Hardest video game level/boss you've ever faced


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I think it took at least ten tries to beat Bugsy's Scyther in Pokemon Silver WITH A FUCKING CYNDAQUIL.

Haven't played a ton of other games besides Pokemon.
Cog of Destiny (FE7): extremely long map that throws massive amounts of enemies at you, on top of magic users that try to berserk/sleep you 2-3 times a turn so it's difficult to even heal. This actually killed my first HHM run; despite playing on and off for a good several months I still couldn't get past the stage, though my characters didn't turn out well that playthrough anyways.

Gigavolt Man-o-war's stage (MMX8): This stage is an unpleasant stain on an otherwise good game. It's not the first stupidly difficult vehicle stage in a Megaman X game, but it is the first that's both much harder than it should be and a complete chore to play. ick.

Koishi Komeji (Subterreanan Animism): Not the hardest boss that I've faced (that would probably go to something stupidly masochistic), but probably the most challenging boss that I've actually beaten. Not much else to say except fuck genetics of the subconscious, very hard.
Most of the first Pokemon Ranger was absurdly hard, although Charizard takes the cake in that.

Notable mentions are that stupid Primeape and its Mankey friends, and the other Dragons. Good thing they made the sequel(s) not as ball-crushingly hard.

(I still hate that goddamn battle arena thing in Shadows of Almia though.)
Most of the first Pokemon Ranger was absurdly hard, although Charizard takes the cake in that.

Notable mentions are that stupid Primeape and its Mankey friends, and the other Dragons. Good thing they made the sequel(s) not as ball-crushingly hard.

(I still hate that goddamn battle arena thing in Shadows of Almia though.)
My god it took me sooo long to beat Salamence, it just wouldn't stay still, I found the rest easy though.

Tower of Heaven is a relatively challenging platformer for its length. I still haven't beaten all the Ghost times in Mario Kart Wii yet, some of them are ridiculous!
At least half of the levels in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. The first 8 worlds are hard enough, but then there are worlds A to D. Those final 4 worlds will cause frustration to the calmest of gamers.

The Materials Transfer Lift on Hard Mode of Metroid: Other M. First, you have to fight seven space pirates that can all kill you in two or three hits, and attack you constantly. You have to beat them by constantly dodging using the sense-move and then firing fully charged beam attacks at them. If you beat those space pirates, then you have to fight a spider boss that is extremely fast, can kill you in one or two hits, and is only vulnerable for a few seconds at a time.
I found Metroid: Other M unexpectedly easy on Hard mode - for the whole game, constantly press left and right when near enemies to spam sense-move and avoid basically any attack. That lift section you mention is easy by doing that.

Fighting to the bottom of the Cave of Ordeals with only 3 heartpieces in Twilight Princess.

My hands were numb, sweaty, and shaking when I was down to one quarter heart, facing three Darknuts on the 49th floor. Took me a full week of prep and failed attempts to make it the whole way through. I've never played anything like that before.

As a reference of difficulty, I didn't die a single time (outside of the Cave of Ordeals) in my entire "three-heartpiece-runthrough" of Twilight Princess. Not even against Zant or Ganon. But the Cave of Ordeals took me a full week.
There's something I haven't tried - while all of my 10 play-throughs of Twilight Princess have been 3-heart runs since the third time (the game's abundant recovery hearts and fairies make it too hard to die...), I never thought of trying the Cave of Ordeals like that.
Why the hate on Tubular? It's stupidly easy if you grab a Blue Yoshi first...just grab one of the early flying Koopa Troopas, and breeze through the level...I think there's even a stopoff to grab a new one partway through.

also, @ Umbreon Dan: Broken Giant's knife + thrust >>>>> Dark Link. Try it. he tried to backflip onto your sword, fails because there's no blade, then takes a dull knife into the gut. every. freakin'. time. This is, by and far, the BEST use for the broken giant's knife, and the ONLY way it outclasses the Biggoron's Sword.

