Multifaction/FFA Genius Game - Grand Final - Main Match 3 (Draft Mafia)


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Hi all, I will be hosting a new version of The Genius Game!

This game will have general rules almost identical to the previous Genius Game, which was hosted by zorbees. The general structure and rules will be more or less the same, but I will c/p the general stuff from that thread here for those of you who are not aware what this game entails.

1. Game Basics:

-There will be 13 players in the game.

-Each round will have a Main Match and a Death Match. The Main Match determines the winner(s) and elimination candidate(s) of the round. The Death Match will pit 2 players against each other to determine who is eliminated.

-The Main Match will be a test of the players’ wit, tactics, cooperation, social skills, etc.

-The Death Match will be a one-on-one test of the players’ wit, tactics, cooperation, etc. Often times, the players not in the Death Match will still play a role in determining the winner of the Death Match.

-The winners of the Main Match will each receive a Token of Life. Players with a Token of Life cannot be chosen to participate in the Death Match. A sole winner will receive 2 Tokens of Life, and will have to give one to another player.

-The loser of the Main Match will be the elimination candidate of the round. This player will pick a player without a Token of Life to participate against in the Death Match.

2. Garnets:

-Garnets are the game currency of The Genius Game. Each player will begin the game with 1 Garnet.

-Garnets may be obtained during the Main Match, usually by winning, or sometimes via other means. The Main Match post will describe how to obtain Garnets during that Main Match.

-Garnets may be spent during the Main Match to obtain certain advantages. The Main Match post will describe how and for what to spend Garnets during that Main Match.

-The player who wins a Death Match will receive the Garnets held by the loser of the Death Match.

-Garnets may be given or traded to other players.

-After each Main Match and Death Match, each player’s Garnet count will be made public.

3. Inventory:

-Each player will have an inventory during the course of The Genius Game to hold all of their items, as well as their Garnets.

-At any time in the game, you may PM the host “Give/Take/Trade/Show [item/Garnets] to/from <user> (for [item/Garnets])”. Giving the item will remove the item or Garnets from your inventory and add the item or Garnets to the target’s inventory, as long as the other player Takes it from you. Trading will give the item or Garnets to the target in exchange for an item or Garnets from the target, as long as both players have the same trade agreement. Showing the item or Garnets will give the target confirmation from the host that the user is holding the item or Garnets.

-Most if not all items will only be held during the specific Main Match that they apply to, and will leave the inventory after that Main Match ends.

4. Winning the Game:

-The last player remaining in the game will be The Genius Game Champion.

-The players eliminated prior to the Final Match will still have something to do, so you may want to pay attention as the game goes on.

5. Various Other Rules:

-Activity will be very important to this game. If you are anticipating a period of inactivity, please let the host know. I’d prefer not to sub people in a game like this.

-IRC will be very important to this game. It will greatly help in streamlining the game and making it easier to communicate. If you cannot be at least somewhat active on IRC, you may have trouble in the game, and I would recommend not signing up.

-I will accept actions, etc, over IRC. The official game channel is #GeniusGame on synirc. However, note that there is a small chance that I may miss your action should you send it over IRC. If I do not respond, I likely missed your action.

-You may not quote/paste any information from the host. The Show Item command allows you to confirm certain things, but some host information will only be confirmed to the player it was originally given to.

-No deadtalking.

-I retain the right to prevent you from “gaming the system”. This will only be used in extreme measures.

-No anonymous nicks will be allowed for the purposes of this game. No impersonating as well.

-There will (hopefully) be a postgame, so any insight I have into the thoughts of the players will help.

In addition, note that for this iteration of The Genius Game, I will be conducting at least some of the Main Matches AND Death Matches directly over either Skype or Smogon Discord, using the Social Forums Discord channel in particular. I will generally try to schedule matches that will be conducted live for Saturday or Sunday afternoon - I do not anticipate most of the early Main Matches will be conducted this way, however, as getting everyone's schedules to align is always a challenge. I will try to get things going live as soon as possible, however, in order to keep this game moving along.

There is space for 13 people. I reserve the right to choose who plays in the game, but if you really want to play then shoot me a PM indicating as much and I will almost certainly be able to squeeze you in. Feel free to sign up as a sub as well - I was a sub for the first Genius Game and made it all the way to the Finals, so take it from me that this is a much easier and better game to sub in to than most games on Circus!

To sign up, just post 'in' in this thread. I'll put the first Main Match up either tomorrow or Sunday, depending on how much interest there is / how quickly signups come in.

For those of you who are veterans, you will recognize how I am doing the Death Matches to some extent: there will be a pool of 12 possible death matches, and each week, the participants will get to first discuss between the two of them which one they would like to play. If they can come to an agreement, I will let them play any game that is still in the pool. If they cannot come to an agreement, I will give each of them a varying numbers of 'bans' from within the pool based on how many death matches remain in the pool, and will then randomly select a match from the remainder.

The death match details can be found here.

