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Welcome to OptiMons, a Pet Mod where each Pokemon is optimized to their full extent. Here's the guidelines to define what 'optimized' means:
  1. A Pokemon becomes optimized once they have been given all of the necessary tools to be used to their highest ability. Be it a small change, be it a big change: a Pokemon has its limits. Nothing is broken, intentionally at least.
  2. No Pokemon will be injured, or de-optimized if you will. No Uber Pokemon will be dropped down with nerfs allowed, as that defeats the entire purpose of optimizing a Pokemon.
  3. In order to create an optimization, think of a Pokemon's inherit flaws. Then, work around these flaws by including slight tweaks to turn these flaws into non-issues. That will make a Pokemon fully optimized.
  4. Once a Pokemon is optimized, it can be amended if the community decides that a.) the optimization makes the Pokemon too powerful, or b.) the optimization turns out to not be as useful as expected.
Here is an example of an optimized Pokemon:

Inteleon [Optimized]
Abilities: Torrent | [HA] Infiltrator
Stats: 70 HP / 75 Atk / 75 Def / 125 SpA / 85 SpD / 120 Spe [BST 550]
Added Moves: Taunt, Encore, Hyper Voice, Psychic, Sludge Wave
Summary of Changes: -10 Atk, +10 Def, +20 SpD

Inteleon's key flaws include non existant bulk, a mediocre ability, a lack of coverage, and inability to stand out as an offensive Water type. However, by adding more bulk and giving it access to utility such as Taunt, Inteleon becomes a much more optimized version of itself. Furthermore, its brand new and unique Water - Normal typing carves out a niche as a normal type in a tier where normal types are lacking. Psychic is given to allow it to hit Toxapex, which otherwise gives it trouble, and Sludge Wave for Grasses and to gain a potential +1 with Dynamax. Primarina has now become more optimized because it has the ability to break through its common roadblocks, it's more reliable as an offensive Pokemon, and it has just enough bulk to give itself an defensive utility. Inteleon's not overpowered since it still suffers from priority, and the over abundance of Ghost types in the tier, and its inability to break past defensive teams.

If you'd like to use the above format, here's the code!

[B]pokemon [Optimized][/B]
Added Moves:
Summary of Changes:
Here are some common questions which will be asked:
  • What are the set limitations / common sense rules?
Although input from the community is obviously the goal, I'd like to reserve the right to have the ultimate decision fall upon me (and a council, if it garners support). Since we don't want anything asinine or something that's just not completely filled with idea behind it, then just having me or a council do it makes most sense to me. I feel like since optimization is tweaking of already existing, addition shouldn't be too much. I feel like it's more of a logical standpoint. Typing, too, but only in specific rare cases. Here's an example. Giving Dunsparce 105 Speed since it's based slightly off a bumble bee, so Ribombee has high speed, so Dunsparce should as well. That is not an optimization, it's a reach and a half. However, making Dunsparce Normal / Poison is logical, as it's based off of a serpent, and does optimize it in that it neutralizes its Fighting-type weakness and gives it a new set of resistances to work with. Obviously more would be added, but the first example is overzealous and not logical to me.
  • What actually determines if a Pokemon is to be optimized?
Here's how I see it. Mega Evolutions give Pokemon the ability to be optimized. For example, Charizard wasn't a good Pokemon in OU compared to before it became able to Mega. Becoming OU viable is the goal, or even just make it a tier higher. For example, making Kangaskhan a lot more viable in RU than it might be already. The gap between NU and OU is very rarely going to be fixed. That isn't the point. The goal in my eyes is to make a Pokemon the best version of themselves. A 2.0 if you will. My example, Primarina, is now viable in OU, logical and would be able to hold its own. The way I see it, it's like giving a Pokemon an ability to get the spotlight that Mega Pokemon receive, without making them Mega Evolutions or giving the "vibe" of a Mega. The purpose of this is to optimize a Pokemon so that they've essentially become a 2.0 of themselves, without breaking the Pokemon's identity. Making Primarina very fast and strong while lowering defenses to make up for it erases Primarina's base. I want to see Tyranitar to Tyranitar-Mega: similar concepts, but with one having a unique twist (higher bulk and Speed). I do not want to see a Diancie to Diancie-Mega: exchange defenses with attacking stats to create a whole new concept. The concept should be intertwined with the base Pokemon. This makes it not arbitrary or opinionated as if we went with how Diancie's Mega Evolution did, people could easily argue it wasn't optimized because it lost the base form in itself and became an entirely new object. I want it to be seen as an upgrade, not an evolution.

