Multifaction/FFA Genius Game - Grand Final - Main Match 3 (Draft Mafia)

I already know I'm not gonna be up for playing 5 MM's again in the finals so fuck it.

I quit.

I tried to stay as long as I could since the DM's were somewhat interesting but other than this one, the MM's didn't seem fun. This MM was probably the best one I got to participate in but it sadly isn't getting updated.

Give all my remaining Garnets to Hal since it seems he'd be going to the DM anyway so might as well simulate what would've happened.
As for my finals garnets, I shall split them evenly. 3 to Hal, 2 to DLE.

Best of luck to both DLE and Hal in the finals. Hope the loss of the last European timezone makes it manageable to host them.
This is now the longest running Genius ORG. Ever. The previous longest ORG ran for 496 days! To celebrate, here are some fun facts about the number 496:

  1. 496 is a perfect number. That means the sum of its factors except itself are equal to the number itself!
  2. That's it.
  3. That's all the facts I have.
  4. Sorry.



Let's Keep Fighting
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CaffeineBoost is the winner, he figured out the TRUE nature of this genius game.

Getting to the f3 challenge but realizing the game lasts forever and that it is smarter or more "genial" to quit than to await uncertainty in deadlines forever and ever = the true mark of a winner.

Noice job to the other finalists but I think we all know who's smarter here.


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I can host an alternate finals of somewhat low quality but i can guarantee it to finish.

Bo3 finals featuring DM style games. No items because honestly i dont think people care/remember much. DMs would be taken from previous Genius ORGs.

Let me know if thats interesting enough. I too want this farce to end so if theres some thing youd want to change we can adjudt that.


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Finals Match 1:

GyulBot (from Genius Online: Business and Pleasure, Death Match 5)

In Gyulbot, players compete to find the quickest path from Point A to Point B. Players will be represented with a logic puzzle, in which the goal is to find the fewest number of moves in order to allow the titular Gyulbot to reach the Finish (represented as a starred square.) However, there are some rules for movement.

When the Gyulbot moves, it will move until it hits a wall. Each movement counts as one “move” for the purpose of this game, regardless of distance. The Gyulbot is only able to move vertically up and down, and horizontally left and right. There is no diagonal movement. The Gyulbot must land exactly on the Finish square. Simply passing through will not be good enough.

There will be multiple Gyulbots in each round, each Gyulbot having a different color. A Gyulbot will stop its movement before running into another Gyulbot, similar to when it hits a wall. You may choose to move any Gyulbot as part of the solution. Any Gyulbot may Finish, and you only need one Finished Gyulbot to win.
The Finish square will be colored in the same color as one of the Gyulbots shown. You may only use the color-corresponding Gyulbot to Finish. For example, if the Finish square is yellow, only a yellow Gyulbot can be used to Finish. You may however always move Gyulbots of any color, you just may not Finish with all of them at all times.

Now that you understand how the rules of movement, I will explain the rules of the competition.

In the first round, both players would be presented with the same logic puzzle which uses the rules outlined. The player (Player A) who first believes they have found the lowest possible number of turns will submit their answer. At this point, the opponent (Player B) will have one minute to declare if there is a lower solution. If Player B decides to undercut player A within the timeframe, Player B will be asked to demonstrate. Player B will be given 2 minutes to demonstrate his answer. If Player B successfully demonstrates the answer within this time, Player B will gain the point. If Player B fails to demonstrate, Player A will gain a point, and Player B will additionally have their time to answer halved in the next round.
Additionally, after answering initially, Player A may also undercut themselves, although this will not reduce Player B’s time to answer.

If Player B decides not to undercut Player A, then Player A will have two minutes to demonstrate their solution. If they are unable to demonstrate their solution, Player B will gain a point.

Essentially, if you can demonstrate your solution is correct, you gain a point. If you can not, your opponent will gain a point. If you undercutted and can not demonstrate, your opponent will gain a point, and your time to answer will be halved in the following round.

This game will continue for 9 rounds. After 9 rounds, the person with the most points will be declared the winner.

Example of a board the players could encounter in a round:


Da Letter El

Please schedule a time for when you'll play this and coordinate with me. Goal is to get it done before Sunday, May 26.
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In the first finals game, GyulBot, DLE came out victorious 5-2. Thus, the finals series is now 1-0 to DLE.


Finals Match 2:

Element (from Zero's Gambit, Death Match 5)

Each player controls a sage. Your aim is to set the board position such that your opponent cannot move on their turn. This is done by placing element stones to block movement on an 11 by 11 board.

There are 4 different element stones, Fire, Wind, Earth and Water.

Each turn players can move their Sage 1 square to any of the 8 surrounding spaces. (This is optional.)

