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Programming Global Sim Bots: Secura and Scrappie


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Austin said this was the right place to go

Felucia's Global Bots
Hey everyone just a quick introduction for those of you who haven't met me! I'm Felucia, sim staff member, chatroom enthusiast, and long time bot developer. Some may also know me as the girl who's owned Scrappie for about 4 years now. Thing is, I never thought I'd get to this point, and now my bots have grown way out of control, and now I have more to keep track of than I have time to keep track of it with, so I reckon it's about time for a thread.

What's this thread for?
This thread serves as a central hub for all my PS! bots, but primarily Scrappie and Secura, as those are the two that are used by more than 2 rooms. This thread will contain anything relating to those bots, including but not limited to
  • Questions
  • Feature requests
  • Bug reports
  • Announcements
I run other bots, but prefer to handle things for those bots privately, as they're much smaller and much more specific.

What does Secura do?
Secura is in charge of room tournaments. If you've ever seen a room have automatically scheduled tournaments, chances are Secura is the one doing them, but she has other features too. Here's a list of the main things secura is used for:
  • Scheduled room tournaments
  • Tournament commands with various custom rules, for example .1v1 gen7, rr would start a gen 7 1v1 round robin tour.
  • WIP: Flexible automatic moderation tools
  • Keeping track of 1v1's Pokémon of the Day
  • Maintaining lists of low tolerance users for rooms
  • Creating monopoke tours, which is the best tour format on the site
  • Notifying rooms when tours are created in other rooms

I'm also way more flexible on Secura, if you have feature requests, you'll likely have to ask for this one, as Scrappie's code is harder to maintain and wasn't fully written by me.

What does Scrappie do?
Scrappie has 2 main features, but they're big ones:

  • Room tournament leaderboards
  • Auctions
  • Keeping track of room stats (on request)
  • Punishment logging tools for a few rooms (if you're roomstaff and you're interested to know what this means, let me know. I won't go into detail on a public thread)
  • A bunch of other stuff I think? Idk I don't use Scrappie for my own rooms LOL

That should be all!
Use this thread for whatever you want as long as it relates to my work. I'm not entirely sure how to close off this post so I guess just deal with it ✨✨

Felu out o/


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Planned Features
and known bugs
Just a list of plans I have and things I'm working on. Can't promise any of these will get done soon or ever but they're on the list.
Bolded items are a priority.

This list is for me, not for you, so I might use technical or vague language. Feel free to ask me about any of it, but I can't guarantee I'll have the answer.

  • Rewrite the official tours system to use scheduled events (current system drives me insane)
  • Add a .help command
  • Add a better settings menu
  • Allow official tours at 15 minute intervals rather than only at full hours
  • Allow official tours with arbitrary formats rather than just bot commands
  • Improve the "randomly generated tours" system for 1v1
    • Don't make 1v1 tours less than 15 minutes before a scheduled one
    • Don't make tours in other formats less than 30 minutes before a scheduled tour
    • Use code magic to determine when to make a tour
  • Probably a bug, "no staff" notifications don't make any sense
  • Generalise pokemon of the day for any room
  • Don't allow duplicate PotD within 2 weeks
  • Add promotion watchlists for Isaiah
  • Let ROs select links for the bot to send upon (official) tour creation

  • Implement Blind Auction as a draft format for PU
  • Add support for double elimination tournaments in room leaderboards
  • Allow anyone to merge leaderboards
  • Better error message on tournament commands


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Subscription list
If you want to be notified for important announcements regarding my bots, let me know and I'll add you to the list of people to tag when I do make announcements. If you're on the list without asking, I determined you want to be on there based on my psychic powers and if I'm wrong let me know.

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Blind auctions

Starting today, Scrappie has support for blind auctions! This is still somewhat under construction, and runs into small bugs from time to time, but it's pretty much fully usable.
  • Use .auction settype blind to set an auction as a blind auction
  • Each team can only bid once, so coordinate!
  • If nobody bids more than 3k (or whatever the minimum bid is for your auction), the nominating team receives the player for 3k
  • In the event of a tie, the first bid gets the player
  • Managers have 30 seconds to bid on each player
  • If all teams have submitted bids, the bidding ends early (no use waiting)

This feature was added for the lovely people over at the PU community, special thanks ishtar and ken for being patient with me



tour schedule? -> contact me on Discord: Maxouille
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hhi can you replace the gen5cap auto roomtours command to actual gen5cap cause currently its starting OU roomtour+caps :

This tournament includes:
Added bans - Cawmodore
Removed bans - CAP, CAP NFE, CAP LC

but this was before the addition of the addition of the actual gen5cap tier, so it would be nice to edit the command plzzzzzzzz:toast:


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Creating an auction with Scrappie now shows the following message:
[15:18:26] #Felucia: .makeauction test[15:18:26] *Scrappie: Scrappie's auctions are being replaced with a PS integration. You can now use /auction to create auctions. If you really want to use Scrappie's auctions, add "confirm" as the last argument of your command. Example: .makeauction NAME, confirm. For feedback on the new integration reach out to Felucia or Karthik.
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