God Among us, SUMO LC Edition - Round 4

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(thanks to Asukara ex Final Demolition for tournament banner)
Sumo LC started with every ORAS LC Pokémons banned. Playing with Sumo LC, the first suspect was around insane Cutiefly Baton Passing set, then it was clear how much strong Z-Conversion's mechanics on Porygon was. Next was Vulpix because Drought and support to Chlorophyll Pokémon such as Bellsprout and Bulbasaur had become dominant and hindered teambuilding. But do you want to see them at work? Have you missed CM Swirlix? And what about Murkrow and Misdreavus versatility?

  • This will be a single elimination, best of one tournament.
  • All games will be played in the current SUMO LC metagame, following all standard clauses, but every round one LC Ubers Pokémon (except Sneasel and Scyther) will be dropped and players will have to build accordingly. The one that gets dropped will be completely randomized and everyone can use that pokémon for the round. Of course you can choose to not use it, but you cannot sub out one LC Uber Pokémon for another. When a LC Uber is draw for a specific round, it's not more randomized as long as all LC Ubers Pokémons will be just drawn.
  • If you're getting started in LC, here there are viability rankings and a teambuilding compendium threads.
  • Standard tournament rules apply. I suggest to play with standard SUMO Uber/OU/UU/RU/NU (beta) match, paying attention to play with LC pokèmon at Level 5.
  • Please save and post replays in this thread when matches are completed.
  • All other official tournament rules can be found here.
  • This round is Misdreavus the god among us.
  • Replay are not mandatory, but they're welcome!
This is a Smogon Championship Tour with 96 players!
That's the score card for a Type B tournament (position-signups)

Round 4

Dundies vs SilentMango
Level 56 vs OP
FLCL vs MK007
zugubu royale vs Osh
Alice Kazumi vs Serene's Grace [game]
majaspic22 vs Star [game]

Round extension to play is July 24th at 11:59 EDT (GMT-4) (with only Gligar allowed to use).

Round deadline to play is July 30th at 11:59 EDT (GMT-4) (with only Misdreavus allowed to use).
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