Home Field Advantage II - Finals [Won by Pedrock]

So... I will hav to leave now, bcuz I hav to wake up early tmrw, maybe I'll get in later tonight, just to see if he showed up or not. I've been waiting a few hours, and nothing. =/

I guess it'll happen in the weekend now, or maybe Wed/Thu if we get lucky, but I won't be so much available, and just at nights...
Again, he made me wait and never showed up. -.-

Wednesday is hollyday in Brazil, so I can play pretty much anytime. Tmrw and Thursday wont be good for me tho.
Jayde tried to contact me on IRC before, but I was afk:

20:09mibbitjayde: No such nickname online.
20:21mibbitjayde: No such nickname online.
20:47mibbitjayde: No such nickname online.

Now he is here, active, but not answering my VM... '.'
Why u running? .-.
I gotta leave now, will be back in 1 hour I guess. If u're still there, we battle.
Just put HSA to battle me Dubby. Jayde ignored me 2 times, despite other 2 he made me wait and never showed up. I'm no longer trying to contact him anymore...

At least HSA lost to him in the Semi, and even got a greater position in the 1st Round (2nd). It will be easier to battle him, since I dont wanna win without playing. =/
wtf lol

you never even respond to me on irc and then expect me to be able to play when I'm off. I apologize for not showing up twice, but I told you beforehand that my schedule is variable and that these times are more like educated guesses of when I should be available than anything else.

Also, just because I'm checking this site doesn't mean I can battle. If I can battle, I'll be on IRC
Ugh stop being bitches and play each other. You posted within 7 minutes of each other and yet you can't battle (yes Jayde I read your post).
Jayde and I mismatched yesterday for ~40mins. Then I called him now:

(17:13) Pedrock: hey man
(17:13) Pedrock: wanna play after this tour ends? =]
(17:15) Jayde: I can't man lol
(17:15) Pedrock: why? D=
(17:15) Jayde: I was just about to close PO, i haev a huge test
(17:15) Jayde: tomorrow
(17:16) Pedrock: I see...
(17:16) Jayde: and then the day after that
(17:16) Jayde: huge presentation
(17:16) Jayde: but can you play on Tuesday
(17:16) Pedrock: I understand >.<
(17:16) Jayde: everything is done on Tuesday
(17:16) Pedrock: tuesday is a though day for me...
(17:16) Pedrock: tuesday and thursday
(17:16) Jayde: wednesday is fine too
(17:16) Jayde: any time after tuesday
(17:17) Pedrock: ok
(17:17) Pedrock: wednesday I may hav to work
(17:17) Jayde: sorry for inconvenience, bye :(
(17:17) The other party left the server, so the window was disabled.

We're trying to got this done... '.'
Maybe Wednesday we can play, but this week is not going to be easy for me. Friday I wont be able to play neither.
Next week Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday are not gonna work for me. I hav 2 (wed and thu) exams...

Friday/Saturday/Sunday pretty much anytime noon and evening. Even still today if he gets online. I'll leave in a few, but will be back later.

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