also, my votes go to:
The machine boss in the bottom of Kefka's tower at L10. The name eludes me at the moment...I'm playing the GBA version, where they fixed the evade glitch, so...yeah...128 evade just doesn't cut it anymore. Self-imposed challenges shouldn't count, far as I'm concerned, but still...wow...

also: the bottom of Deep Dungeon in FF Tactics. Serpentaurus is a bitch to attain.
No. No no no. Golden Sun as a series is pretty easy, easier then Pokemon, except for the optional boss fights in The Lost Age and maybe Dark Dawn (Haven't tried them), but even those aren't very hard. HOWEVER, I have recently been playing through the original Golden Sun and Dark Dawn while only using the main character (Isaac and Matthew) and that has been the hardest and most fun challenges I've ever done. Wild enemies became tough, but the bosses became insane. After playing for a while, I started going into every boss battle wondering if it would even be possible to beat. I'm up to the final boss in both games, but it was probably the hardest thing I've ever done.

For a normal level, anything from Super Ghouls N' Ghosts is hard. I've only been up to level 4, level 3 was harder then any level from any Mario game except maybe Lost Levels, haven't played it enough to know. Watched others play the higher levels and it makes level 3 look easy O_o
Just ran through the new Transformers: Dark of the Moon. While the campaign is incredibly short some of the regular skirmishes can be incredibly hard if you dont always use cover at the correct moment.

The boss fights with Warpath and the tentacle dude can be incredibly frustrating.

Oh yeah and the campaign is really fucking short. I felt like I had barely played even though I was reloading a bunch of times.
The one that has been bugging me the most lately is Seth in Super Street Fighter 4.. he has a very high HP count (for some reason), and all of his attacks do like twice the damage they're supposed to. Robot AI that shoryukens you and shit on split second reaction is really frustrating when you're trying to not die to get an achievement.

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There's something I haven't tried - while all of my 10 play-throughs of Twilight Princess have been 3-heart runs since the third time (the game's abundant recovery hearts and fairies make it too hard to die...), I never thought of trying the Cave of Ordeals like that.
It will eat you alive.
indalecio unlimited from so2 on universe mode. he can cast spells while running and basically one shot your entire party even with the best equips :(
the secret boss in KH:BBS on the hardest difficulty(ultimate or summat)
the cloak guy. by god he is such a fucker, pretty much the only way to beat him is have 4 slots filled with thunder surge and the rest filled with curaga. and the focus sash thingy skill and even then it takes like 45 minutes and u keep losing AND your fingers numb up
Tiny Wings, last nest. Doing all of island 4 in fever mode is probably the most frustrating experience I've had gaming. Then again, I really haven't played very many classically hard games.
The Dahaka in Prince of Persia Warrior Within. OMG this game was (and is still) so hard... But it happened 2 years ago (before, I only chose Kaileena), when my skills weren't very solid. Then I found that the Ravages of Time (I didn't use them even once in my saved games) can finish him quickly. Now I'm able to kill him in Hard without using ANY sand tank (without the Ravages of Time).
The Atom Smasher level from Timesplitters 2. You've got a bunch of enemies that are out for your blood, combined with a timer that, if you let it drop to zero, will turn this place into a huge fireworks display, with you in the middle of it. Also, there are a bunch of other things that'll be of great hinderance towards the well-being of your mission integrity.

Playing this on Hard is something that'll test you beyond what you're comfortable with. Most likely, this will cost you your sanity.
The worst boss for me was probably Elizabeth in Persona 3. You can't use any of the broken or even generally awesome stuff you got in the game before the fight, or she will use an attack that deals damage above the max HP limit that you can have. Also, you have to fight her alone. If you bring your party in, she'll use that same mass attack and kill you all. She takes two actions per turn, and she has the highest level elemental spells in the game along with having all the status inducing attacks. Her HP is ridiculous, something like 20k or more, and the strongest attack in the game does 9999. The problem is, if you use that attack, she will fully heal herself and then kill you.

