Multifaction/FFA Genius Game - Grand Final - Main Match 3 (Draft Mafia)


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Ngl didn’t think it would be so hard to get seven people to be in the same place lol

Anyway I’m gonna say we will do this tomorrow because I’m a little iffy on my work schedule later in the week. zorbees if we pushed it a tad later time wise (like 6:30) could you make it like on Thursday or no? If not we will just stick to 6 PM tomorrow.

Even if you can’t make it send in a build and general orders, including turn 1 movement (the map is symmetrical). I’m not going to follow a super complex set of rules though so I’d recommend getting someone else to make moves as a proxy in your stead. I’d recommend letting an ally control your character if you can’t find someone else external to do it.

Also, Blazade and apricity, how long are your vacations for and are you unable to do even a death match during them?


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When at least 3 of the remaining players are in eu time zones you may want to be more considerate. I'd be willing to sleep before it tonight, but when it comes to my fellow dawn warriors I have to step up as well.
It's a bit short notice to do tonight but I think i can make it.

My vacation ends on the 25th and no i can't do deathmatches during it.

If this gets rescheduled i can have someone else move for me.


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I’m not convinced that Thursday would really be better considering Blazade wouldn’t be here. If people can’t do 6 PM PST then not much I can do there, I can’t guarantee getting back from work any earlier than that and this weekend isn’t great for me.

I’m going to keep it tonight, though I understand players’ concerns. It does suck that schedules are so poorly coordinated (both mine and Blazade / Apricity availability) with the Europeans. Unfortunately, I don’t see a better option. Waiting until Saturday means that two people just straight can’t make it, and waiting until Thursday means one can’t and it’ll still be super late anyway for the Europeans.

As for notice - I put these times on the schedule for a reason lol. The time to object to them was when I asked people to fill out the schedule, not after I schedule it.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better solution for you guys. If you can’t make it please try and either find someone to move for you or delegate it to another player.
Sam, it really is fine if you reschedule it to Thursday. I can delegate my actions to an ally in that case.

There is a difference between asking which times would be ok for you to make and asking people to clear their schedules preemptively and simultaneously across multiple times just in case you were gonna make a particular choice. I personally went to bed last night confident the challenge wouldn't be today simply because there wasn't an announcement.

I can take the hit over the preferences of literally every other player in this challenge.


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Results of Main Match are here.

Long story short: Final results:
DLE: 30
zorbees: 23
VigVig: 22
CaffeineBoost: 20
LW: 19
Blazade: 18
Apricity: 15

DLE has given a token of life to Blazade. Apricity has selected VigilanteVigoroth to be his deathmatch opponent.

Garnet counts pre-deathmatch:
DLE: 27
zorbees: 22
VigVig: 22
Blazade: 19
CaffeineBoost: 15
Apricity: 6
LW: 2

apricity is going on vacation so if you could schedule this for tomorrow VigilanteVigoroth it would save us all a week.
ok vig didn't reply, getting up at this time is really inconvenient for me anyways so i'll try to catch you later tonight, maybe something like 10-12pm your time, i'll msg when i wake up. i don't care about the game you can pick.

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