Tournament I Can't Believe It's Not the PU Open II - Won by Sam I Yam!


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raseri vs. aurora - i talked to raseri, they have bad timezones and the one time that they saw each other aurora was just literally getting to sleep

[17:50:52] %pancake: !pick raseri, aurora
We randomly picked: raseri

sparktrain vs. Senpai DM - i know sparktrain called act in this thread, but he wouldn't have contacted his opp unless I posted on his profile page and told him to lol. so I'm flipping it.

[17:51:40] %pancake: !pick sparktrain, senpai DM
We randomly picked: sparktrain

he won the coinflip anyway

Seo. gave Tangelo the win
kilometerman has been much more active than Hart12 in scheduling

That means the matches are as follows:
RawMelon vs. Raseri
CB Weedle vs. sparktrain
KevinELF vs. Tangelo
Beksel vs. kilometerman

and subs who played their games

EviGaro vs. Abyssal Ruins
TSR vs. Hys

get them done please ;_; saturday is the dl
Can we have an extension? My opponent didn't reply but with a short week - since their game was played Tuesday - I'd rather give them the benefit of the doubt for the lack of reply, and hope weekend will work as we are in the same timezone and all.

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