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deposited a female bunnelby (lv. 14) for Iris the Duskull. Couldnt choose duskull's gender as i needed to search for it.
Thanks again! Deposited a lvl 14 female Spritzee named POOGAS for Iris. It seems getting creative with the foul-smelling nicknames has helped with the sniping.
You're awesome, absolutely mindbogglingly awesome

I deposited a lvl. 4 Pansage for Sekhmet, my IGN is Tim. I haven't found a Yamask yet so I can't put what gender I want, is that a problem?
Hi! I deposited a level 35 female Pumpkaboo for Belly the Frillish, if that's okay? IGN is Hisoka.

Edited because the first one got traded :P
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Alright I'm sending another level 1 make fletchling. :) (for willow the Litwick)
Hi again! Deposited a level 11 female Roggenrola for Zuul. Thanks!

EDIT: Nevermind, I got sniped, but the person who sniped me actually sent me p much the minimum of what I needed anyway, sooooo... I'm good, haha.
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It appears my Lillipup has been ninja'd. Those GTS guys are too helpful. xD

Switching in a level 3 Male Bidoof named Donttrade4me (:

Trading for Morticia the Gourgeist. (:
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I got Morticia! Thanks so much! :D

My next request is for Belly the Frillish/Jellicent. I've deposited a female level 1 Ralts. My IGN is Justin.
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