Basically, the fight forces you to chip away at her health until she is below 9999, and then kill her with that spell before she kills you.

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Probably the Omega Pirate from Metroid Prime. I distinctly remember spending at least two weeks making runs at it, and when I finally took it down, I checked my pulse at about 150 bpm.
Omega Pirate? What are you talking about? He was easy. He's scripted and easy to predict, but even then he doesn't really do anything. Let's see, if you get too close he swipes you, if you get too far away he fires his cannon, but if you stay close-ish he just spams the shockwave repeatedly, which you can just jump over. When you break his armor, ignore the troopers and kill him as quickly as possible.

Meta ridley gave me a bit of trouble until I worked out that he opens his mouth for a second before he charges, and you can stop him with a charged power beam shot.

But if you thought that the omega pirate was hard, try beating him in a hard mode low percent run. Five missiles, no energy tanks and no charge beam. In fact, parts of the game are much harder than any of the bosses in a low percent run. Remember the gauntlet in the phazon mines? There was a winding security room that was filled with pipey grating shield walls, and several sections where space pirates would pop out. There was a small section where you'd fight three our four wave troopers at once. Ucharged wave beam shots would take forever to kill them, and they'd all gang up on you.

The boost guardian from echoes was easy too. He'd boost in triangular paths, so you just had to stay inside the triangle. If you stood on top of one of the pillars he;d boost into it, break it, and you'd get a gold energy orb (the best one.)

The entire metroid prime trilogy was stupidly easy really. The only parts that I ever had trouble with were both in corruption, the third game, on the hardest difficulty. Phaaze in a low percent run was fucking hell. You had to avoid taking any damage because a single hit would most likely end you. A single energy tank just wasn't enough health. I could never avoid being grabbed by that stupid mouth thing in the pit. Gandrayda was awful too. She had so much health that it made the fight drag on for hours. She jumped around everywhere and was impossible to hit as well. Argh.

I just played Metroid Fusion again last week and this guy


I must have lost about a dozen times until I got his goddamn pattern down. I was also down a couple of Energy Tanks because this game is a shitty asshole about letting you explore sometimes and I forgot to look for them when I could have.
Ahh, Nightmare. He was awesome. If you charged your beam and held it, you could spin jump through his arms. Pressing the missile button while spinning would fire your beam, and if you kept the beam button held it would start charging again. Post faceplate flyaround is much easier with this method.

Boss Battles. Expert. Every boss from SSBB, at the highest level, practically all with OHKO attacks. Galleon. Rayquaza. Duon. FUCKING PETEY PIRHANA. And of course, tabuu. how we all hate you....
This. I still haven't beaten it on the hardest difficulty.

Also, I remember this part in Zelda: Twilight princess where you'd be out in hyrule field fighting this huge troll thing. You'd have to chase him at one point on horse.

He was riding a fucking pig thing. How the hell does a huge, fat troll riding a stocky pig outspeed a guy on a drafthorse??

Father Rodin
from Bayonetta. He's one of the hardest bosses I've ever fought in any game ever. The difficulty is automatically set to nonstop infinite climax, which means no witch time unless you use the bracelet of time (you don't want to do this. Waste of magic.) Or manage to get a counter with the moon of mahaa kalaa. He has eight healthbars, and a single flurry of punches knocks off 75% of your health in one go. Not to mention that charge > grab > sex move that empties your entire healthbar.

You have to spam the panther within to even have a chance of dodging his attacks. I don't mean running around, I mean pressing dodge constantly. It's insane how frequently bat within is activated during this fight.

I've only done it with the climax bracelet. Shuraba and fire durga are the best weapons for the job, using the PKP combo. The wicked heel on the second hit will stun him, and the final hit can strike twice at close range. Without the climax bracelet he just interrupts all of your combos, and your regular attacks do almost nothing. Although, if you manage to knock him off balance you can heel stomp repeatedly and make him bounce. Rofl.

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