Tournament I Can't Believe It's Not the PU Open II - Won by Sam I Yam!

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this is thriller
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Sam I Yam vs Dibs The Dreamer - the greatest SM player of all time even though he johnned me in PUPL
GenZeon vs HJAD - close matchup but if GenZeon can beat me then HJAD should be pretty easy

let's hope i get one prediction right this week pals!!
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lost, ggs
got absolutely annihilated g1; i could have won i felt if the sbomb on jynx didnt psn despite the unrelenting hax coming my way
then got annihilated g2; i had multiple opportunities to pull the trigger on a double but didnt do it enough and lost sableye to a tech i dont see on qwil
props to genzeon he played well given the circumstances n_n


movement and location
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and here we have it: battle of two players who are newish to the community in the first SM PU forum tour. This bodes well for the coming months :D Who will come out on top though?


GenZeon vs. Sam I Yam

please post what time you are playing and please, please post replays *coughs* sam I yam

no deadline, just get it done

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