Goodbye Everyone!

Toast has officially lost his quote fodder, goodbye EG

I was in the OM room immediately after you were saying you were leaving. I'm not religious whatsoever, but God speed to you EG.
Yay now I can finally get more metagames approved.

Just kidding, you've been an amazing leader for OMs ever since I found this forum in 2015. The most important thing that I appreciate you for is the creation of the godsend that is Fusion Evolution, and allowing me to contribute to the community with my own OM.

Since you are leaving, I wish you the best of luck in your career and the rest of your life (if you never come back).
Bye EG!

Yo EG, I never met you on here but I wish you the best in your life and hope you reach your aspirations! Notify all of us when you make that book of yours! I know it'll be awesome!

Cya m8
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Really sad to see you go. :/

To me, you'll always be the face of OMs. A lot of people put in the work to keep this forum running but your effort always shined through the brightest. I very much appreciate your kind words and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Good night, sweet general. o7


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I'm not saying goodbye, because that would mean you're going forever, but I know that's not true because you have to tell us when your book is coming out so we can judge you for it buy it and make you rich. Anyways, you've been really great, in the small window that I've seen you, and I know that life will be (or at least should be) good to you.
You've been a great cornerstone for the OMs, and even Showdown as a whole. It'll be a little sad to see you go, but I know it's for the best.
Since you see Zarel every once in a while, there's a chance that we might see each other too. Take care of yourself, and be the best writer you can be. I know you'll be leaving the OMs in good hands.
I haven't gotten to know you as well as I'd probably have liked to since I haven't been nearly as involved with the OM community as I'd like to be, but I can see that you've done a lot for this community... Thank you for that, and good luck with your career as a writer (and wherever else life might take you.)


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Really one of the only reasons i could stand Oms over other parts of this community is gone? i may be out too. Im sorry for speaking my mind, but NOBODY can make this community like EG has made it for years now. Of everybody on Showdown, including roomauth and even randoms, there are very few people as nice and down to earth as the former RO and leader of OMs. I would try to start another argument with you about leaving but honestly while i know you might enjoy, it would probably be rude.

And best of luck. People skills are everything in this world, and based on the way you've treated people here, I'm SURE you can get almost anything you want. I'm sure you will be a great writer, and as a casual reader, I really want to see what you come up with. Please, keep in touch with all of us. I speak for every single person in the OM community when i say that we ALL want to support you as readers, and more importantly, as a person for the rest of your life. You have touched most of our lives in a very special way in a community full of douchebags and stuck-up, elitist room owners who don't respond to something they determine to be "not worth their time". Thank you for everything.
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xfix Cool guy! I wish you hadn't stepped down.
Thanks :). You know, perhaps I should return... oh, right, I'm busy with studying at university. I love the community, don't get me wrong, but I don't have time to moderate stuff, participate in policy discussion while also programming for Showdown. Oh well.

But seriously, Other Metas will miss you. The list of users you have provided is big, which shows that you cared, and still care, even if you had to leave. While I understand you don't have time for full-on staff stuff, feel free to come to Other Metas room if you have free time (I still occasionally visit Showdown).

Good luck on your path to be the very best writer, like no one ever was ;).
I go out of town for a few days and this happens while I'm gone? I need to keep this place on a shorter leash!

More seriously though, thanks for everything you've done during your time in position here, TEG! Good luck with your writing! Speaking from personal experience, you'll definitely need it!
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Goodbye and good luck with everything you do in the future. You've done a frankly ridiculous amount of work for this community, and we'll always remember that. I first got into Smogon through reading articles that you had written on The Smog, and how friendly you were when I first joined the OMs room was something that stuck with me and helped me to get into the community.

Thanks for everything you've done - I'll always be open to read your writing.

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I'll miss you, Eevee General!! I still remember when you were a lil' upstart in the OM community, and look at you now! I'm really honoured that you remembered me as one of the originals :''''') all the best in your future endeavours, but do come by the forums / discord / wherever and visit from time to time!!

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