I cant say you've got enough QC stamps [make your requests here] NEW IMPROVED BIGGER FRAME


I made some stamps out of boredom back then. Looking here now, it seems like whoever made the QC stamps a decade back clearly doesn't care about giving us an HQ stamp png at the moment, sooo I made just that:

tl;dr: it minimizes JPEG artifacts (especially that annoying green thing I see in every stamp here, since it looks like the template was made from selecting and deleting white space), is much larger (but not too unbearably large for posting on the forums, and you could actually see the darned words), and conveniently fits most Tumblr gifs. Took out "of approval" from the old stamp since it seems redundant imo

Here's some examples:

(for Colonel M <3)

(if I were still BW QC and Nichijou were still cool)

Please give feedback if I could improve the stamps somehow! (or want something like the 500x version or a rejection stamp or whatever)

edit: eh fuck it, here's a rejection stamp

These look pretty dope actually but maybe they can be a bit smaller or resized, other than that I love it

Edit: the tumblr gifs have to be resized anyways...


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Make me one for QC and one for GP, thanks in advance

Even scary three-headed dragons can be cute :toast:


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That^ for GP, and because I'm needy

this^ if it will work for QC (focused around the blonde). If it's too small, the first gif for both would also be great.

Thanks bunches!

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