Quality Control Growlithe (QC 1/3)


-respectable bulk along with access to intimidate and will-o-wisp allow it to act as a check to physical attackers
-however, ponyta and larvesta fulfill better this role due to their better speed, coverage, and utility options
-morning sun's low PPs means that it must heal more often than checking threats
-intimidate can trigger pawniard's defiant
-having to use both flare blitz and wild charge cripples growlithe quickly
-weakness to stealth rock means it needs hazard removal support

name: Bulky Pivot
move 1: Will-O-Wisp
move 2: Morning Sun
move 3: Flare Blitz
move 4: Wild Charge
item: Eviolite
ability: Intimidate
nature: Impish
evs: 76 HP / 36 Atk / 156 Def / 196 SpD / 36 Spe


-will-o-wisp cripples physical attackers such as mienfoo and timburr, easening the job of handling them
-morning sun provides recovery to keep consistently checking the threats it must check
-flare blitz is its best STAB attack, which hits strong to anything that doesn't resist it
-wild charge rounds up the coverage to hit water- and flying-types

Set Details

- 76 hp evs make growlithe able to switch into stealth rock five times
- 156 defense evs and 196 spd evs along with an impish nature are used to hit Eviolite numbers
- 36 evs in speed allows it to outspeed timburr and check it efficiently
- impish nature is required to hit even numbers in defense to take advantage of eviolite
- eviolite further boosts its defensive stats
- intimidate allows it to take on physical threats by dropping their attack stat by one stage

Usage Tips

- to make it work efficiently, stealth rock should be off the field, so it doesnt take damage anytime growlithe switches in
- burn physical threats that you suspect of coming into it with will-o-wisp to fully take advantage of growlithe's bulk to handle them
- switch growlithe into threats that can't do much against such as spritzee and snivy
- avoid staying against threats like onix to burn, which despite intimidate lowers their attack, it cripples growlithe
- if you need to heal with morning sun, try to use it when you expect a change to another threat that can consistently handle it

Team Options

- pokemon that remove hazards such as staryu, vullaby and snivy help growlithe taking stealth rock out
- due to growlithe's ability to lure in water- and rock-types, snivy in particular pairs well with it as it can remove them form the match
- momentum users such as mienfoo and magnemite are able to let growlithe in safely
- growlithe synergizes well in fire water grass cores with pokemon such as ferroseed and staryu, covering each other weaknesses
- thanks to intimidate, shell smash users and other setup sweepers such as corphish and scraggy can efficintly setup

Other Options

- close combat allows it to take on rock types, but it makes growlithe weaker every time its used, hindering its defensive utility
- flame charge and agility can be used to go around diglett and defeat it, but they have no other uses, and flame charge requires multiples uses to outspeed diglett
- flash fire can be used to prevent fire-type attacks, but it has no actual use since ponyta can get around it with high horsepower
- an offensive set can be used, but it misses a lot of the defensive utility growlithe offers and is more outclassed by ponyta

Checks and Counters
**Ground-types**: ground-types such as onix and mudbray are able to take on every hit and KO in return with STAB earthquake, respectively. its typings leaves it vulnerable to trappers such as diglett and trapinch, which can take it out. however, none of these like will-o-wisp.

**Rock-types**: rock-types such as the aforementioned onix and tirtouga can handle growlithe thanks to their great bulk and threaten it in return with its STAB attacks. moreover, these can set stealth rock up to hinder growlithe.

**Water-types**: water-types such as staryu, carvanha and chinchou are able to OHKO growlithe, and the latter one is inmune to wild charge thanks to volt absorb.

**Ponyta**: ponyta resists everything growlithe throws at it and can threaten it in return with high horsepower.

**Stealth Rock**: growlithe's typing means that its weak to stealth rock, taking 25% of its HP with every switch-in

- Written by: [[Altariel von Sweep, 330191]]
- Quality checked by: [[Corporal Levi, 55063], [<username2>, <userid2>], [<username3>, <userid3>]]
- Grammar checked by: [[<username1>, <userid1>], [<username2>, <username2>]]
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"weakness to stealth rock means that it must get rid of it"
maybe reword this to say it needs hazard removal support, growlithe can't get rid of hazards on its own

Set details:
"156 defense evs and 196 evs round up its bulk making it able to resist hits"
"impish nature is required to hit even numbers in defense to take advantage of eviolite "
I would combine these into one point to explain that the EVs + nature are for Eviolite numbers

Team options:
Mention Staryu as well for hazard removal.
Mention that Growlithe synergizes defensively in fire-water-grass cores (such as with Snivy and Staryu).
Remove the pivoting point, Growlithe is a strictly defensive mon so it should be able to come in on things on its own.

Other options:
Mention that offensive sets are even more outclassed by Ponyta than the defensive set.
Mention that Flame Charge or Agility can be used to get around Diglett, but have no other uses, and Flame Charge requires multiple uses before Growlithe can actually outspeed Diglett.

Nice work, 1/3

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