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There are currently 2 different articles about tradebacks RBY. If Jellicent's article was supposed to be an update to Pidgeot's, why is Pidgeot's still left on-site? If you guys want to keep both, can you add a notice to Pidgeot's article saying there's a more up-to-date one available? Can you also add Pokemon that gain flamethrower to the list on Jellicent's article?
Jellicent's article was written for the Web zine not as a replacement to pidgeot's article, hence why there are both
How do I create a strategy for pokemon? I'm sorry if this is me being silly but I just want to help the community
Why is the battling crash course thing going to be an article, not a locked forum thread like the ones in the information and resources subforum? Wouldn't that be easier to update?

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