Main Matches:
Main Match 13 - 1728 - Won by Thetwinmasters
Main Match 12 - Angels and Demons - Won by VigilanteVigoroth
Main Match 11 - Treasure Island - Won by LightWolf
Main Match 10 - Knowledge Olympiad - Won by Team zorbees
Main Match 9 - Pokemon Battle Royale - Won by itzviper482
Main Match 8 - Fantasy Baseball Auction - Won by Da Letter El
Main Match 7 - Tellius Brawl - Won by Da Letter El
Main Match 6 - Age of Circus - Won by Blazade
Main Match 5 - House of Circus - Won by Da Letter El
Main Match 4 - Circus Grandmasters - Won by Apricity
Main Match 3 - Draft Mafia

Da Letter El
Isa / apricity
Asek / idiotfrommars / CaffeineBoost

13th - Haruno - Lost to Da Letter El in Pass Code
12th - Thetwinmasters - Lost to Flyhn in Wishing Well
11th - shubaka17 - Lost to idiotfrommars in 1 Survives
10th - Flyhn - Lost to LightWolf in Treasure Map
9th - idiotfrommars - Lost to Blazade in Anaments
8th - ItzViper482 - Lost to Blazade in 9001 is Prime
7th - VigilanteVigoroth - Lost by Apricity in Wishing Well (Duplicate)
6th - zorbees - Lost to CaffeineBoost in 1 Survives (Duplicate)
5th - LightWolf - Lost to CaffeineBoost in DOG
4th - Blazade - Lost to CaffeineBoost in Animal Map
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Banned deucer.

when can we expect game to start? i can fully commit after november 5. oh nevermind i read.

low priority / sub
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Ok looks like we have 12 normal signups and 3 low prio / subs. I'll keep this up another few hours in case we get a 13th normal sign up but I'll post Main Match 1 later today no matter what.


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- 13 Players Remaining -

Welcome to the Genius Game. Without further ado, let me introduce you to our first Main Match - 1728!

  • 8 Rounds to accumulate multipliers
  • Multipliers used to calculate final score for each player (can use or not use any multipliers as you see fit). For example, if you end the game with the multipliers 4, 5, 6, 2, and 8, then you get a score of 4*5*6*2*8 = 1,920. If you had an additional multiplier that you did not wish to use, you would not be forced to use it.
  • You earn multipliers based on how many people you ‘group’ with each cycle - if you group with three others (to form a group of four), you will all earn a multiplier of 4
  • All members of a group must submit the same group, and no group can ever be re-used twice. Each member of the group earns a multiplier equal to the number of people in the group.
  • You can be in only one group per round.
  • You can only be in a group with any other specific person five times.
  • Once per game, you may break any groups containing one specific other player instead of grouping yourself (so, Player A could break groups with Player B, and if Player B was part of a four-player group that round, no one in that group would gain a multiplier).
  • Once per game, you may copy the multipliers gained by another player. You will gain any multipliers that player earns that round.
  • Once per game, you may double your earned multipliers (i.e. if you were to gain a multiplier of 3 that round, you will instead gain two multipliers of 3) if and only if you are part of the smallest group with > 1 member in it. Smallest excludes ties.
  • Once per game, you may protect yourself from being blocked while in a group, and will steal a multiplier of your choice from anyone who attempts to block you.
  • You cannot use any two of the ‘once per game powers’ on the same cycle
  • You may purchase multipliers between 2 and 12 for garnets. The costs are as follows:
      • 12: 3 Garnets
      • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9: 2 Garnets
      • 5, 7, 10, 11: 1 Garnet
  • You must get a score of over 144 or else you will score a 0. Scores are evaluated using the metric (Score / 1,728 - 1), where the closer to 0, the better. The only tiebreaker will be who got the multipliers necessary for a specific score earlier (so, the earlier you can accumulate your multipliers / buy multipliers, the better!). After that, any ties are assumed to have all involved at the lowest placement (so if in theory two players tie for second, both would receive the third place reward).
1st: Token of Life + One additional token to be given to a second player of your choice + 4 Garnets
2nd: Token of Life + 3 Garnets
3rd - 6th: 2 Garnets
8th - 10th: 1 Garnet
11th - 12th: Not the Death Match Candidate
13th: Death Match Candidate; must choose a player without a Token of Life to go to the Death Match with to face elimination. Cannot be given a Token of Life.

Remember that all players start with 2 garnets. The deadline for Round 1 groups will be 48 hours from now, at 10 PM PST on Monday, October 23rd. I will have the rounds after round 1 be 24 hours unless there are objections. If player would like to try to schedule this for live I would be willing to do that tomorrow, but I anticipate that with large numbers of players left that will not be possible.

Da Letter El
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Q: Will groupings / results / bought multipliers / etc. be made public?
A: Nothing will be made public. Period. I will alert players when a new round starts.

Q: Can I copy and group?
A: No, you cannot copy on the same cycle you group with anyone on that cycle. You may not use the break group or copy multiplier one-timers while grouping.

Q: Will players be informed of all results / failing reasons / ?
A: No. I will alert players if their submitted actions fail for any reason, but I will not give the reason.

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