Ghosting Tournament VI - Round 1


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logo by 00Atrix <3

  • General tournament rules and regulations, which can be found here.
  • Standard SM OU rules.
  • Tournament will be single elimination.
Tournament Specific Rules:

-Single Elimination, bo1
-No Disallow Spectators - for easy ghosting and scouting
-Because of the ghosting element, who is actually battling for the team each round makes little difference, just make sure the battle gets done.
-There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere...
-You must post the replay of your battle and logs of your ghosting in the thread of the respective round. Ghosting in call is also allowed as long as someone records it and uploads it (ideally to youtube). (You will notice that the ghosting logs are by far the best part of this tournament, so it'd be a shame for them not to be available to everyone) Failure to not post logs of ghosting will result in a coinflip. Losers do not need to post logs, but it would be great if you did as they are always fun to read. I suggest creating a discord server or group chat, and setting appearance to compact to make sifting through logs easier.

MATCHUPS (made by Diophantine):

(Click the hyperlink of the team opposite yours to see your opponents. Captains should (ideally) contact each other, though you may schedule however you like.)

ghosting tour AKA regular wcop vs team

Chinese Witchcraft of Summoning crayon pop vs Santos Pajeros
*Herks* of being a wallflower vs Chef Boyardis
hoot gang vs PKS Gang
Luisin y sus jeys vs W O L F H O U N D
I Have Student Loans vs DOGWARRIORS
Team Cringe'd vs Passione
1 français 1 belge et 1 étranger vs
vs Team ADV is Shit
Team dead simulator vs Palomo Scuad
2497 Members vs SOS Fantômes
MAGMA BIGS vs The Deported Nexecutioner
Squad San Casteabro vs Team Fuck Noveliss
Team #FREEDELTA vs project D
Partners in Crime vs Skystrikers & Traîtres
Team Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up ft. Tekashi69 & Hatsune Miku (Skrillex Rework) vs Chillscord army
LC UU Mains vs BBlooms
Belíssimos da Drunks Servindo M&M vs team hp ground magnezone
team 2 and a half spl winners vs FINI GANG RISE UP
Team Poutine (cause white canadians+ brown fmg( liquid gravy hence he is easily swayed)) vs LOCK ON + ZAP CANNON
English lessons for Baoba vs Fee's Furrets
ZDen la chupa 2.0 aka 25 total iq vs Asuya is back at it
Big Bang Crew vs chillshadow wins spl but loses powc in group stage
raj sucks vs ursaring spammers
Randomness vs bathroom bombers(this name is fucking stupid)
dna99 is salty vs Madoka Magica Fanclub
PH12 vs Quality Control
Team Amigos da ZERO vs Team Angry Logan & His Less Angry Friends
s/o Vulcanien vs RAIKOU FAN CLUB

Deadline: Sunday May 5th, 11:59 PM EDT

If you have any questions, or if I made any mistakes that need fixing, please contact me through discord (Aurella#7350).
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Huge thanks to my friends who each helped me out on a stupidly last minute basis no thanks to my lack of planning for my first tour SMH

00Atrix made an EXTRA version of a logo I asked for just to make sure I would be happy with the end results. He borked his hand at work and yet still was rushing to finish this on time for me even after being kept overtime at his job. This won't go forgotten.

Diophantine for being my last minute Smogon bracket maker hoe and breaking the colour barrier for the unbadged like myself.

maroon for getting back to me within seconds of me begging for a badged user to help me with tags ~_~ sry I've been out of touch but now's a chance to re-connect.

Here's the logo I first had my heart set on, except no one else even liked it except Genesis7 , RIP!!!

Enjoy your games! <3
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While this is proof that ghosting occurred it's not really in the spirit of the tour for a single screenshot to be shared as fulfillment of the public log requirement (Jacob's post above was more just to be funny). Not tryna be mean but just want to point this out so others aren't confused. If you could set Discord into compact mode and then just c/p the ghosting logs into pastebin that would be great.

jacob I spoke to your team manager TonyFlygon and as of rn the recording (ghosting call) is er.. not working right. I'll let it slide this time but for next round have an extra person recording just in case, esp since voice calls are infinitely more enjoyable ghosting media for everyone over chat logs.

Team's replay that you sent me:

^ btw I strongly recommend everyone watch this the battle chat was something else LMAO​
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