Have fun!

Here is the spreadsheet list of mons
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Something important to note, OptiMons will be starting fresh, since we are Optimizing Pokémon for a completely fresh metagame! While this Pet Mod will be based within the general caveats of Regional Dex OU, from time to time we may sneak open the borders to allow the weakest of foreigners in to give them a new lease on life.


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Slate 1: Fresh Off The Boat

These three Pokémon do not evolve, and while they do have potential in regards to their gimmicks, those gimmicks alone do not cut it. Give these Pokémon the tools they need to succeed in OU!

Falinks [Optimized]
Type: Fighting / Steel
Abilities: Battle Armor | Defiant (HA)
Stats: 75 / 110 / 110 / 95 / 90 / 80
Added Moves: Body Press, Stored Power
Summary of Changes: The addition of Steel typing prevents it from being shut down by Toxic and gives it a useful secondary STAB to hit Fairy types and avoid lowering its defenses if it doesn't need to. An overall boost to stats helps it swing with the big boys, but most notably the Spe now outpaces base 130s at +1. I think Close Combat + Iron Head + Zen Headbutt or Throat Chop covers most of what it wants from attacks already, but Body Press and Stored Power opens up the potential for a bulky setup set to work.​
Abilities:Gulp Missile/Protean
Sp. Atk:115(+30)
Sp. Def:125(+20)
New Moves:ThunderBolt,Volt Switch,Earth Power,Calm Mind
Meet The Cramorant That doesn't suck but now has the tools to be a good pivot/set up sweeper
Water,Ice,Electric,Flying and Ground hit different thing well and with Protean he gets stab on all of them and the stat buffs means Cramorant can get in and do some Protean based damage and then Volt Switch out

Cramorant @ Leftovers
Ability: Protean
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch/Thunderbolt
- Scald
- Roost
- Defog/Hurricane

Falinks [Optimized]
Ability:Battle Armor/Moxie/Defiant
Sp. Atk:70
Sp. Def:75(+15)
New moves:N/A
Base Stat Boost+Moxie

Ability:Ice Face
Ice face
Sp. Atk:65
Sp. Def:90

Noice Face
Sp. Atk:65
Sp. Def:50

New moves:Wild Charge,Close Combat

The extra atk+boltbeam means the eiscue can use ice face+belleydrum and win
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Ema Skye


Falinks [Optimized]
Abilities: Skill Link / Defiant / Technician
Stats: 65 / 110 / 110 / 70 / 60 / 95
Added Moves: Bone Rush, Rock Blast, Pin Missile, Power Trip
Summary of Changes: +10 Atk / +10 Def / +20 Spe
Description: A unique type combo immediately gives it a way to set itself apart. Bone Rush is a 125 BP STAB and Rock Blast is a 125 BP coverage move. Pair with No Retreat and Close Combat and you really don’t need anything else. You have Power Trip if you really hate Unaware.

Skill Link makes too much sense on this mon imo.​

Cramorant [Optimized]
Abilities: Gulp Missile
Stats: 170 / 55 / 55 / 85 / 95 / 45
Added Moves: U-Turn
Summary of Changes: (+100 HP, -30 Atk, -40 Spe
Description: Extra HP means it fires off more missiles, which is its main niche. U-Turn allows it’s teammates to take advantage of the Defense drop or paralysis. U-Turn also allows you to conserve your missile for later as you maintain the form if you switch out.​
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Sure, I can do a little optimizing to Eiscue so there's at least one for all of them. Let's see...

