Gyarados (BW2 Revamp) [QC 0/3]

On the Offensive Set where you mentioned EQ is Super Effective agaisnt Steels, I'd also say its hits Tentacruel. Also, on the Choice Scarf set mention Ice Fang hits Garchomp as well.

Also it could be noted that Gyarados is the only Dragon Dancer in OU not weak to priority.


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Mention Outrage in AC of the Scarf Gyarados set. Its nice for actually 2KOing Latias (Ice Fang maxs out at 49%) as well as hitting Kyurem-B for some good damage.

(Alexwolf and I agreed on this change so you can disregard his earlier view on Outrage)


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Also mention how Double Edge offers beautiful neutral coverage on the offensive DD set and it kills many common switch-ins to gyarados at +1 such as Rotom-W, Kyurem-B, and Dragons. Its obvious downfall is the recoil, which when added with LO, kills Gyarados pretty fast. Also add Return in the AC of the same set, which OHKOes most of the Pokemon that Stone Edge does, except for Kyurem-B and opposing Gyarados, but has better accuracy.

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He already mentioned Double-Edge on Offensive DD.

On the subject of Outrage, I tested it on CB Gyarados and the only Pokemon it truely hurts is Kyruem-B. Garchomp, Salamence, Dragonite, & Lati@s take enough from CB Ice Fang as it is, and Kingdra takes tons from Double-Edge as well. Although I suppose it has a niche over Double-Edge in the recoil department. I have never seen Scarf Outrage, so I can't judge on that.

One thing I noticed is that CB Aqua Tail in the Rain hurts Steel types more than Earthquake does, this includes Ferrothorn. Although I suppose Earthquake is still worth it if you hate Tentacruel and Ninetails/

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