Pet Mod [Gen 8] OptiMons [DLC Slate 1]

Can I make a proposition for an optimized mon?

Type: Grass-Normal | Ability: Overgrow & Punk Rock (HA)
Stats: 100 HP / 50 Atk / 100 Def / 125 SpA / 70 SpD / 105 Spe = 550 BST
Stat Changes: Swapped Attack and Special Attack, +20 Spe, +10 Def, -10 Atk
New Moves: Boomburst, Uproar, Disarming Voice, Hyper Voice, Slack Off
Drum Beating is now a Sound-based move & a Special Attack.
Type: Water-Ground | Ability: Strong Jaw, No Guard, Rock Head
Stats: 90 HP / 125 Atk / 80 Def / 38 SpA / 78 SpD / 94 Spe = 505 BST
Stat Changes: +10 Atk, -10 Def, -10 SpA, +10 SpD, +20 Spe
New Moves: Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Psychic Fangs, Fishous Rend, Flip Turn, Aqua Jet, Accelerock

How about this?​
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Choice scarf, band, Rain dance + life orbe, strong jaw is hard to reveng kill
Welcome to Pet Mods. Please edit your messages into one post (till the time someone has replied to you) to avoid multiple posting.

Also read this to get started

It's playable on as a challenge only format till the end of this month. After that it'll be available on


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formerly Slaty fildrong
Type : fighting/ flying Abilities : scrappy/ adaptabllity/ aerilate

Stat changes : 62 Hp, 155 Att, 75 Def, 53 SpA, 67 SpD, 118 Speed
BST : 530(+23)
So +20 att, -20 def, - 15 SpA,-15 SpD, +53 Speed

New mooves : earthquake, u-turn, thunder punch, ice punch, fire punch

With these new stats, Abilities and typing Sirfedch'd is one of the most dangerous set up sweeper or choice band with u-turn



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Alright, both of you seem to be new here and not know how the mod works, so let me explain. You are supposed to optimize specific pokemon, given by the Mod's Leader, at what are known as slates. You can't just make optimizations for random pokemon and expect them to be added to the mod, you need to follow the rules on what's the currently slated mons. You're also not supposed to use the thread for one-line replies, it clogs up pages for little to no reason. Remember, the thread isn't a chat, it shouldn't be treated like one.

Aside from that, Rillaboom is already an OU mon so it would likely never get to be a part of a slate. Aditionally, the power level of your submissions seem too powerful, I suggest using the showdown calculator to check its damage output before submitting.

Lastly, the mod is currently on a break. We are playtesting the meta so there hasn't been a new slate in a while, thus no new subs either.

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