hipoke's VGC Trade Thread

Bumpity bump. labarith, evan, and soul survivor, I have your stuff, you can trade whenever you're free. The rest, I haven't gotten to EV training yet, because I have lots of homework to do, but remember you guys haven't been forgotten, and I'll contact you ASAP. Thanks!
Hey, I'm already getting that, so no thanks. Do you have any other pokemon that work for 2012 VGCs? Thanks!
Quick question: your WIN2011 Celebi is on 4th or 5th Gen? If on 5th Gen, it was sent there using Relocator? I'm kinda interested in it :)
@Captains, thanks.
@Vulgo, I'm really sorry, I swear that I saw it before, and no it just dissapeared in my game .-. If I find it I'll notify you.
Sorry don't have that, and I'm not interested in just Legends, I need competitive pokemon. And remember they can't be hacked. Thanks!
Actually, I don't need a Tornadus anymore, but a shiny one wouldn't hurt =P. What do you need from my thread?
Hey. Sorry for the late reply because I forgot to check. I would like the dw shiny Gyarados. When can you trade? VM/ PM me with your response.


/me huggles
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That shiny abomasnow is mine and it is not fully redistributable. So I'd appreciate if you take it down and tell me where you got it.

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