Hardest video game level/boss you've ever faced

Hardest boss I've ever faced would have to be the final boss of Final Fantasy II, The Emporer, without the blood sword. his spells are manageable, but dear god no matter what armor you have his physical attack WILL WRECK YOU. Massive Damage and massive healing in one attack, not to mention that even with spells boosting your damage you still can barely scratch him in the first place.

Also Final Fantasy IV on ds. The entire game(except the beginning) is nightmarishly Difficult, to this day i still can't beat a red dragon. Ironically, The final boss is easy


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The Call of Duty games on Veteran difficulty are this for me. In MW2, you have Contingency, which is a timed mission with hundreds of enemies and 2:00 to get past them all, with helicopters and tanks for good measure. At least they give you Predator missiles, but they each take like 5 seconds to use and need recharging.

And then there's the escape from the estate in the level where you have to download files at the worst download rate ever. That was horrific. You have practically no time to shoot anyone because you are being shot at from 5 different angles, and if you take too long, mortars start shelling you. Took me an hour to get lucky and finally beat one part of that level.

Black Ops had a much easier veteran mode compared to the last two games in the series, but in the Khe San level, they still screw you over. They never tell you outright to tip the napalm barrels over, and it took me two hours of shooting them and trying to advance past the infinite spawn regularly to look up the fact you need to tip over the barrel of napalm.

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Advance Wars 1 Advance Campaign, final match vs Sturm. Holy shit, was that a tough battle. He starts out with an insane number of units, an offensive boost (albeit with a defensive drop but not enough to matter), and Andy is usually your weakest CO. I think that I got Grit and Sami. Grit is an excellent CO...just not on that map. IT takes so many turns to get your rockets behind Andy that you've probably lost by then, and whoever you have on the right is too far from anything -- it takes like 5 turns to get to the factories at the river, and 5 turns to help out Andy. I haven't beaten it to this day.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was pretty easy, but I had a hard time with the "beat 5 or 6 (i forget) bosses in 5 minutes". You had to learn how to not lose any time. And the fucking piranha on fire, which was the last boss of that level, was a fucking dick. You had to keep close enough so that you could run up and damage him when he stopped being on fire but far enough away that you didnt get burned. And you had to do it in one minute. One funny thing that I remember being able to do was beating the first boss from that level in like 12 seconds lol. No exaggeration. He was a pussy.

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