Eiscue [Optimized]
Type: Ice
Ability: Ice Face (Effect remains the same)
Stats (Ice Face): 75 / 90 / 110 / 85 / 100 / 50
Stats (Noice Face): 75 / 90 / 70 / 85 / 60 / 130
(+10 Atk, +20 SpA, +10 SpD to both forms)
New moves: Nasty Plot, Ice Shard, Extrasensory

The main problem with Eiscue is how its offensive stats, speed of Noice aside, are either only decent (80 Atk) or downright unviable (65 SpA). Bumping those up, as well as giving it a little extra special defense, makes it a little better, but the three moves also help it out. Ice Shard is a good priority move that I question why it doesn't have, Nasty Plot provides an alternative setup move if you'd rather retain your HP instead of burning half of it up, and Extrasensory... Honestly, that one's more of a flavor-esque addition based on the hair thing. It also provides it at least some way to hit the things that would resist Normal/Ice/Water, since those are its main special moves.​

Cramorant [Optimized]

Ability: Gulp Missile
(Now it can change into Gulping or Gorging form when using any Water-type move. Lowers the attacker's Attack instead of their Defense)
Stats: 125 / 75 / 85 / 75 / 105 / 65
Added Moves: U-turn, Bulk Up, Body Press, Calm Mind, Haze
Summary of Changes: +55 HP / -10 Atk / +30 Def / -10 SpA / +10 SpD / -20 Spe
Gulp Missile in theory does sound like a cool idea, being able to do 1/4 Hp of your attacker's damage sounds great for making a defensive Pokémon not all that passive...only if this thing's defenses weren't so piss poor to take a hit, didn't rely on the not-so useful Surf and Dive to activate the ability and had some useful support moves. This optimized form gives it the ability to finally be the defensive force it was destined to be: Gulp Missile's changes mean that now it can use actually useful Water-type moves such as Scald or Liquidation to activate it and that the foe won't hit as hard. Much better defenses help to tank hits and Bulk Up, Body Press and Calm Mind might serve for a bulky set up set. Haze is just to stop sweepers and U-turn is for pivoting purposes (forgot it didn't already learn it)​
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I like the Fighting/Ground Falinks, so (for what it's worth) that one has my vote. It doesn't give Falinks absurd stat bloat like the 570 BST idea, but unique typing backed by powerful moves and an omniboost makes it an attractive option for offensive teams.

I also have my own suggestion for an improved Cramorant.


Abilities: Gulp Missile(When using Surf, Dive, or Waterfall, Cramorant will change into Gulping Form if it has over 50% max HP or Gorging Form if it has less than 50% max HP. If hit afterwards, form reverts and it shoots out its prey to attack, doing 1/4th of opponent's maximum HP in damage. If the Cramorant was in Gulping Form, the opponent's Defense and Special Defense are lowered 1 stage. If the Cramorant was in Gorging Form, the opponent is paralyzed. )
HP: 120
ATK: 95
DEF: 65
SPA: 95
SPD: 95
SPE: 45
Adjusted BST: 515 (+50 HP, +10 ATK, +10 DEF, +10 SPATK, -40 SPE)
Added moves: Avalanche, Focus Blast, U-Turn, Waterfall
I agree that making Cramorant a slow pivot would allow its allies to better utilize the effects of Gulp Missile. In addition, making it slower means that Cramorant itself will be able to use the Defense (and newly added Special Defense) drop the turn it happens, so opponents can't trigger Gulp Missile and immediately switch out to negate the debuffs. Doubling down on this, I gave it both slightly increased offensive stats and a more usable physical move to activate Cramorant's ability. While Cramorant does not have access to any boosting moves, it now has usable bulk, good defensive typing, hazard removal, and recovery, along with both physical and special options for Water, Ice, Fighting, and Flying attacks, carving it a new niche.
Edit: Specifically, the reason I chose to give it Waterfall instead of just proposing Gulp Missile work with Liquidation is that Waterfall fits the theme of the ability far better, and I refuse to completely disregard flavor.
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Eiscue [Optimized]
Abilities: Ice Face, Noice - Swift Swim
Stats: Ice Face - Stats: 95 HP (+20) / 80 Atk / 120 Def (+10) / 65 SpA / 110 (+20) SpD / 50 Spe [BST 470], Noice - 95 HP (+20) / 90 Atk (+10) / 70 Def / 85 SpA (+20) / 50 SpD / 130 Spe [BST 470]
Added Moves: Ice Shard
Summary of Changes: It's a penguin, it can be a Water type if it wants to. Increasing HP by 20 allows for it to have more health after its Ice Face breaks. Its defenses are increased in Ice Face mode because of Dragapult and Chandelure (Infiltrator). While in Noice mode, it gains the Swift Swim ability, which along with its reasonable Water type attacking moves and increased attacking stats, makes it a nasty Rain sweeper with Belly Drum. Just watch out for priority (or just use Ice Shard).​


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Heads up for the newer users, in the future please edit posts and don't flood the thread with seperate posts. I'm merging them now but tjis is just a note for the future.