Players will then draw 4 stones from the pool at random (the pool is infinite, and each stone has an equal chance of being drawn). Players can choose to draw less stones for additional movement. For every stone of the 4 you choose not to draw, you may move 1 additional space(s). You can choose to not move any of your allocated spaces if you so wish, but unused movement isn't carried to your next turn. You can choose when you move in your turn between placing stones, this can also be broken up.(For example - [Move, Stone, Move, Stone, Stone]). You may not move onto a space with a stone.
Each stone has different effects when placed. Here are the rules for placing stones:
• Every stone drawn must be placed on the board, as long as there is a valid move.
• Stones cannot be placed on top of other stones, unless they satisfy the rule of replacement.
• The rule of replacement allows you to remove 1 colour of stone and replace it with another, the colour you can swap it with depends on the colour removed.
• Fire Stones Replace Wind Stones
• Wind Stones Replace Earth Stones
• Earth Stones Replace Water Stones
• Water Stones Replace Fire Stones
• You can replace the stones on a square multiple times. (i.e, a square with a Fire Stone can be replaced with a Water stone, and then replaced with an Earth stone, all in the same turn.)
• The effects of placing a stone are resolved before the next stone is placed.

You win the game if at the start of your opponent next turn, there is nowhere their sage can move.

The following are the effects that take place when a stone is placed:

Fire Stones:

Fire Spreads - placing a Fire stone next to another Fire stone can cause additional Fire stones to be added to the board.

When you place a Fire stone next to one or more Fire stones already on the board, another fire stone is added on the opposite side on the adjacent fire stone if that space is empty or contains a Wind stone. If the space contains a Earth or Water Stone or a sage, nothing happens. If the space contains a fire stone, look at the next stone in the line and repeat the above process. Fire stones only spread orthogonally, and not diagonally. Additional stones placed by this process do not cause further fire stones to be placed.

Wind Stones:

Wind Rises - these stones, when located next to sages, can allow them to jump. The distance can be increased by stacking Wind stones to create whirlwinds.

Jumping with a Wind stone is a free action, and doesn't take up an allocated move. Sages may jump over an adjacent Wind stone, orthogonally or diagonally, but the landing space must be empty. The same Wind stone cannot be used to jump multiple times in a turn. Wind stones may also be jumped over if there are multiple adjacent in a line. Wind stones may also be stacked up to a height of 4 to create whirlwinds. Whirlwinds allow a sage to jump a number of spaces equal to the number of wind stones in the stack, along with any stones wind stones in a line. Players can only jump the exact number of wind stones in a line.


Earth Stone:

Earth Barricades - these stones can be used to create irremovable walls by stacking to form mountains.

Earth stones may be placed on top of those already on the board up to a height of 2. This causes them to become a mountain. Mountains cannot be replaced by wind stones. Any other earth stones connected adjacently either orthogonally or diagonally, become part of the mountain range and also gain this property. Two Diagonally connected mountain Earth stones stop sage movement.

Water Stones:

Water Flows - connected stones form rivers, which moves connected Water tiles. You form a river by placing a water stone next to either a single Water stone or straight line of Water stones. The player then chooses where the river then goes, moving 1 space for each stone in it, taking all those in the line with them. The river moves orthogonally, and must move each time a stone is added. If a river cannot move its full number of spaces, it is an invalid move. When a river moves it can replace Fire stones, but is blocked by Wind, Earth and other Water stones, as well as sages. If a stone is placed such that two rivers could be formed, the player chooses which to move.

Starting Board:

Moves are given by coordinates. There is a 4 minute time limit to do all your turns actions, with a 10 minute reserve time. (there is some allowance for clarity in describing river pathways). Players can also choose to submit an image instead using the excel sheet format attached, and then I will check if its valid.

Players must state how many stones they will draw before drawing any. Drawing will be done by the players by utilizing the Nadeko bot and the command:
.choose Fire;Wind;Earth;Water
This command should be used by the players the same amount of times as the amount of stones they will draw.

Original ruleset in Google Docs form:


Da Letter El

As Hal lost game 1, he will decide who is the starting player for this game. (Should DLE lose this and we thus go to a game 3, DLE will similarly decide the starting player in that game.)

The game is currently scheduled for 22:30 GMT+2 (Isa's/Hal's time)/1:30 PM PDT (Da Letter El's current time) on Wednesday May 29th.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meanwhile.
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It's not about who won/if somebody actually ends up winning
Its about the friends we've made along the way
Think back to October 2017. Your life has probably changed so much since you joined this Genius Game. You've met new people, seen new things, who knows
im rly inspiritaitional i know :)
Shit man that was so long ago that I still gave a shit about Mafia, instead of entirely committing myself to ORGs

...fuck man this game's been running so long I wasn't a legal adult yet when it started


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Da Letter El has defeated hal in Element, and is the winner of Genius Game: Grand Final! Congratulations!

Thank you to both DLE and hal for playing and putting up with my angry ass so that we could bring this to an end.

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