Ghosting Tournament VI - Round 1


I've been receiving complaints about the timer and excessive time stalling from a few games, therefore I've amended the timer clause to the following:

No timer until at least 20 minutes have passed since the game start, at which point either team may turn the timer on but it must remain on for the rest of the game if selected. Please record the time in the battle chat at or before turn 1 to keep both teams on the same page for the initial 20 minute threshold. Timer can't be on before 20 minutes so don't hassle or barter the other team to set it any earlier. Make sure to have the consent of your own teammates before setting the timer. Be courteous if a DC happens. Keep it classy.

This should strike a harmony between 3 things 1: the spirit and purpose of the original timer clause, 2: games that are longer than usual but neither team minds as they are enjoying themselves, and 3: games that are taking too long per turn and that are dragged out to the unenjoyment of the other team.

P.S If you're recording your ghosting call be sure to introduce everyone so all are aware of who's speaking.

Friendly reminder that the deadline for this round is on Sunday May 5th, 11:59 PM EDT

Keep the ghosting in the game, not on the schedule!

~Hf <3
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