Great BatCAP moments

Ever had a great moment occur while battling caps? Pull off that last minute win with Vitalimar Endure + Reversal? Or have things go horribly wrong in the most hilarious of ways? Then this is the thread for you!

Since I haven't played recently these are old examples but for me my most beautiful moments are landing raw Horn Drills with soil, especially if they're jumping in or over soil at the time. Well they were, until this happened:

Revenge truly is vengeful. Daaaaaaamn.

There was also a time when Vitalimar was a near impossible to win match up for Collossoil. Since I was the soil enthusiast I was the unfortunate first victim of what then became dubbed the 'Collossoil Challenge' when you had to beat a Vitalimar spamming 5C all day. Giga Impact was born soon after.

So what are your great moments batcappers?
I don't think I have that many, or any at all. I mean, beating TheGamaniac is an accomplishment/great moment in its own right, but other than that, I'd have to think a good deal.

Well, I'd have to say when me and Toons rewound the clocks and played a v02 match! Man it was so sloow. Really showed the amazing progress that Toons has gotten into BatCap, but man playing that was just so odd.

I think I could equate it to going from Smash Bros. Melee to Smash Bros. 64. Recent BatCap flows well and quick, while old school isn't bad, loses competitive value. (obviously this metaphor can be argued, but whatever)
What a cool BatCap pixel piece. Mind if I use that as an avatar for awhile?

Finishing any round unscathed and scoring that 'Perfect' is always satisfying.

Speaking more recently, I finally managed to land this keen Colossoil combo into Super on a moving target today. The whole match felt pretty good actually. I don't play Soil regularly, by the combos were coming out smooth as butter, and I was mixing up the highs and lows. Somehow I only won that round with a sliver of health, but it feels good when your brain sort of shuts down and your fingers are left in control. Like, it's okay... you can trust them. They know what to do.

I get those 'awe' moments more often from watch others play though. Everytime TGM does something new, or one of the Skull pros do some other weird combination.
Go nuts toons.

Xaq is pretty much right, Battle Capacity really has evolved a lot, both mechanically and artisticly. The original music, additional cast, stories, stages and HUD have really added a lot to the flavour of the game. Meanwhile tweaking and adding mechanics have made things a smoother experience overall while never ceasing to explore new avenues.

Speaking of new, i've double taked a few times seeing the new X moves. A few of them are flashy and extremely awesome. Watching Kit surf on someone is fantastic and the animations for Cascavian's Xs are so smooth and asgahfjajdgj, sorry started drooling there. Actually seeing Casci at all tends to be one giant moment of greatness. I'm so attached to that bird.
For me its pretty much whenever you find out a slick new combo and actually end up executing it against someone else over online play, especially if its a long combo with say Syclant. Getting perfect is fun as well.

I have to say though, pulling off a Reversal with <10% HP left is one of the best things about this game.

...also Stratagame

edit: whew 1k etc

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