combat. On the other hand, Generation 7 is where their performance is at their all-time low since Gen 1 with the dominance of the Tapu, with the only exceptions being Kommo-o due to its powerful Z-move and Scrafty having a niche of not having Fire-type weaknesses. So far, things have been looking good for them now. However, things might change drastically with the return of the Tapu. Or you can find other overlooked Fighting-types and find a way to buff them.

Stuff forbade for this slate:

... and I bet someone's going to do Body Press Cobalion sooner or later.
New Moves:Close Combat,Thunder Punch
Overview:A Fake Out Fighting type sounds overdone but Toxicroak has has a nice with it's Poison Typing with Stab Gunk Shot for Clef and Sucker Punch for faster ghost types
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Pokemon: Lucario
Stats: 80/135/75/75/75/135
New Moves: Mach Punch, Meteor Assault, Dragon Dance, Breaking Swipe
New Abilities: Pure Power (I want to see the world burn) Adaptability
Overview: Why didn't this beast get mach punch before? a bit of minmaxing and limiting its special potential to get the desired effect. No seriously, if pure power is allowed I would put it on this thing.

(if you really want it)
Pokemon: Cobalion
Stats: 80/100/130/100/80/110
New Moves: Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Meteor Mash, Follow Me, Body Press (Here)
New Abilities: Tough Claws, Stalwart (Hidden Ability, unavalable until June)
Overview: You asked for it. BTW Stalwart is a prank.

Also I hate conkeldurr for sweeping my team in shared power NVM
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Pokémon: Sirfetch'd
Stats: 82/135/115/68/82/65
New Moves: Bulk Up, Drill Run
New Ability: None
Overview: Sirfetch'd but with better overall bulk, though it's unchanged Special Defense can be patched up with an Assault Vest. A nuke with access to Close Combat, Intimidate immunity + Ghost-type bypass in the form of Scrappy, and Bulk Up (or Curse in a Trick Room team) allows it for destroying key targets, with Poison Jab giving a bad surprise on any Tapu, especially in Trick Room.
Pokemon: Bewear
Stats: 120/125/80/55/70/70
New Moves: Crush Grip (came back), Wild Charge, Pollen Puff
New Ability: N/A
Overview: WIP
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There sure is more submissions than usual. SlowAndBruh Hitmontop has already been done in Slate 5, so I won't place it for voting slate, sorry that I failed to inform you!

Pokemon: Passimian
Stats: 100/120/95 (+5) /40/80 (+20)/ 96 (+16) Overal: 531 (+41)
New Moves: High Horsepower, Stomping Tantrum, Play Rough, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Body Press
New Ability: Friend Guard
Overview: Just a Passimian that is buffed to be more suited for competitive battles. With its better speed, Passimian no longer reliant on Choice Scarf, though it can be a great Scarf user to outspeed Terrakion and Scarf Darmanitan. Its buffed special defense also allows Passimian to take a Life Orb Draco Meteor from Dragapult. Friend Guard can be useful to reduce damage to its ally and bluff Defiant to make a player think twice before sending out Incineroar. Receiver sucked, don't ever use that.

Pokemon: Toxicroak
Stats: 83/126 (+20)/ 80 (+15)/86/ 90 (+25)/ 100 (+15) Overall: 565 (+75)
New Moves: Close Combat, Mach Punch, Parting Shot, Circle Throw
New Ability: Scrappy
Overview: With its newly gained Scrappy, it not only enables Toxicroak to use Fake Out and Close Combat on Ghost-types like Dragapult, Scrappy now blocks attack drop from Intimidate, which is a huge plus for Toxicroak. Not much else to say, really.
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The reason why you should have banned something:
Pokemon: Falinks
Stats: 85 (+20) / 140 (+40) / 110 (+10) / 70 / 60 / 45 (-30) (BST: 510)
New Moves: U-Turn
New Ability: Simple (or Sheer Force if that’s too much)
Description: No holding back now. Falinks in full glory form. I would have given it Huge Power but here definitely would have been difficulties with that. With crazy Attack, U-Turn AND No Retreat, you can omniboost and get out of bad situations! Poison Jab, Rock Slide and Throat Chop provides nice coverage. Low speed essentially makes sure that this thing is in check, but you can always change that with Trick Room shenanigans.

Pokemon: Pangoro
New Stats: 95 / 115 (-9) / 80 (+2) / 110 (+41) / 70 (-1) / 40 (-18) (BST: 510)
New Ability: Sheer Force
Description: This was originally meant as a meme, but it’s Special movepool wasn’t lacking, so it could actually work as a mixed attacker. Especially with Sheer Force. Low Speed means ideal for Trick Room teams.
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