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Normal Sprite

Falinks [Optimized]

Ability: Battle Armor / Filter / Defiant
Stats: 90 / 110 / 130 / 50 / 95 / 80 (555)
Added Moves: Body Press, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Stealth Rock,
Summary of Changes: +25 HP / +10 Atk / +30 Def / -20 SpA / +35 SpD / +5 Spe
Technically, this may be a bit overkill, but with something as one-dimensional as this, might as well. This takes Falinks into a more bulky offensive role. With the new Steel-type and Filter, along with +1 in all stats, it can survive several hits. It can also not rely on Close Combat with a more powerful Body Press. Stone Edge and Earthquake give it more reliable coverage, and Stealth Rock because might as well. However, it does lack recovery still, so it still is worn down.​
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Cramorant [Optimized]



Gulp Missile - The user, if it is a Cramorant, will enter its Gulping Form when it is hit by or uses Surf, Dive, Scald, or Hydro Pump. The Cramorant will enter its Gorging Form when it is hit by or uses Hurricane. If Cramorant is hit by a move, both forms will launch their respective attacks and the user will return to their previous form.

HP: 120 (+50)
Atk: 50 (-35)
Def: 75 (+20)
SpAtk: 85
SpDef: 115 (+20)
Spe: 55 (-30)

BST: 500

Added Moves: U-Turn, Haze

Description: These changes all bear in mind the niche that lies in its unique ability, Gulp Missile. On its surface, it seems promising: it has an interesting defensive ability, the Flying type, and Roost. However, the primary reasons Cramorant is unable to capitalize on its potential are two fundamental issues: its surprisingly abysmal bulk, and the Surf/Dive requirement Gulp Missile has. Cramorant's optimization will mitigate these two issues so it can make full use of Gulp Missile and support its team with the paralysis and defense drops that it can provide. Depending on its needs, it can now deliberately switch between its Gulping and Gorging form through use of Scald and Hurricane respectively (I mean, come on, a giant torrent of wind should stir a Pikachu about, shouldn't it?). Because of it now entering either form if it's hit as well, it now is able to switch into attacks without the need of staying in and potentially taking a dangerous hit before it can even get itself into its different forms. On top of U-Turn, this gives it the ability to be a fantastic pivot with Heavy Duty Boots on top of Defog/Scald utility.

On that note, Its new moves are meant to cover any potential holes in its niche that would outright mitigate its use; U-Turn with its nerfed speed allow it to pivot into teammates that can capitalize on its Gulp Missile utility, and Haze allows it to not be set up on when awaiting its execution of Gulp Missile (plus, I kinda think it's funny because fish breath). With these changes combined, it now is optimized to not only better take hits, but better pivot into teammates, not require niche moves to make use of its ability, better choose/maximize what utility it provides, and thrive in the OU tier without dominating it.

Eiscue [Optimized]


Ice Face - The user, if it is an Eiscue, it will have an immunity to all moves with a BP less than 90. Once it is hit by any kind of move, however, it will swap into its No-Ice Form and lose its immunities. If it is hit by a move stronger than 90 BP in its Ice Face form, it will take 80% damage and lose its Ice Face. Damage immunities do not exempt it from the effects of these weaker attacks.

HP: 75
Atk: 80
Def: 135 (+25)
SpAtk: 80 (+15)
SpDef: 100 (+10)
Spe: 30 (-20)

BST: 500

Eiscue [No-Ice] [Optimized]



Ice Face - Useless on Eiscue [No-Ice].

