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Yo where Ken at
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Oh boy eternally, where to even start.

You are probably the closest thing of a brother I have in the internet. We have known each other for almost 5 years and it has been a hell of a ride. I think there is nobody I admire more than you and what you did for this community. It is actually crazy how you have been coucil for ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED DAYS and tier leader for 1k days too. You have given us so much and always showed so much love and passion for what you did.

When you assumed the leadership of this tier, this tier was in such a dark place, we had so much fucking drama, freaking cliques everywhere and it was just a hideous place to be in. You somehow managed to transform all that bs into probably one of the best communities this pokemon site has ever seen, it has become so friendly, so nice, and it really invites everyone.

There really isnt enough words for what you did and you have made it really easy for the next TL to assume, although no one is ever going to come close to be as good as you. You have made it really hard, if not impossible, for anyone to pass your legacy in this tier.

I am going to really miss you and all the banter/jokes we had these last years. All the sawsbuck memes, the piplup > ducklett memes, and many others. I really wish you the best, you deserve nothing less. I really hope life treats you well and please hop on in some occasions, you are one of the best person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Eternally thanks for making the NU community something special, and for inviting me in and encouraging me early on. Your leadership was part of why it felt like home right away. Gonna miss kicking about with you when its late night EST but like mid day for you. & How will people know how good BW2 was? I'll remind them for us.

it seems like just yesterday I was a brand new lad on smogon who PM'd you a cursed image of an eternatus head on a silvally and said it was you.

Going to miss you big time, wishing you all the best this year in whatever endeavours you pursue friend!

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