I Am The Mafia - Game Over [Village wins]

It's been over 24 hours and ipl still has not answered Outlaw's question, even though he is usually always eager to troll! So why would we vote this Michael Bates person?
So, I also have something interesting to say. I don't know if Michael Bates is a mafia or a neutral, yet let's not forget that we have to lynch two victims today! And, how fitting, I have been informed by a reliable source that imperfectluck is part of the mafia himself. Don't forget he's lead a lynch against one mafia and one villager only - he's either a member of the other mafia or just a neutral fucking around.

Unfortunately, I don't have his alias. I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the first few who casted their votes, though - and I wouldn't be surprised either if he was better imperfectluck, ironically. If it turns out that this alias is the one of a villager, there are other possibilities - let's look at the voting patterns!

Day 1: Cosmic Energy, baptista_regime, better imperfectluck, Tom From Myspace, Nailcutter, Smoke and Mirrors, The Batman and Tom Servo voted.
Day 2: Generic Alias, Smoke and Mirrors, Nailcutter, The Batman, and Tom Servo voted.
Day 3: better imperfectluck, Smoke and Mirrors, towelhead, Tom From Myspace, baptista_regime, and The Batman voted.

Also, as I said, I am in contact with a reliable person who has an useful role, however they were quite unlucky with their results for now. But I do know for sure that some players are clean, and I do have some interesting info that I could gather with my own role and after some discussions I had, so if you want me to be able to sort this out for the village, just contact me (this doesn't mean "trust me" yet).

Finally, I am still looking for you, Mr. Smooth Criminal, and it's urgent.
oh I thought I implied it but I didn't have any results on a mafia from night 2 and neither did anyone else in this game apparently so I randlynched to answer Outlaw's question! (GTS never contacted me whyyyyy)
Oh look, "better imperfectluck" was mafia. However it was not really imperfectluck, who I still suspect. Of course IPL if you actually have results for today, then go on, I'm more than willing to change my oopinion, but what you've told me so far doesn't make much sense...

I will now ask to all those who haven't told me anything yet to talk to me - maybe not for claims, as any tiny bit of info is helpful, although of course it would be better. We lost Mekkah who was one of the few to suggest a strategy (btw Fishin feel free to tell us what you think) and apparently no one besides me is willing to do anything, and I hate that a bit but unless someone steps up the village will lose - unless the mafia keeps killing itself which I doubt will happen...

So, you can either contact me by sending a PM to my smogon account or on IRC, or by sending one to the alias Fender Stratocaster. This guy is kidnapped and I know for sure he is villager. Of course that is a bit risky since you have to use your own alias, but if you think it's safer, feel free.

For today's lynch, I would suggest hitting CORLEONE THE BEST, someone who hasn't voted yet but is nevertheless active, and who I know nothing about. If the guy behind that alias decides to show up, I might propose another target.
Rather than randlynch a villager that mafia Accent has no info on, I would prefer to actually hit a name today that there are results on.

Here's a snippet of my role pm:

You are able to play 'I’ll Be Your Mirror'. To do so, you may send a PM entitled 'NIGHT X – I’ll Be Your Mirror – USER' You will become this user’s mirror, reflecting who this user is targeting in the next Night as soon as it begins.
So as you see, my role is similar to GTS's, but has an interesting twist on it that can allow for a person's target to be discovered in the middle of the night as he is performing it.

Here's what I found out during last night: Leviathan has decided to target Smoke and Mirrors.

Leviathan is a much better candidate to lynch than whatever poor sap Accent has targeted. I would urge you all to lynch Leviathan.
Well, that makes much more sense than what you told me on irc. I am Leviathan, here is my PM:
Dear Leviathan,
You are Led Zeppelin.

You are a hard rock band from London, England. Among your members is the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page. Even though you pioneered the heavy metal genre, your still possess an unique sound and are being referred to as the heaviest band of all time. You are a member of the Association of Independent Music in this game.

You are able to play 'Stairway To Heaven'. To do so, you may send a PM entitled 'NIGHT X  Stairway To Heaven  USER' You will climb the stairs and reach heaven. From there, you will spy on the user in question, and discover if they are a member of the Association of Independent Music.

You are signed with the Association of Independent Music. You win if the Association of Independent Music wins.
My results have been quite unlucky as you can guess, particularly for this day - but on the other hand I know for sure that some aliases are villagers as I said earlier, so my lynch suggestion wasn't completely random. Now, you decide, lynch someone who has a slight chance of being villager but shows all the signs of being mafian, or lynch me - I'm not really in a position to decide it seems.

Btw, can you remind me why we lynched fff? Oh wait, did you not suggest it after choosing the alias randomly in the list?


hi i'm villager. i will destroy all mafia nothings gonna stop us now ~ mama


1. Why would Led Zep be inde?
2. You are french, you probably used french settings to reconstruct this pm, so its fake notice the [WEIRDSIGN] Stairway To Heaven [WEIRDSIGN]
3. That is a bad claim, and way to use this role.
4. something about his picture.. it isn't from tinypic..

kk going back to being the grave keeper.

How was I to know I was far too much in love to see? ~
I used my phone to paste the PM yesterday (this was specified in the message at first, but I thought it would pass as a poor excuse for formatting errors so I deleted it - I think mods could confirm). I don't even know how to make those strange symbols in the first place.

For the other three points, I think you'd have to ask dak, not me...
Dear Leviathan,
You are Led Zeppelin.

http://catherinesherman.files.wordpr...1969-promo.jpg <---

You are a hard rock band from London, England. Among your members is the legendary guitarist Jimmy Page. Even though you pioneered the heavy metal genre, your still possess an unique sound and are being referred to as the heaviest band of all time. You are a member of the Association of Independent Music in this game.
oh oops...

Your frontman Bob Marley is the most famous and successful reggae musicians ever
be careful I think this is fake)



I admit this was a fake PM. I am in fact Chuggo, and I'm a real G. If I can't unite the village, I'll unite the maf- the artists talented enough to get a fucking deal with a real label, not some stupid freelancer alliance for musicians. So, yeah, let's get in touch before I die guys.

Of course, any conversation we have will remain confidential - and I also have a way to know if you're mafia, so, kids, don't try to fool me.



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