Tournament Gen 9 Random Battles Open - (Won by MrSoup)

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tentative act i guess

darmanitandluffy did not show up

Edit: tbh im pretty busy after today; irl stuff then school field trip... opp claims i sent at 3:24 his time rather than 2:24 but thats because he misinformed me about timezone, he said he was gmt -5 but now he says he is eastern time, which is gmt -4 so it was off by an hour.
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I'm not calling act yet, buy my opp hasn't responded. I am trying to contact him, but no answer. Last time he was online was this sunday, and he has won his last matches by coinflip.
Tentatively calling act, cause my opponent hasn't responded to my posts. They won their last match by coinflip, and they haven't been online since Sunday.
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