Global + have to re-earn their rank. Why?

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Could a higher member of staff please answer, or at least go through the reason, to why all global + have to re-earn their rank?

Have they not already earned it like % and @?

I would understand if the ranks were to be put on hold temporarily while everything else is being fixed. Even given or reallocating the rank to the most active global voices, leaving the abandoned account, well.. abandoned.

but I don't understand why this is the only rank that needs 'rejustifying'

If the servers hadn't have crashed, these users would still have said rank. What changed? Did an unexpected crash (not our fault) warrant the loss of the rank?

Despite the fact that I myself was global +, I believe that my questions are revelent even for those who were not global voiced, it is a legitimate question in my opinion.

Despite the tone of the thread, I am just throwing some questions in the air, hoping that they'll be answered.




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We can appreciate you guys' dedication to the issue here, but we're still examining the issue as a whole before public discussion venues are available. We're looking to have a detailed announcement up soon on what happened and how things are being dealt with, but for now it's best to wait until things are sorted out before discussing this. Please refrain from discussing during the meantime.
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