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This forum (as the name suggests) is for you to post your giveaways. We expect each giveaway done here and any user who visits this forum to abide by the following rules:

1) Do not use this forum to beg/ask for stuff. If a giveaway is going on you're free to partake in it but do not post threads asking for specific Pokemon, items, etc.
1a) Do not hound the host about their giveaway (for example, why is this still down?! q-q) or complain about them not occurring. These giveaways are a privilege, not a right. Unnecessary posts will be deleted, and potentially warned if in excessive amounts or degrees. If a giveaway is seemingly inactive but still open, you may (politely) ask if it's still going on, but keep this rule in mind.

2) Just like the main Wi-Fi forum, list the natures, IVs, EVs, etc of the Pokemon you're giving away.

3) You may not exclude members from participating in giveaways based on posts, join dates, or number of likes. We are not going to exclude our newer members.

4) Do not use your giveaways to advertise other websites or request that users sign up for anything in exchange for participating.If we see you doing this you will receive a warning.

5) Do not request services directly related to your Wi-Fi thread or business. Remember this forum is for giveaways, not people to do work for you. Go to the Simple Questions / Simple Requests thread if you wish people to make banners, EV train, or clone for you. This rule also means you can't ask people to like your thread or posts for "free" Pokemon.

6) If your giveaway requests that users answer a question to participate please make sure that the question has a definite researchable answer. Do not make questions that rely on pure guesswork, such as picking a number between 1 and 1,000.

7) All Giveaways have a 48 hour time limit, after which your thread will be closed. If you wish to end your giveaway sooner feel free to contact one of the Wi-Fi moderators (shiny finder) and we will close it for you. If you wish to use the thread for another giveaway post in your thread saying that you wish to have it open so that we don't close it.

8) You may only have one active thread at a time. If you're the kind of person who likes to do daily / weekly giveaways you may use the same thread and change the title and/or post in your thread announcing the new giveaway, but please avoid making new threads each day for a different giveaway.

9) All member listed on the Wi-Fi Blacklist (excluding the probational list) may not host giveaways.
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Adding a new rule to these:

10) Specify which generation your giveaway is for (unless it's a giveaway of some Gen. 7 specific).
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