Tournament I Can't Believe It's Not the PU Open II - Won by Sam I Yam!


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I am :verymad: that wins were given in round 4, but what can we do.

anyway here's the next round!

Guess what this is the TOP 8 which means you have to post replays! Mostly because they are fun to watch :D Also if anything gets banned during the next round, it is still allowed for the rest of the round. Even if it's Charizard. Ban Charizard :(

You basically know the drill at this point so here are the matches

Megazard vs HJAD
snagaa vs Dibs The Dreamer
GenZeon vs Twix
Sam I Yam vs RawMelon

good luck all, dl sunday :D
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i got to hug megazard /o/
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Megazard vs HJAD - Manager wars, but i'm loyal
GenZeon vs Twix - Predict against me one more time Twix, I dare you.
Sam I Yam vs RawMelon - Arguably an upset to some, but I think Sam's gonna get it dun

gl frens, Pansnake strikes again so I gotta try and bully Snaga on Sunday Funday or smth.


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Quarterfinal Predictions

Megazard vs HJAD Megazard is the one of the two players that I think will make it to finals. I know that HJAD is an exceptional player, already having defeated Haund, GeneralAnnoyance, and SpecsMegaBeedrill, but Megazard will be his hardest opponent yet, and making even a single misplay against Megazard can spell disaster. HJAD can win this, but he needs to play cautiously.

snagaa vs Dibs The Dreamer 1) Fantastic Artist 2) Cute User 3) Criminally Underrated Player 4) Very Innovative 5) Did I already say Dibs was a Cute User?

GenZeon vs Twix GenZeon just beat TJ, but at the same time Twix just beat Dundies. Two incredibly fierce players, but Twix I think has this won.

Sam I Yam vs RawMelon RawMelon is the second player I think will make it to finals. In fact, RawMelon is the player I think will win those whole tournament, and obviously if I think that, he would have to beat Sam I Yam.
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Megazard vs HJAD - rule of FLCL applies from last round, in all honesty i expect a better set of teams and better plays out of HJAD.
snagaa vs Dibs The Dreamer - Sorry snagaa, but I think Dibs has been on fire lately. Absolutely love his team choices and the plays he makes, can definitely see Dibs winning this whole tour with how he's been playing, hoping to see a dibs vs HJAD final.
GenZeon vs Twix - criminally underrated player, plus twix said he was using scarf aggron. scarf. aggron. aggron with a scarf. dot.
Sam I Yam vs RawMelon - was really impressed with how rawmelon played last round, looking forward to seeing what he will bring, but overall i think sam is a very solid player!
Megazard vs HJAD- An intriguing matchup between two of the most iconic PU players of all time. On one hand, you have HJAD, who has been on a roll lately winning matches in all tiers so he certainly has confidence on his side. HJAD likes to play it safe, utilizing teams he is comfortable with and maximizing the potential of each mon in the builds that he use. He tends to exhibit a more socialist, anti-market playstyle with his brazen usage of slow and bulky mons, but his form and tenacity should be enough to carry him forward with any variation of teambuilding. HJAD's philosophical approach to tactical sacks and semi-kinetic switching only serves to strengthen his approach to the PU metagame. Megazard is a very different type of entity than HJAD. Megazard tends to be highly streaky, yet wildly consistent at the same time, using this juxtaposition of traits to bewilder his opposition. Indeed, Megazard's teambuilding is predictable on the surface, but when you peel apart the normative layers at the top you find an overwhelming array of contrasting pokemon and idea conceptions. The Zard's playing ability seems to have been continuously improving in an exponential curve function, and he is always hyper-aware of the opponent's aggression and intent. Megazard is not one to overcompensate for accumulated tension and is adept at psychological warfare in situations where HJAD might escalate his theoretical catalyzation of metagame trends. should be a good one.

snagaa vs Dibs The Dreamer- I'm not biased I swear. Dibs is the best and brings unique builds that are always tough to beat. I don't know too much about snagaa and I'm sure he's good but Dibs is on another level rn

Sam I Yam vs RawMelon- Sam is actually really good but Raw knows the tier better and usually steps it up in the big moments, so predicting him

GenZeon vs Twix- too tough to call. I admire Twix's creativity in his teams but GenZeon seems to be the more consistent player. That being said, I think Twix may be more motivated.

Dibs to win the whole thing ;c)

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