HP: 75
Atk: 100 (+20)
Def: 50 (-20)
SpAtk: 100 (+35)
SpDef: 40 (-10)
Spe: 135 (+5)

BST: 500

Added Moves: Ice Shard, Nasty Plot, Work Up, Brick Break

Description: These changes optimize Eiscue as a setup sweeper. Eiscue's fundamental issue lies in the drawback of its ability, its lack of setup outside of Belly Drum, and its typing; while it's nice that its Ice Face can restore itself, in the grand scheme of things, having utterly no immunity to special moves in combination to its dreadful defensive typing makes it incredibly hard for it to find a good opportunity to set up anyway. What's worse is how reliant Eiscue is on having its Ice Face destroyed to begin sweeping and how its only boosting move lies in Belly Drum, a move that halves your HP.

Eiscue's Ice Face change allows for it to more efficiently face an opponent and set itself up. Not only do weaker Special moves now blanket themselves under Ice Face's immunity, but any move as a whole breaks its face, which allows for it to get its speed boost without relying on the recklessness of the opponent. On top of that, its possession of new priority allows it to offensively capitalize on its boosts in its Ice Face form as well. In exchange, however, it still lacks its immunity to these stronger attacks, and while it will lose its face, it will still need to take a heavy blow in order to start wreaking havoc. Additionally, its Ice Face cannot be restored anymore. That means you need to pick your opportunity wisely, especially given how Eiscue's No Ice form is notably frailer. These are tradeoffs that balance the buffs it's been given, as otherwise it would be blatantly broken.

Once it's set up (which now is easier with its greater scope of options), however, it is now much more of a threat. Now accommodated with coveted Fighting coverage and STAB priority, it is able to rock efficient mixed attacking sets with its great Special STABs and be a legitimate threat on the battlefield. Liquidation and Hydro Pump are now brutalizing STAB options thanks to No-Ice's additional Water typing.

I'll add more later!
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Falinks [Optimized]

Abilities: Simple, Skill Link, SWAT
(SWAT: This Pokémon's ballistic-based moves have 30% more power, and damage from ballistic-based attacks is halved against this Pokémon)
(If making new Abilities is not allowed, replace it with Vital Spirit and get rid of all ballistic moves)

Stats: 70 / 100 / 120 / 75 / 70 / 80 - 555
Added Moves: Rollout, Fell Stinger, Double Team, Spike Cannon, Ice Ball, Barrage, Rolling Kick, Icicle Spear, Pin Missile, Fury Cutter, Acrobatics, Weather Ball, Struggle Bug, Acid Spray, Horn Attack, Knock Off, Mud Bomb, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Bulldoze, Tri-Attack, Horn Leech, Feint, Smokescreen, Nasty Plot, Flame Charge, Seed Bomb, Lunge, Aura Sphere, Sacred Sword, Bounce, Energy Ball, Gyro Ball, Shadow Ball, Defense Curl, Octazooka, Rock Blast, Bullet Seed, Vacuum Wave, Spiky Shield, Spikes, Entrainment, Accupressure, Magnet Bomb, Silver Wind
Added mostly flavorful moves, boosted certain stats, added Bug type (for STAB on First Impression/Megahorn and added moves), and bomb-theme moves since Falinks looks like a line of Bomb-Ombs, and added a relevant set of Abilities. Replaced Fairy (egg group) with Bug (egg group). No Retreat also boosts the user's Accuracy stat, but lowers their Evasiveness stat as well. I was tempted to give it Power Trip or even Shared Power, but that would be way too much no matter what.
Seed Bomb - the phalanx take a catapult formation and launches the Brass to deal a critical hit with its head-spike (Mantine and Pelipper learn Seed Bomb, so why not?). Multi-hit moves - I can see the Brass using its long horn to fling each unit like a game of leapfrog; same with Fury Cutter and Rollout. Octazooka - four units form a two by two stack and each blindly blasts double Water attacks while the remaining two aim the team, serving as a large octo-blaster. No Retreat - they huddle together and form a game plan, boosting their precision and aptitude; however, they forget to include an evacuation plan, and they were a bit loud so the enemy knows what they are going to do. Sludge Bomb/Wave - the phalanx lines up and launches a volley of sludge at the enemy. Horn Leech - the Brass charges its horn into the enemy and leeches out their energy, then shares it with its troops. Acrobatics - the phalanx dances about like a team of clowns and tumblers, flinging one another and bouncing into the enemy. Smokescreen - just like any other bomb-themed attack, except the unit does not explode; rather, it is purely a smoke bomb.
With SWAT, Magnet Bomb has ([potentially]; we have yet to confirm the exact value) 78bp (which is only slightly more than Smart Strike). With Simple-ified No Retreat and its additional Accuracy boost, Focus Blast has a higher chance of hitting. With SWAT, Focus Blast has 156bp, Acid Spray has 52bp, Multi-Hit moves have 32bp per hit, Ice Ball has 40bp, Aura Sphere and Seed Bomb have 104bp. Remoraid and Octillery would love SWAT, so Entrainment.

Battra (Kaiju) Larva. I can't decide what it's more like: Giratina or Falinks?​
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Cramorant [Optimized]


Ability: Gulp Missile
(Now it can change into Gulping or Gorging form when using any Water-type move. In addition, when struck by enemy water moves, takes half damage, prevents any effect except base power and halves the water damage. No longer paralyzes.)
Stats: 115/85/75/85/95/80
Added Moves: U-turn, Brave Bird, Toxic
Summary of Changes: +40 HP / +20 Def / -5 Spe
Water is an oppressive offensive type at the moment with Gyarados and Dracovish and Barraskewda going wild. This Cramorant aims to solve this without just forcing another Water Absorber on the world. Toxic helps it provide status to whittle down enemies, which it needs because 125/75/95 aren't exactly top tier defenses when you have a quad weakness as common as Electric. This thing can stop Dracovish all day because the doubling of Fishious Rend fails. The move will still get STAB, Rain and Strong Jaw, but it cannot double if Cram switches in.

Cramorant however is a slave to electrics. Dracozolt doesn't care about either STAB and 85 SpA non-stab Ice Beam isn't going to likely OHKO, so if it gets in, Cram will die even if it is slightly faster since Draco likely invests in more speed. This means Dracozolt forces a free switch or kills a water repellent.

Eiscue [Optomized]
Type: Ice/Normal (Both)
Ice Face (Blocks all moves except fire and steel instead of just physical and also melts if the sun is out. Regenerates if Eiscue switches out or during hail, incapable of refacing if there's harsh sunlight or if burnt no matter the circumstance)
Stats (Ice): 90/80/120/75/120/45
Stats (NoIce): 90/105/50/100/50/135
Added Moves: Ice Shard, Sword Dance, Nasty Plot, Thunderpunch, Thunderbolt, Body Slam, Quick Attack, Air Slash, Brave Bird
Ice is still not a great type, but 105/100/135 offenses are scary as hell. You have turn to set up, a quad weakness to fight moves, meaning any and all Mach Punchers who can survive your priority cause you to die instantly. Also, Ice/Normal is a bad offensive type. Water is alright for coverage if you have room for it as only Jellicent and Empoleon resist. For special sets with Freeze dry, there are no resistors!​


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Voting is Open!

Vote for up to three diff subs for each slotted, only rule is that you can't vote for yourself in the first slot.

Falinks: Ticktock, Ema Skye, Scoopapa
Cramorant: Dilasc, Capstone, Gojiratar
Eiscue: Petuuuhhh, Spiderpig, mangarrow


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Falinks: Ema Skye, OpStellar, Ticktock
Cramorant: Dilasc, Gojiratar, me
Eiscue: Spiderpig, me, Petuuuhhh
Falinks: Pokemon Guy, OPStellar, Scoopapa
Eiscue: Pokemon Guy, Petuuuhhh, mangarrow
Cramorant: Gojiratar, Dilasc, mangarrow

Sorry I'm looking at these with blurred vision; I am recovering from having my eyes dilated so I can barely read. Sorry if I consequently underestimate or under-rank peoples' subs. "How many Falinks am I holding up?"
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Falinks: OPStellar, Ema Skye, Pokemon guy
Eiscue: Pokemon guy, Petuuuhhh, mangarrow
Cramorant: Gojiratar, Dilasc, mangarrow

Sorry I'm looking at these with blurred vision; I am recovering from having my eyes dilated so I can barely read. Sorry if I consequently underestimate or under-rank peoples' subs. "How many Falinks am I holding up?"
You cant vote for yourself in the first slot

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